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Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 44-203-529-8518

AppUnlock Reviews

  • May 27, 2018

I paid the service money to learn whether my phone could be unlocked from iCloud and they said it could. I then paid them about $35 to perform the service, waited probably as long as it took for my credit card company to pay them, and then they emailed me claiming that my phone was stolen and couldn’t be unlocked and that if I tried to get my money back they’d report me to the police. Funny thing... I took the phone to both Apple and the prior owner’s phone carrier and both said it hadn’t been stolen/lost. It’s just iCloud locked. So they are scam artists taking money for services they can’t and won’t ever provide and threatening people who object to their fraud to keep them silent. Honestly if the phone was lost/stolen, I would love to get in contact with the prior owner or their insurance carrier (which is why I went to Apple and Verizon today to try to do the right thing). But that just doesn’t apply to my situation and these guys would know it if they weren’t scam artists.

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