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Andis Adorable Babies

Country United States
State Illinois
City Vandalia
Address 229 E. 1800 Ave
Phone 618-431-3207

Andis Adorable Babies Reviews

  • Sep 14, 2023

She’s a scam artist. She breeds dogs with hereditary issues and sells their puppies. My 9 month old Maltese has level 3-4 (4 being the worst) luxating patella which is 100% hereditary. I’ve messaged her multiple times but she said “I should have researched the breed” — which I did, but having luxating patella bad enough for a $4,000 surgery at 9 months old IS NOT NORMAL. My poor baby is on daily pain meds, joint supplements, and special joint food just to help her get through her day. In my opinion, Andrea Cross shouldn’t be allowed to even own dogs. No guarentee from her on health of puppies because she does not test the adults. She don't even know which dogs are breeding in her kennel. Reported to Illinois Dept of Agriculture.

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