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Appliance Repair

Country United States
State Florida
City Okeechobee
Address 7135 SW 13 ST
Phone 800-333-4094

Appliance Repair Reviews

  • Feb 10, 2017

My cooktop still is not working! I am still extremely angry. I don't like to be taken advantage of. This company if it is an actually company should be put out of business. They steal people's time and money. It started in 09/15 when I called to have one electric burner switch replaced or repaired. Gary came to my home. I shouldn't have let him in. He was slovenly, as well as pretty rude and not too smart. My first impressions of him! He huffed and puf ed and groaned while he lifted the top of the cooktop up to see the switches. He said it had to be replaced. I bought this home two years ago. It is approximately 18 years old. The residents were s****.>

  • May 7, 2016

July 2015 I contacted Appliance Repair through a google search. An older gentleman and his wife came out to repair my washing machine, I was told he needed to order the part and it would take about 5 weeks to get and they needed the full deposit before they could order the part which was $399.37. I called to follow up as I had not heard back, they told me the gentleman would get back to me, he never did so I followed up again and was told the part was no longer made (which is a lie because I had another repair service fix it within 7 days no problem) They told me they would issue me a check and send it to my address. I called 2 weeks later as I had not seen the check and they told me they had the wrong zip code and would be reissuing my check. Flash forward 7 months and I have still not seen a check. I call a few times a month and speak to the lady who answers the phone 800-333-4094 she always transfers me to a voicemail.

I'm told i need to speak to Kay who Issues the checks who is conveniently never in when I call. I ask to speak to a manager and they send me to voicemail. NEVER use this company, they are scam artists. Their website has been taken down and they answer the phone with a different name now "Service".

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