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Applied Bank

Country United States
State Delaware
City Wilmington
Address 800 Delaware Avenue
Phone 302-326-4200

Applied Bank Reviews

  • Jun 18, 2018

There are 4 charges on my account from an online, Asian company selling clothing. They company uses at least 2 names and have many complaints on Social media about them (Yaever & 2SBest). I have not received any merchandise from them. After reading the many scam comments about other customers not receiving merchandise, I tried to cancel my orders. I emailed, texted and posted to their Facebook comments section at least a dozen times. NO RESPONSE!

These 4 charges are on my Applied Bank VISA card. I have been trying to reverse these charges for almost a month. I called but was told they could not reverse or review over the phone and I would have to complete their dispute. I would take at least 8 business days to receive the form. I immediately did so and faxed the completed forms to Applied Bank. On June 14, 2018, I called the dispute department to inquire about the status of my reversed charge request. Left a VM for Stevie Siepker, the employee handling my dispute. Her VM message said she would return call within 24 hours. No call back. On June 18, 2018, I receive another form from Stevie requesting the same info that I had previously submitted to her. Again left her a VM. Customer service at Applied Bank tried to contact Stevie Siepker for me but were unable to do so.

I want Applied Bank to reverse the 4 charges that was paid to this fraudulent company as to date no acknowledgement of cancelled orders and no receipt of merchandise. - May 23, 2018 - $39.99 and $1.19 for currency exchange fee' May 26, 2018 $40.99 and $1.22 for currency exchange fee.

  • Nov 29, 2017

I made the mistake of applying for the card without fully researching their fee structure. On October 5, their website status page indicated I was approved for the card.

However, I have never received or activated a Visa credit card due to an error they made with my mailing address. They now keep sending late notices and collection threats to my email address. I have contacted them several times with an updated address, but to date, no billing statement or card has arrived. Their representative on the phone indicated I agreed to these billing terms when I applied for the card.

The Fair Credit Billing Act requires them to send a billing statement showing the fees and interest rate. I invoked my FCBA rights by notifying them in writing to correct any billing and send an updated statement. This was five days ago. They have not responded. I plan on filing a FCBA complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and any related regulators.

  • Nov 14, 2017

Opened up credit card & had to pay large processing fee to activate card. Then was charged $9.95 per month for maintenance fee. Went to pay these fees & was charged a $6.95 fee to pay on line or by phone. Fees kept coming & I called to cancel this card & they wanted fee to pay $19.81 balance on fees. I told them no way that I have paid enough fees & never used card in 3 months I've had it. Was told they wouold cancel card if they got fee in 10 days by mail. I promptly mailed the last fee in order to get away from this rip off card!

  • May 30, 2017

I noticed my credit score drop very low and it was due to this Applied Bank Card being over the limit of $2,300 at $2,600. I have never opened an account with them and I need this off of my credit score. Please help.

  • Mar 11, 2016

I got an offer of credit from this company saying they were a business credit card. I had a small Ebay business at the time and needed some funds. I did not have a business license of any kind but a rep from their company suggested that I just put an INC. after my last name and all would be good.

I got the card after a week or so with a $500 credit limit and a high interest rate of 29.99%. What makes this company particularly insidious is that they charge you fees that make it virtually impossible to pay off the balance by making minimum payments.

First of all they have a monthly maintanance fee of $9.95, then they charge you an additional $10.95 every time you make a payment online. (This is 2016 folks). They also have a .50 per call fee when you use their automated system. I don't know how they get away with this usury. By the way the only way you don't get charged a processing fee is if you write them a paper check. (which makes no sense because this actually requires a person to go to the mail box, pick up the check, and manually enter it.) I've been charged a late fee of $39.00 twice by sending a paper check, both times the check was sent 10 or more days before the due date.

I got behind on my payments and they started racking up more late fees and over limit fees until my balance was over $800. I tried to get under a payment plan from Consumer Credit Counseling but could not because this was a "business credit card" not a personal one.

After a couple of months of missed payments I got a call from their collections department saying that if I made three payments of $79.00 my account would be in good standing. I agreed to this and completed the payments yet nothing was taken off the principle and the total balance was still well over $700 with no explaination of where that money went.

I've complained to their customer service reps on several occasions and they keep telling me that all complaints must be sent in writing and sent snail mail. (no emails, no texts) Again what era are these people living in.

I have sent several written complaints with absolutely no response. It is high time something is done about this company. My next action is to file a complaint with the FTC and then see about filing a class action lawsuit.

  • Nov 13, 2015

I applied and received over the internet a business visa for small

tiny business I am trying to start up.. 500.00 credit limit

minus 125.00 just to have the card.. so already I am in a hole

then I took out 360.00 cash advance from my bank with their card..I got charged 18.00 for doing this

plus xtra fees which were later reversed..

So I owe 360.00 plus the 125.00 and any interest right?

well that being close to 500.00 but not over the credit limit.. the fees later in the month after I made a payment.. fees they attached? placed me over the 500.00 limit..

they charged me 38.00 for over the credit limit.. by fees they charged me later on that placed me now over the limit.

they reversed the 38.00 last month waved it..

but I just made a payment on the 3rd of this month and I saw yesterday I was down to 495.00

with 5.00 available?

today they are requesting by december a 73.00 fee with a 53.00 over the limit amount plus 10.00 main fees, 10.00 interest, plus adv. fees which is still a separate charge?

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