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Apple Tree Auction Center

Country United States
State Ohio
City Newark
Address 1625 W Church St.
Phone 740.344.4282

Apple Tree Auction Center Reviews

  • Nov 11, 2017

We called Apple tree Auctions as we had 500 pcs of Erickson Glass to sell , he said he would do that for 25% which we agreed to , Then he went up stairs and saw my Antique Music box Collection and said he could see an easy 60 Thousand as there were over 40 of them , I told him No , But he said he would do them for 15% so i thought it over talked to my kids as it was a Collection from my start in mid fifties.

There were some I wanted a reserve on and he wrote that down on a Contract with his odd Pen , then it was 2 Mos after Auction and i got the results , I noticed right off the most Valuable and some of the large items wer missing , and it was not much more than a week after Auction that i was watching TV and they had a Capitol Cuff Music Box on it was the one iHad sent to Auction sames serial#15. They said they had bought it in central Ohio for 3000 , so i thought that was the reserve i had put on it.

When I got the Money from Auction that was the First thing I looked for They said it had brought 500 Dolars and they took out another 25% , then as he was so impressed with marble Top wash Stand from Folis Castle. I looked for that, It was missing, so i called the Ohio dept.of Agriculture , They checked he said he had made A mistake and paid some one else so he said it sold for 140 and that he gave me. He had said it would bring 2000, , they took many things while they were here that was not to go.

They had you running upstairs and down, My wife has parkinsons and i am 85 and mentaly good but bad knees , With all of the Music Boxes , Organets , rare Phonographs , i had put in notes telling wher they wer made and when. I also dropped in some cards i had as i once had a bang organ I rented , So few people called me and I found most Items sold for at least twice what they paid me , One of the worst was a lady called about a Victor childs phonograph and asked who had repainted it , she thought it was great , My sister had painted it!

So as it was one item I did not want to sell , i asked if I could buy it back , She said She had paid 300 for it. It looked and they had given me 30 Dollars, I offered her 400 she hung up. I looked and as i had sent 3 Child phonographs and a Rollharmonica and a Play sax , all childrens nothing was listed ! Then i had 2 Walnut corner cabinets i had made which i had promised my grand daughter they wer gone and not paid for! He said how well he Advertised , but i asked to see an ad , and where he had listed the Auction, I never saw one!

When i first called i said we Had also caled Mike Clum, they said he was out of the Antique auctions , I should have bought a Antique weekly before i called as he is still in an Auction House in Rushvile Ohio. That auction should have been over a hundred Thousand as he took many Kenton Toys and other Colectables and 2 Guns came up missing , No Guns were to Go , they really robbed us , had some one offered me what i got 15,000 I would have sent him Packing , but he lied big time some items wer listed as things that were worth much less , Then as we had an edison Phonograph doll , i was watching Ebay it showed up withan asking price of 6000 so i called it was Apple tree auction , guess they had bought it , one sold in New york in 2012 for 25,100 dollars.

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