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Appliance Direct

Country United States
State Florida
City Port Orange
Address 5509 S. Williamson Blvd., Suite 110
Phone 386-333-3010

Appliance Direct Reviews

  • Aug 18, 2020

I purchased a whirlpool refrigerator & dishwasher from this store on 6/20/20. It took them 2-3 weeks for them to deliver them. A few days after installing refrigerator I called & spoke to Robert about a loud noise fridge was making. He said call whirlpool they will look at it for free. A tech came a week later & then a week after receiving the part to replace a thermeister( is what he called it) . After he installed it was still making noise he said to give it 24hrs, I did & it still made a noise. I called Robert & he said "once we sell it it’s not our responsibility anymore, you have to call manufacturer.

I said that’s ridiculous, you sold it you should stand behind it! Anyway I called whirlpool and they sent a 2nd tech out who said nothing is wrong with it but that the loud noise was normal. I then called the district office & spoke to guy. He said he would call me back after trying to resolve it. He did not, after a week of him ignoring me from his cell I called the corporate office and spoke to him. He said there’s nothing I can do. I said wow that’s how you do business? He said yes & hung up on me.

I called the store and spoke to peter the assistant manager and told him the issue. He said unfortunately it’s not up to him or else he would exchange it. I told him I would call Robert the next day since he never called me back earlier, which is why I called corporate. The next day I spoke to Robert who said he would speak to his representative to see what they can do. I’ve still not heard from him, 2 weeks later. All I want is a different fridge that doesn’t make a loud noise! I spent 1350 on this fridge, had I known they didn’t stand behind their product and that they were so rude & unprofessional I would’ve never went there. I tried to keep my purchases to a local store to support them during this crisis & this is what I get!

  • Nov 4, 2016

Provided services to these people for two years. Towards the beginning of the second year it started getting difficult to collect payment from them in a timely manner. Took lots of reminders and they seemed to put up a front of confusion between the management and accounting departments as a reason why. They even tried to use excuses such as they had requested to put services on hold, when they had never done that at all.

We were promised payment by accounting that never came. We emailed and tried to contact the manager that hired us (Marc Rousseau), the accounting department and the owners of Appliance Direct themselves to practically beg for the payments due to us but nothing received. We discontinued services with them still owing us for six months of services.

Terrible people. They only care about their bottom line and obviously have no remorse for stiffing hardworking small businesses.

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