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Archer Capital

Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver
Address 7010 Broadway Ste 315
Phone 877-700-3633

Archer Capital Reviews

  • Feb 20, 2024

Be very careful with this company!!!

If you are a business owner/customer, they will try to hide details of your transaction from you in order to have you owe a balloon payment at end of term, without which you will not own the equipment you're financing/leasing. If you do not pay, the equipment will be taken from you. There are many other details of each transaction that they hide from you in order to close the business, and then surprise you later on when you're locked in.

If you are a sales representative/potential employee, they will bleed you DRY until you no longer have anything to give and then kick you to the curb. They will have you build THEIR customer database and do business that only benefits THEM, while planning your exit strategy. Once they cut you off with email and customer database, all of the work you've done for them goes down the drain and only into their pockets. You will never reap any benefits after they cut you off. They are greedy, deceitful and they will do anything and say anything to get you to bite.

If you are a vendor, they will deceive and lie to your customers until they're blue in the face. On the off chance they CAN get a deal done, they will be astronomical rates only a desperate business owner will accept, and this will put them in a terrible future financial situation. Archer knows this, and operates and proceeds with this knowledge. BE VERY CAREFUL DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS BROKER. That's what they are, a broker. You don't even need them. You can go to the funding source directly.

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