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Apple Van lines, LLC.

Country United States
State California
City Canoga park
Address 22048 Sherman Way Suite 113
Phone 866-865-0797

Apple Van lines, LLC. Reviews

  • Jun 30, 2017

On my move from Sacramento CA to Mesa AZ Apple Van Lines loaded and unloaded my boxes, etc., several times. Even unloaded at warehouse to wait for my check to clear!

My small load (520sq ft apt) was also unloaded at other warehouses to expedite other moves.

Nine days later at 6:00am truck arrived. Before unloading I was instructed to pay by U.S. Postal money order before they would start unloading (which I did). Victor and Steven discovered my load had been moved again in the truck and had to unload other items to get to mine.

Victor and Steven were in a rush to get to another delivery in New Mexico. While Steven was re-arranging loads, Victor was inside unwrapping items and putting furniture together. I asked to help and was also unwrapping plastic, blankets, etc. The box spring mattress delivered wasn't mine and an entertainment center wasn't mine. They took those back. I thought Steven was checking inventory when unloading boxes but neither of them did. Victor finished getting all moving blankets and materials in the truck and said all your boxes are all here, so you need to sign the papers. Advised to contact warehouse regarding missing box spring and broken table.

I wasn't checking inventory because that's why I hired a "professional" moving company. I am now missing several boxes of personal items (expensive bath mirrors, all bath and beauty essentials, shoes and clothing, all cleaning products, sewing machine case with all parts and quilting supplies to name a few. Then I discovered that the box with PASSPORT, BIRTH CERTIFICATES, REAL ESTATE DOCUMENTS, IRS TAX RETURNS and family geneology was missing. We all know what a nightmare this causes.

This complaint centers around the shoddy customer service provided by Ann and Yoharis. They are overwhelmed with dissatisfied customers. I cannot get a return phone call, or ANYONE to look for my missing items.

I have filed a complaint with FMCSA and Move Rescue. PUC only handles California instate moving but did state Apple Van Lines is not licensed to move out of California.

  • Jun 22, 2017

Apple Van Lines gave a "binding quote of $2500 for 3,000 cu ft of goods to be transported. They did not send an agent beforehand to give actual estimate. They arrived with a small rented truck and started loading before the estimate of $10,600 was given for a 4,00 cu ft load. I told them I could not pay that and that this was a corporate move and would be paid by the Hospital . The CEO of the hospital refused to pay until the goods was delivered and Apple Movers refused to deliver until the move was paid for. They made several shipments in several small trucks and would disappear for 2 hours at a time. I told them Mirrored furniture can not be moved several times as it is heavy & fragile. They did not deliver my goods until SIX (6) weeks later!!! I slept in an empty house on a borrowed inflatable mattress for 6 weeks. They called me an threatened to AUCTION my goods in 48 hours unless they got paid! This was the most unbeleiveable stressful move I ever had and I have moved to 7 states. When the goods arrived every single mirrored item was smashed. Every box was crushed and openned, every wardrobe box clothing bar was off and all my clothes, coats,leather were in the bottom of the box as wrinkled as could be. Parts to my beautiful Velvet, mirrored bed were lost. My bed was put on CINDERBLOCKS by the laborers from Craigslist that they hired! My 3 stalk 8 foot banana tree in a huge terra cotta base was NOT on the truck. I went through all of the numbers and many boxes never made it. I am missing so much. Someone stole my Mom"s Mother's Day gift that I hid in the top drawer of my smashed mirrored chest of drawers.

I unpacked for 12 hours 3 days ago and very expensive Medical Equipment is GONE. I had shooting pains behind my left eye and took my BP which was 185/110 My neighbor drove to the ER @ midnight. I do not have Hypertension.

No one will answer my phone calls, voicemails, emails. This so called fly by night company keeps changing their names, gets new DOT numbers, moves to a new suite in the same building and continues to run a rip off organization. They have NO insurance because"We are not an Insurance Compsny",do not have crating, do not have white glove service as they advertize on their web site .They are scam artists. They constanntly reassurred me that my goods were in good hands and well taken care of. I am heartbroken and so angry for trusting them. Now I have to pay back the all the $ that I borrowed to pay them.

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