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Appliance Repair Guys

Country Canada
City Vaughan , Ontario
Address 300 Connie Cres
Phone 877-723-1777

Appliance Repair Guys Reviews

  • May 8, 2017

Called Appliance Repair Guys to service my Fridge. He told me the starter was broken and charged over $400 plus tax. The Fix didn't work. Came back 4 days later and said it's the compressor broken and would cost $1300 parts plus labor. Why didn't tell it at the beginning?

  • Mar 21, 2016

My Meile Dishwasher failed so I called the Appliance Guys in to take a look on Feb. 25,2016. They claim to have an $80.00 fixed charge to diagnose the problem which they then waive once they do the repair. I pulled the machine, I downloaded the erroe codes and had to book a day off work to be ready for the service call.

The representative representative plugged it in, took a look and told me he had to 'service the machine' in order to fix the problem which would cost $320.00 - plus tax. I fell for it as it was an expensive machine and not too old. He worked on it for about an hour, freed up the impeller on the circulation pump with a screw driver (I watched him), left it cycling and told me it would likely need a new impeller motor which he would get me a quote on right away. He left and the machine failed approximately tem minutes later.

I pulled the machine again and had it sitting in my kitchen waiting for the repair. After almost a week of not hearing back I called and was told to file an online warranty form with the problem. I have since exchanged half a dozen emails with them, they claim ther are still working on a quote - I phoned Meile myself and had a part quote within five minutes!

I have since replaced the machine as I determined the cost of the parts made it not worth fixing. It is now March 21, 2016, I am out $360.00 to the appliance guys which I wish I had never spent. Their $80.00 service fee is a scam, their fees are outrageous and they simply lie on the phone to get you to go away. It worked with me, they got their money and I took care of the problem myself, don't fall for it like I did!

  • Mar 3, 2016

My complaint is pretty much identical to the other reports I have read about this company. (Appliance Repair Guys). A repair man came to my house from this company. I paid $316 to find out in 10 minutes that my 11 year old washing machine would cost $1594 plus tax to repair. I did sign a paper saying that I agreed to pay $280 plus tax for him repairing the machine with no needed parts. Within 2 or 3 minutes of him diagnosing he realized I needed several parts and was waiting on quotes on those parts.It was unclear to me that the brief diagnose was what was costing me the $316. He was at my house for a total of 45 minutes mostly on the phone getting the expensive cost of the parts that were required for repair. Once he told me the outragious cost, I obviously told him it was crazy to spend double what I paid for the machine in the first place on a washer that I purchased in 2005. He then charged me the amount and said I could call and order the parts if I decided to fix it. I was upset at the time and not thinking clearly and just paid. That afternoon I bought a new front end load for $860. I woke up today upset about how ripped off I was and called them to talk reasonably about how unfair the charge was.They were extremely rude and would not lessen the charge. I asked to speak to a manager and she said she was the manager. She said I signed the paper and that there was nothing she could do. I would never ever use this company.

  • Oct 30, 2015

WORST SCAMMER COMPANY! This is long but WELL worth the read.


I only gave one star because you have to put at least that.

This company comes in, very unprofessional, barely lifts a finger and tells you that $380 is needed to service the machine. Additional parts will be needed but they can't tell me how much it will cost.

I asked for a written Quote to show my husband as he was paying, but not home. The repair man refused to write the quote on any company papers and threw a blank post it with $380 written on it!

I went in the other room and called my husband to inform him what was happening. He agreed it was too much and i passed on the message to the technician who then started to get angry, throw my belongings around, toss papers at me and tell me how stupid i am.

It was arranged prior that the $80 fee to come to my house, would be charged to my husbands credit card after the appointment. The repair man started to threaten me when i didn't have the proper funds to pay him directly in cash.

He refused to give me his name and i had to call the company to inform them of the situation and that the police will be called. The lady on the other end of the phone was LAUGHING!!! while she heard me yelling for him to leave my property.

KEEP in mind that I am a young female and to have a stranger in my home is scary in any situation. Let alone one that is threatening me and refusing to leave.

The man finally grabbed his bag, threw his note book at my face and left the condo. I spent the next half hour speaking to the same operator on the phone who informed me she would pass this situation to her manager and call me back ASAP.

I never received a call, so when i called back i was directly connected to the "customer service manager" which i doubt. Since when is the highest manager i can speak to, connected by pressing 0 on the 1-877 touch pad number?

This "highest manager" that they have, asked me "WHY are you even calling us if you don't plan on going through your repairs?" She did not care about what happened at all. Even though i had every right to yell, i was still calm and she started talking over me and yelling at me. Then hung up and never called back.

WOW i am just shocked at how grown humans do business. This is disgusting. On top of having my time and money wasted, i am now scared to be home alone because a company of crazy rude men, know my address.

Please save yourself the trouble and money.

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