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Country United States
State Georgia
City Atlanta
Address 977 N. Park Place SE
Phone 770-956-9862

AtlSingles Reviews

  • Nov 28, 2019

D is the salesman of this shady group. Obviously he is a great talker, and before I knew what hit me, I willingly signed up for their "elite" dating service. Nothing, I mean nothing, has begun to entice me to even want a cup of coffee with one of their members.

Their photographer does a nice job but when I look at other members, we all look the same; a couple different outfits, a couple different poses. etc.

There is no one to blame but myself. When I read reviews, all are a glowing 5 star review. It seems strange that there are no 1-2-3-4 star reviews, doesn't it? Obviously they are removed!

Do NOT, I repeat do NOT, throw your money away. Mine was $3,000 but I have a feeling they play it by ear. Do you look like a $1,000 sucker, or a $10,000 sucker? Buyer B ware!

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