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Arroyo's Construction LLC

Country United States
State Georgia
City Atlanta
Phone (678) 387-8526

Arroyo's Construction LLC Reviews

  • Sep 13, 2020

Arroyo's remodeled my bathroom August 3rd, 2020. On September 10th, 2020 the pipe under the bathroom sink came loose. I called the fire department to access the damages. They also noticed that the pipe came loose and was not secured tightly which caused the flooding in the bathroom. The water leaked from upstairs to the kitchen ceiling downstairs. The ceiling and floor was damaged extensively. Both the ceiling and floor has to be replaced.

I called on Arroyo on September 20th, 2020 to advise them of the situation. They came out and accessed the damage. They would not take responsibility for their work. On top of that they would not repair the damages or file a claim with their insurance company. I contacted ServPro to come in and dry the damaged ceiling and floors in the kitchen and bathroom.

The pipe was not secured which caused the flooding in the bathroom. This is basic 101 as a professional contractor to check your work. Arroyo's was careless and wreckless and doesn't honor their work. This typ of service is totally unacceptable. I am thoroughly disgusted with this company. They should have their license revoked. We have paid out double the money it cost for the remodel. Arroyo needs to refund us the entire sum paid and pay for the repairs to fix their crappy job.

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