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Anytime Fitness, LLC

Country United States
State Minnesota
City Hastings
Address 12181 Margo Avenue S
Phone 888-827-9262

Anytime Fitness, LLC Reviews

  • Jan 12, 2021

I opened my membership with AnytimeFitness under a 2 year agreement that converted to a month-to-month. The month-to-month was converted during COVID. After a few months of charges, I tried canceling. They would not allow me to cancel and would not return emails/phone calls. They required us to come in person to cancel in writing.

I had sent several emails and left messages again, none of which were returned and so I stupidly thought my membership was canceled. We changed credit cards in this process and I didn't think of it. I got a notice today from a debt collection service for 6 months of membership. I am now trying to navigate this and all their manager would say is that I still have to follow their procedures and they were "very" supportive of people during that time

  • May 8, 2018

I spoke with an Anytime Fitness employee last summer after I had become a member for about $40 per month. This employee convinced me to pay for group personal training with him. He said it would be 17.50 per payment. He set up automatic payments in the Anytime system via the computer. He only met with me ONE TIME for my so-called initial free session and ONE TIME for my first regular session. He NEVER met with me after that but I continued to be regularly charged for sessions I never got. I have the Anytime Invoices marked PAID in my files and I have sent them to the owner as proof.

Some time after this employee left I went in to see what we could do with the personal training fees I have already been charged without having had the sessions. A new trainer with Anytime and I spoke. It was my intention to have the fees I have already been charged applied to our new sessions. She did not know how to do this. That was understandable BUT now after speaking in person with Khan the owner he WILL NOT reimburse, refund or apply my payments to my membership fees because he claims I was never charged. In FACT, my account was charged and I have the PAID invoices and bank account statements to prove this.

Khan the Anytime franchise owner is not taking responsibility for his employees mishandling of customers sensitive financial information by allowing them to set up inappropriate financial agreements and automatic billing. He has no right to blatantly refuse to give me back my money. I have never experienced a business owner who would treat a paying customer this way before.

I have over $150 dollars worth of PAID INVOICES from Anytime for the charges that Khan's former employee set up. Khan knows I was charged for nothing and yet REFUSES to refund my money or apply it to my membership fees. At this point I want a refund and CANCELLATION. This is adversely affecting my health. Khan's last message to me: "My Perez don’t own my club I will make the decision of all the payments /refunds I have decided I don’t want to deal with this anymore you can continue with the court proceedings as discussed before have a good night..."

  • Apr 30, 2018

I signed a contract for a one year period. I advised my personal trainer that I worked as an adjuster and my job involved training. He advised that was no problem at all. I signed the contract even though I really don't like to do ach debits from my account. On Sunday March 4, 2018 I advised him that I was being deployed to Fairfax, Va for 3 to 6 months. He advised what about my money. At that time i was even with my prepaid sessions. I advised that section 13 of the contract talks about being relocated 35 miles or morefrom the area you currently live in. It doesnt say for what period of time. The lady from Atlas Fitness was very rude, would not provide a mailing address so that I could mail in correspondence. She wanted to text what company text these days. She would not provide any information in reference to where a home office is located. My account was turned over to a collection agency and I'm in the process of taking the Gym, owner, personal trainer and atlas fitness to justice court now.

  • Jan 18, 2018

I used to go to this location to work out since its near by where i live and they are the same way as the other's They dont care there rude they dont get things fix it takes them a long time to get things fix. They should be fined for not keeping up with repairs. Plus the Owner ownes several Loaction. They charge a Club Enhancement fee of $30 every 6 month witch is Illegal not on the contract. They Hire more Wemen vs men that is Discrimantion. I think this is also discrimantion as well when you fill out an app online they have you take a servey what does that have to do with getting a job. I put up a review on Facebook somehow somebody from Anytime had gotten with Facebook an had it deleted very wrong how are people supossed to read the reviews and find out stuff. Plus they want to hide some by creating more then one facebook pages. Reviews should not be taken down. The Regional manager is not very nice at all. Nobody likes him.

  • Sep 12, 2017

My brother attended Anytime Fitness at the corner of Mavis and Eglinton when he was living in Mississauga. When he moved downtown Toronto he informed them that he would need to cancel. They assured him he cancelled and he never set foot into the gym again. Despite this they have billed for 2 years and nearly $2000. It was in my dad's credit card and because of his heart and lung condition, frequently being hospitalized and having surgeries he did not notice until recently. My mom met with the owner Manny Veloso and his wife to request a refund, with my brother present. Manny would not give any money back, rather in "good faith" he would offer some personal training sessions. My dad sent him an email stating this was unacceptable and to give a refund or we would take to social media to complain and small claims court to get the money back. Manny still refused a refund. I would like the public to know that this is greedy and dishonest behaviour and they should not patronize this business.

  • Jul 27, 2017

The first time I went in there they told me there was a three month trial of the gym for 90 dollars and a week trial for free. I got the week and decided to go for the three month the next time I went in. This time the manager Jason gaslighted me and acted like I was crazy for thinking a three month trial for 90 even existed. He told me I could sign up for a membership and pay by the month and then cancel whenever I wanted 30 days in advance. I agreed. I got two free sessions with the personal trainer and then we discussed getting started. I immediately noticed the workouts he was giving me to do weren't very challenging and that he wasn't very invested in me losing weight or getting in shape. Still I felt like I should give him a try and so we both decided that I was gonna sign up for a jumpstart because it would give me a chance to see what it was like working with him.

I said I needed to put money on my card and we scheduled an appointment to come back and I would pay. When I came back he got angry with me that I wasn't there to sign up for 220 a month for 6 months. 1.) I was there to sign up for the trial only and we talked about it?? 2.) 220 every 3 sessions seriously (the gym I'm at now I get 16 sessions for that price) He said very rudely to me, "What, you thought it was 220 for six months?" Uh, no? I thought I was going to sign up for the trial! So I sign up for the trial of 3 sessions and I had to cancel one because I had something to do that day and I was told the trainer would get back in contact with me.

He never did and wouldn't respond to me when I called. So I paid 99 dollars for 1 session..After this I wanted to cancel of course because I realized these people are nothing but high pressure salesmen and con artists. I write a note that I want to cancel a month from now and Jason tells me (rudely and condescendingly) I'm in a contract for 2 years and can't cancel. Um, WHAT???? Worst gym I have ever been to. Prices are outrageous, the people are rude liers who do nothing but try to scam you out of your money with no care whatsoever on getting you in shape. I felt lied to and treated like I was crazy and less than human because I'm overweight. DON'T GO TO THIS GYM.

  • Jun 22, 2017

Anytime Fitness

  • Dec 2, 2016

I went to join in june 2016. Lady said i could cancel memb at anytime but with cancellation fee. I said no problem. Signed up. I dont like gym and people, so i tried in dec 2016 to cancel and now they say i have 2yr membership. Wow. The lady that signed me up doesn't work there and they say she started another gym. Guess im the a*s. There were 3 white men in office with me, and started to get upset, and all 3 men got in my face and i heard 1 guy called me thr n word from out of the blue. I felt threatened. They told me to leave dont ever go to Irwin ANYTIME FITTNESS IRWIN PENNSYLVANIA. Manager would not even give is last name. ALL I GOT WAS JASON?.

  • Aug 9, 2016

I received a call from the gym staff member who handles payments, I told her I cancelling my member ship and I cancelled my card so they couldn't keep charging my account, because obviously I had stopped going bexcuse I moved. On that first phone call everything was fine. Three days later she calls me back demanding my CC info and said I need to pay for the month of August and a 30 dollar cancelation fee. I asked her why I needed to pay for the month of August if I cancelled in July. Her only response was that if I didn't pay that she was going wait a few months before cancelling my membership and report me owing $500 worth of dues to the credit bureau. She then again asked for my CC information to charge me. I understand the fee it's fine I would pay it, but making me pay for a month ofor dues that I can use is wrong. Then I look at other reviews of this happening before and see where instead of just charging the cancellation fee they keep charging their accts. It's a decent gym, a bit dirty at times, and really small, but they charge $35 a month 5 miles down the road there is another 24 hour gym that charges $15 and it's facilities are enormous. With the customer service they provide and stealing money from people I don't think you should give your business to them. I was with them for a year all I did was move, and they come after me and treat me like trash after I have gave them my business for so long? Pass on this gym, their are better ones out their thathe are cheapereally and a little bit cleaner.

  • Jul 6, 2016

As of July of this year, Anytime Fitness of Perry Hall, MD is still charging me for membership ($35/mo) after cancelling in December.

My credit card # changed in December. I received a notice on December 7 that my "ABC*ANYTIMEFITNESS" bill was overdue as my payment bounced. I decided to cancel. I emailed ABC and was told to contact the business, Anytime Fitness of Perry Hall, MD. I emailed then the business to cancel my account. Can't do it by email, I was told, but we spoke on the phone. The guy (Director?) assured me that I was cancelled and replied angrily when I asked for proof. He did insist I give him my new card # - I was OK with using it to pay for the most recent month but concerned they'd rip me off and still charge me - and they did.

I called the business and spoke with someone I believe is the same person. He asked for the email in 12/13, and I sent it. I asked him to cancel my account, so no charge in August, and refund my charges since January. He would not do either, but instead offered double-talk about speaking with owners and following the process. He yelled at me while doing so. I asked him to at least assure me he would not charge me for August. He would not do so. He did offer to call me on my cell later today. As a consequence, I've disputed the July payment of $35, and cancelled my card, which cost me $25 to get a replacement send to me in 2 days.

  • Dec 10, 2015

I'm not the first employee Chase has ripped off. He fired the previous G.M before me because she left to go to her Grandma's funeral. That should of been my major red flag but I decided to stick it out.

I live in Wichita Falls and we were supposed to have a non mandatory company party that was 2.5 hours away one way. I told my owner Chase that I wouldn't be attending because it was to far and I was going in the next day to sign a couple up on a training package.

He called me the morning of the party and I told him I had a buddy whom was an Army Ranger that I haven't seen in years was coming through town, and I wanted to go into work then hang out with him after. I talked with Chase at 9:15 a.m and I didn't have to be in to work until 10 a.m. Before I could say anything Chase blew up on me for not being at work (when I wasn't even supposed to be in yet) and starting cursing and saying I needed to turn the keys in right away.

This upset me very much because of how hard I worked for this man and his business and how much I cared about the members and the club itself. I still keep in contact with a handful of members, helping them with fitness goals and or questions.

I waited for this sack of crap to call and apologize and I might have went back to work for him but never got a call or a text. He started telling members who were asking where I was that I stole from the company and that's why he fired me! He also lied to the Texas Work Force Commision saying I "no called, no showed" the morning he fired me.

I know the exact account he's talking about. He over charged a lady for Personal Training sessions and they finally came to a agreement that Chase would lower her monthly dues so she could still workout with the Personal Trainer. Well, she would come in and have me run her card..after a few days it would come back as a declined payment an or NSF. Wichita Falls is a small big town and to have my name dragged through the mud is very offensive and not needed. Be a man and own up to your mistakes.

Ask all the members how many issues that club had before I took go and ask how many of those issues I resolved with in the first few weeks of taken the club over. People whom have had issues with their accounts, key, or billing issues I took care of them all.

The Texas Work Force Commision sided on my side and he did have to pay me un-employment. Yet he still goes around and trashes everyones name just to save his own pathetic self. This man should not own a business in Wichita Falls!

I would go in and work hard every day. I would go market and I had the Personal Training program back on track and had more clients and members in the gym. How a person like Chase Rojas can own a business and treat employees this way and get away with it blows my mind. I've helped run a $10 million health club in the Dallas area before moving back to take this job at Anytime Fitness. I gave up my career in Dallas to only move back and be wrongfully terminated...truck payment, insurance payment, house payment, cell phone payment, student loan payments etc. Just a few bills I haven't been able to pay or pay on time the last 5-6 months since being ripped off from my job.

  • Sep 5, 2015

I had a new contract with this gym, shortly afterr signing up i was out of work, i called thier billing company abc financial and requested a cancellation. I was told that it would be taken care of. Couple months later i started getting phone calls from them and letters stating i had a past due balance. In june 2015 i deposited 800.00 onto my debit car ( the same card i used to sign up at anytime fitness) within 2 hours they had charged me 166.36 which was a couple months charges plus late fees. I called abc financial and was told that the information given to me about cancellation was incorrect. I stated that the charge was fraudulent as i thought i had cancelled the contract. I spoke with a female employee directly and after arguing with her she refunded me 38.50 on july 8th. I did not use the facility for the months they charged me and again i was under the impression that i had cancelled the contract. I currently have an open dispute with my debit card and am also filing this complaint. Might i also add that abc is once again calling me and sending past due letters to me.

  • Aug 13, 2015

I've been a member of anytime fitness since last November. I got pregnant in January while i was still a member of this gym, I didn't know I can take my prof of pregnancy and my membership will be canceled till a friend of mine told me about it. I went to cancel my membership with my proof of pregnancy in May I had two choices I was told to cancel or put on hold but the canceling when take awhile and filling out paper work would take some time but I was told I had a choice to come back and cancel. now it's August and I've been seeing transactions on my bank besides the 5 dollars for freezing the account it showed 24 dollars I called my local anytime fitness first the guy was rude he stated I was making up what another worker had told me about canceling and I would not be able to cancel if though I am pregnant and he stated I will not be pregnant much longer after telling him what the other worker had told me I was able to cancel he said there was no such thing. he than looked up my friend that canceled hers and said he couldn't pull up her account, her account has been canceled for a year I don't think it would still show.. he told me that the other worker does not work there and he's the manger now too bad. I told him I did not want to go back to that gym than he stated at that gym people don't get shot at... I'm not sure if this was a racial comment but I took it offensively I do not live in a dangerous neighborhood at all. He than stated if I got a doctors note I would still have to pay a cancelation fee even if I am on bed rest. I do not want to pay for this gym anymore I have not gone to this gym since January. it's a rip off its too much money and charging me to much I signed a agreement for 5 dollars till I go back and fill out the canceling paper work that I was told before and I got charged 24 dollars. I am pregnant I don't have a job I need to cancel this gym my bank is 106 over drawn just from transactions from anytime fitness

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