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Country India
State Karnataka
City Bangalore
Address #54, R.B.I.Colony, Anandnagar,
Phone 9902019342

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  • Dec 14, 2015

STAY AWAY FROM RAHUL SHARMA aka APPSCRIP aka 3Embed Technologies aka iDeliver. They will sweet talk you into buying their clone scripts then they will proceed to take your money and provide you with non working products. On October 9, 2015 i ourchased the iDeliver clone script from Rahul and his scammers, to say this has been the most frustrating purchasing experience i have ever had is an understatement. Rahul and his scammers gave me a non working product with ZERO user documentation and Zero Support. Frustrated with the experience i had to hire my own developer to get the script to work BUT WE WERE UNSUCCESULL as the script DOES NOT WORK!

I dont understand how a company sells a product and gives the customer ZERO customer suppprt and ZERO Documentation After i have repeatetly begged for a working script or my money back RAHUL SHARMA has REPEATETLY lied to me multiple times. 64 Days after purchasing the script i still do not have ANYTHING from RAHUL SHARMA and his 3EMBED SCAMMERS!

Do yourself a favor and hire a custom developer. After i hired a professional developer to inspect code and try and make it some what functional i was told that the code is amateur at best and should NOT be used for any app company.


I have proof of all communication with Rahul and his entire team if you would like to read it please reply to this thread.

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  • Jun 8, 2016

Our Side of the Story


I do acknowledge that this is a client. He purchased the code in October with the intent to customize on his own. He reported some issues initially, to which we responded. After that there was no communication from his end for a period of one month.

After a month, he told us about his unsatisfactory experience. While I didn't agree with the allegations made, I realised that he was not satisfied as a customer and I refunded his amount. I'm attaching the proof of refund also here.

As far as our product goes, We sold the product only after the client saw the demo of the app. And that is our standard practice. iDeliver can be downloaded from the following links.


iOS @

Android @


iOS @

Android @

We have many satisfied clients who have built products on our iDeliver platform. Including a current client ASAP which has been shortlisted as one of the companions on Shark Tank Australia. Have a look here.

Please feel free to post any concerns or go to our website to get more details about the products as well as contact details. I am more than happy in clarifying things.

Customer Satisfaction is important to us. And we acknowledge that this was a client which whom relationship went unsavory.Ans we have done right by him by refunding his amount.

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  • Jul 30, 2016

Hello. Could you please provide links of customers who had used your product iDeliver? Thanks.

Hello. Could you please provide links of customers who had used your product iDeliver? Thanks.

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