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April & Company

Country United States
State Connecticut
City Glastonbury
Address 2963 Main Street
Phone 860-657-2420

April & Company Reviews

  • Mar 18, 2018

since my bookkeeper left,I started doing my books and realized I had a payment automatically withdrawn,( i have several automatic withdrawls life insurance ,funds etc)maybe that is why it was never brought to my attetion .when I seen this I looked up the company MDHP DISCHEALTH something to do with discover card.I immediatly called to ask about this and told me who they were ,I said I never approved any of this and how can you take money out of my account without authorization.

Kyle was the man I talked to and said as long as someone is 18 they can approve this. I was like what!!! this 39.95 has ben taken out since 2009 .I said I want to be reimbursed ,he says ge can give me back this month and last month. I said absolutly not .he played me a recording which I asked was a young receptionist that has no authority whats so ever . I said how legally can you go into my account and do this ,he did not care .can you help me out at all.Iam so upset with myself for not paying more attention . I dont understang how someone can do this and acess my account.will look to hearing from you.April Amodeo

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