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Country United States
State Utah
City Provo
Address 360 W 4800 N,
Phone 877-445-6883
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  • Feb 22, 2021

Ancestry scam, no refund, no reply to mails, waiting period on the phone when calling their help line is about 1.5 hours. We have ordered 4 test set from, all were delivered within 3 month !!! 3 of the sets were processed and the results were sent back after another 3 mont; however I got a mail saying that they could not process my samples and that I needed to get another test set. Strangely enough the link in the e mail lead to a new ordering page. After having this rectified by mail after some weeks I was send another test set 2 month later.

I returned the sample just to receive another e mail that they couldn t process it again. I called their help line and had to wait for 1.5 hours (that s 90 minutes listening to music and announcements that one of the customer service associates will be with me shortly) I was told by that I cannot apply for a refund as the sets were ordered and pad by our son. I had to get our son to write to them and request a refund. Guess what: That was the last time they have shown any signs of life! No response to e mails, sent several ones asking for verification as our son had in the meantime requested a refund to his credit card. But nothing has happened since .. this was 6 month ago !!!!!!

Sept 2020 to be exact. No reply to my latest e mail where I was asking for an urgent response. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH ANCESTRY >>>> THEY WON T HOLD THEIR PROMISES AND DO NOT REPLY TO YOUR MAILS !!!!!!! Mike

  • Mar 22, 2020

I purchased a 6 month trial offer from, March 2019, paid for by credit card, I requested not to keep the card on file and I never authorize automatic renewals. I was renewed in Sept 2019, I didn't catch it on my statement (my bad), was again renewed March 2020. Caught it!

Of course they won't refund me for the Sept renewal even though I didn't used it. No one should have to be auto renewed by ant company regardless of product especially when they requested not to be!

  • Feb 26, 2020

I was informed that $44.03 was charged to my PayPal account for a membership that I did not authorize. Refused to refund. I cancelled the subscription.

Can't recommend this service: nearly every record of a relative I found was faulty.

  • Sep 13, 2019 BUYER BEWARE. I paid $70 for a DNA kit and got a 2 word sentence for my money. Sentence said I was 75% Eastern European and 25% Italy. THAT IS WRONG. They based it off of information I gave them and not based on a DNA kit. The results came back so fast I doubt they did the test and it doesn't matter in the end. I want my money back. I am not 75% and 25% or whatever they came up with. I KNOW what I am. That is so wrong. I want my money back NOW!

This compnay is bogus. RUN!

  • Oct 4, 2017

Even though I have cancelled and still get notices of come back to them they keep billing me 19.99 twice a month. My bank is tired of me filing disputes on them.

Can you please get them to stop? Either under Pamela Leach & Pamela Murphy (maiden name) It is being charged to my debit card with meta bank Visa card.

  • Aug 22, 2017

There was a promotion on TV to call and get a deal. I went online and ordered two kits and use my visa credit card to purchase them. Within two days I received an email stating that I did not pay and that they need to resend payment so I did. Today I checked my account and they charge me twice I called the number listed for support 1-800-651-6561 and I've got an eastern Indian man named Martin Cooper who told me he was trying to give me a free rebate for $100 but I had to pay $2.95 first on my credit card which I declined he said he could not help me and I told him I just needed a refund he said he would transfer me two mice to the supervisor I waited on hold for a while he came back on and told me to call 800-555-1212 which I know to be bogus pier I called back in the second call would not go through. I called a third time and talk to another eastern Indian man named Sean who told me he would transfer me to his senior officer after I would listen to his talk about getting a $300 rebate for 295 I told him I'm not interested I just want to him to transfer me to the officer he attempted several times to get me to pay for this and I told my wasn't going to do it he said he would transfer me and then he proceeded to hang out. I tried to call three more times and now I'm it does not go through

  • Feb 1, 2017

I am posting a complaint regarding the 7 days cancellation policy for renewal of service. I see a similar compaint was posted in 2011; nothing has changed with this company. Beware signing on for the service subscription. We originally did the DNA test kit, signed up for the 6 month service. A renewal notice is supposed to be sent one month before the next charge is posted; no sign of it on our end. So after noting a $99 charge on my card, I contacted to find out there's a mere 7 day cancellation policy after the posting (the notification of renewal is the only notice/forgiveness you will get!). Yep, stuck with a $99 fee for a service I don't need or want. DON'T SIGN UP FOR THE SERVICE UNLESS YOU WANT TO PAY AND PAY AND PAY!

  • Aug 25, 2016

Ancestry advertises itself as being at the forefront of DNA testing, the type of service that provides detailed, itemized information about your heritage. That's not at all what I received.

It was purchased in order to learn the specific genetic makeup, which we knew previously to be primarily western European including a large amount of Irish/English/or Scottish heritage.

The results of the DNA kit were not specific to any helpful level.

-Western Europe as a category is very overly broad and vague and no informative

-British is also overly broad and does not distinguish between Irish, Scottish, English, etc.

Since the majority of the results were grouped into Western European and British, it tells us very little about our heritage. We knew that there predominantly western European and some Scots-Irish, but this does nothing to provide further specifics. I am asking for a full refund.

I am also disappointed with the lack of communication. My emails have gone completely unanswered by the company. I filed a support case (#00116570) through the Ancestry website on August 16. No one responded to it -- but three days later, I received an email saying that the support case had been closed. There was no explanation or response. This is misleading advertising and poor customer service, which is even worse.

Note: I filed a BBB complaint and received the same canned response. I called and wasn't allowed to speak to a supervisor, but was told the same drivel about the test being cutting edge and too bad that it doesn't specify closer than half of Europe.

  • Jul 25, 2016

I'm new to geneology. I've noticed that often , when a particular site can't help, I'm sent somewhere else. More and more I get sent to for help. This gets old because they are a fee based site.

I found myself getting weary of searching when I got sent to Ancestry .com yet AGAIN. When you put in a name @, they ALWAYS have a match. And , of course, by signing up for their "free trial" you can get the all the details. They even shiw how many THOUSANDS of peolpe they have access to for the given name.

Being tired and P.O.'d I put in the name "rip off" , hit enter & guess what ? " Great-we found 539,704 record(s) for rip off." Yes, that's a quote. Need I say more ?

  • Jan 1, 2016

My sister wanted me to go to and try to find out roots. I went there and filled out all I could remember about my family and forgot about it.

I am being stalked, so I'm trying to hide and get all my information about me off the Internet. So I Googled my name and OMG!!! The first thing that popped up was what I put on ancestory. com. It has my parents, grandparents, and a lot more...I was under the impression it was only going to be for members who signed up to see and not everybody stalking me.

I feel like the website tricks people into giving them their information and then just throws us out on the big wide web to share new customers into their web.......horrible thing I did and I can't get then to take it off. They said they ownd the info!!! What? They own my personal family information???? Don't sign up witthem if you don't want your identity stoln....seriously!!!!?

  • Sep 7, 2015

Less than 2 weeks ago, after seeing a commercial for "" I went to their website and accepted an offer for a FREE Trial Period. A few days before the trial period ended, I went online to cancel service. There cancellation process was so complicated, i finally just emailed them through their website, therefore I have no copy of the email. Their reply came promptly. A female, "Colleen" from "Cancel Wizard" emailed me back on 09/07/2015 with the offer to "continue with" my cancellation request and that she was giving me a "discount" for the cancellation request. When I clicked on that link, '" was only going to charge me $25 to cancel my service A FREE TRIAL PERIOD. This is the most outrageous and DECEPTIVE company I have EVER dealt with. I have documentation of "Colleens'" reply which I will be glad to share.

  • Aug 14, 2015

Whenever you'll need to reinstall their Family Tree Maker software on the same machine you've just upgraded, or if you are one of those who format their hard drive once a year or so, they will lock your serial number - meaning that you can never use it again, even though you're following their licensing terms by using the software on only one computer. Their customer support team is useless, and all they will do is send you useless emails with patches, which you can't use because you can't even install the program. Then they'll direct you to Nova Development, who is the seller of their software. Nova, apart from being extremely rude, will tell you that you are not allowed to reinstall the software after 30 days from the purchase date, and that you'll have to buy a newer version. In a nutshell, they take your money and give you nothing!

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