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Applied Media Technologies Corporation

Country United States
State Florida
City Clearwater
Address 4091 AMTC Center Drive
Phone (727) 531-3105

Applied Media Technologies Corporation Reviews

  • Jan 25, 2018

I don't ususally take the time to file a report such as this but the service I got from this company I felt compelled to warn other potential customers.

I purchased a Music On Hold Player for my company. First their sales tactics were questionable. After saying I'd have to think about the purchase they immedialtely sweetened the deal if I made the purchase right away.

The unit was gave me problems from day one. After spending a couple of hours with their technology department it was determing that I needed to upgrade the unit's firmware. That was accomplished and I plugged the unit into my telephone system. The volume was so low as to be almost non-existent. I spoke with Bennie, the sale rep, and he suggested I purchase an amplifier which would solve the problem. My old player never had this issue. Following his suggestion I made the purchase and installed. That's when the real problem started.

Here's a synopsis of events. After installing the amplified the unit would never stay connected to their online music. I spent several hours with their tech suppport and it was determined the unit was indeed defective. I notified their customer service department, was connected to the "MAN" and was told they'd replace the unit if I mailed in the old one first. The promised a FedEx mailer to do that. I'm still waiting. I followed up with customer service numerous times and was told the mailer was on the way. This happened several times. Tired of their runaround I contested the sale on American Express and mailed the old unit back. Today I get it back with a refused message on the box. Bottom line, their sales tactics stink their unit stinks, their customer service stinks and their return policy stinks.

Don't do business with this company.

  • Nov 11, 2017

This is a nasty bullying company that is all over the net for having done to people what they did to me so please stay the hell away.

I responded to a craings list ad for a uk sales person selling into the us at $15.00 per hour. At first all seemed ok. They wanted to have me sell to major accounts in the fast food industry and the first week they paid me, the second week they reduced the $15.00 hourly pay to $8.00 without any conversation and the third week, you’ve guessed it, they didn’t pay me anything.

They are all over the net for doing this to people and its really affected me and i am upset that they have made me feel like this,, full of revenge and i am never going to let them go. The sad thing is that for $400 bucks this company have basically wrecked themselves..

Instead of spending a few hours a day selling for them i am going to spend that time ruining their reputation and that of their nasty coward of an owner.

If you want a laugh look up his name – clayton burton and that of his son – clayton burton jnr. See what he does at his desk at work)

  • Mar 24, 2017

Beware that this company uses high pressure selling techniques and will tell you that you have a "30 day free trial", but that doesn't mean you have 30 days to try out their service at which time you can send the equipment back for a refund. It means they have a couple days to get the equipment to you, then you have much less than 30 days to try out the system because you have to have the equipment back before 30 days has expired from the day you agreed to the "trial". Customer service doesn't give a rats rear end once they get their money. Too bad, so sad if you actually believe them and their snake oil salesman Dave C.

  • Jan 15, 2016

I am writing this report to warn everyone that is considering doing business with this company. DON'T DO IT!

Whether you are a business or an individual looking to buy music services &/or equipment, LOOK ELSEWHERE!

I know that a few of the reports seem harsh and as if they are by a disgruntled ex-employee but whatever you do, don't let that sway your decision into ignoring those reports.

I can advise you of this because I am the contact person and purchaser for a LARGE company in Michigan.

About 3 years ago I contacted AMTC and arranged for Sirius music to be installed in several of our locations.

We didn't have too many issues except when it came time for the subscriptions to renew each year.

AMTC absolutely WILL NOT send you an invoice, which for a large company like ours is not a good thing. Our company needs invoices for a "paper trail". How many large companies do you know of that don't have to get invoices for the Accounts Payable department??

The only way AMTC will do it is payment up front and our company will not pay up front for something that we can't even show an invoice for.

So, AMTC wants to do it by sending emails ahead of time to let you know you're subscription is up for renewal. This was always a big pain as people leave, people's emails change and so on. Also our internet security is always updating so emails will end up getting blocked and to make it worse, AMTC updated/changed their browser and our company individuals couldn't even log in to our AMTC account anymore.

Because of this we would end up missing our renewals and guess what? NO MUSIC. The manager of that location with no music would have to call and use their personal credit card to get music started back up again, then get proof from AMTC that they paid in order to get reimbursed, all the while tying up their own money and/or credit.

So what happened to one of our managers was she was able to log in the first year to get the brand new subscription for her office started & paid for. She did a ONE TIME payment with her personal debit card to pay for her receiver ID subscription. That cost is $359.40.

Just this past December, after two years, all of a sudden she sees her checking account is short by $718.80!! Yes, her personal checking account! AMTC had, without her authorization, charged her for two subscriptions/receivers that weren't even attached to her in any way. It wasn't her location, receiver or subscription. It paid for two completely different locations.

When she called, understandably upset, Tom Coppola at AMTC told her there was nothing he could do for her because her debit card was on file, those subscriptions were due to renew and they DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS. He told her that they sent emails out to "let us know" that those subscriptions were up for renewal but none of us have gotten those emails. She tried several times but to no avail. She explained that she NEVER authorized them to use her debit card...that when she had used it to start service she was under the understanding that it was a ONE TIME use and that was her intention as well..

for it to be used that one time to get the service up and running at her location since they were leaving us with no option because they wouldn't get it started and send a bill/invoice. She told him that the two subscriptions that they applied to her card were not even hers and that it was an unauthorized charge. They were completely unwilling to work with her in any way at all. So she was over $700 short on cash right during the Christmas shopping season. And try getting your money reimbursed from your company when you can't even provide them with an invoice for approval/proof.

I have tried several times to get her a refund but the customer service emails between AMTC and I continue to state there is nothing they can do as they do not give refunds. Her card was in the system so therefor they feel they have the right to use it. We explained that it was intended for a one time use and was never authorized for any charges going forward. They say she should have removed her card then and we explained that we have not been able to log in for over a year. Not their problem, nothing they can do. The emails also contain no name at all so that I may know who I am dealing with. I am 99% sure I know who was behind the emails and when I called him out on it and let him know it was pretty cowardly to not put a name on the emails, the emails stopped.

So they just randomly picked her card because it had been used before and happened to be stuck hanging in the system and they socked it to her with not just one, but two renewals that she knew nothing about and had nothing to do with her or her location.

At this point, after dealing with the "no invoice" issue for long enough and this happening to one of our employees, and after us not getting their emails they say they have sent out, as well as us not being able to log in because of their browser changes, we decided to cancel their services and go directly through Sirius themselves.

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