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Country United States
State Florida
City Davenport
Address 45000 Hwy 27
Phone 863-420-7493

Arby's Reviews

  • Oct 15, 2020

I recieved an alert from my credit union stating a transaction had been authorized while I was at work! I have my debit card in my possession and seeing as how I have purchased food at this establishment mant times over a ten plus year span, my debit card information is not foreign to this establishment or location. I firs called to speak to the manager and a snarky little girl named Tracy or Teresa claimed to be the asst manager.

I explained what happened to me and she pulled the phone away from her ear and told someone in the background "that lady from earlier is calling back"!! First of all that was weird and very telling, I had just found out that money was stolen out of my account and that let me know it happened to someone else as well! She angrily passed the phone to Mike who called himself the "higher up" and hung up on me while I was re-explaining to him what happened! Very rude!

So I drove up there and had to conduct business in the drive thru due to the restaurant being closed for quarantine. The disheveled assistant manager charges at the drive thru window like a walrus on a rampage and begins to yell at me, screaming that I need to call my bank and it's my problem!? Really?? No it's their problem, especially when I can provide an amount, time of the transaction an proof that I had my debit card the whole time!

Someone entered my numbers in manually into there POS system! The resaurant is closed which means the drive thru was used, they have cameras! They can also pull the transactions for the day and see how my debit card information was entered! Why would individuals who have the ability to help, turn me away and refuse??? Maybe they are in on it? The amount of the transaction is not the issue it's the principal and the rude treatment from the faces of Arby's! Take my advice and use a prepaid disposable card or be prepared to have your finances violated!

  • Oct 31, 2017

Purchased 2 deep fried turkey club sandwiches at Arby's restaurant inside Love's travel stop in Davenport Florida. I didn't receive the appropriate amount of turkey I paid for as depicted in their advertisements. The sandwiches cost me $12.29($5.79 each).

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