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American Water Resources

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Voorhees
Address 1025 Laurel Oak Rd
Phone (866) 430-0819

American Water Resources Reviews

  • Feb 21, 2022

I was told by the city that I had a leak in the main water supply line running through my front yard. I spent hours over several days trying to connect with AWR to see if they would handle it. After about 3 days they said they did not have anyone in my area that could inspect and fix my problem. But they assured me that if I hired my own person to deal with the issue that they would reimburse me as soon as I submitted proof of payment.

Well, a month after submitting my receipt I was told, "We have carefully reviewed your request for repayment of the out-of-pocket expenses you incurred when you hired your own contractor to perform plumbing repairs at your property. We regret to inform you that we are unable to honor your request for payment." Certainly not AT ALL in line with what I was told at the beginning of this fiasco.

Dealing with American Water Resources has been a disaster from the beginning. I basically threw away the (approx) $500 I paid them for an annual membership - $500 which could have gone towards fixing the problem myself. Save yourself from being scammed and avoid AWR.

  • Nov 23, 2021

Called Awe for hot water heater replacement on a saturday . The phone just rang an rang no answered called back was put on hold for 15minuts hung up. v called back 11/24/2021 was told because I replaced hot water my self because L couldn't wait for no response from them for service contracts repair. They said no refund

  • Aug 8, 2019

Today August 9, 2019. I placed a claim in July 7, 2109 regarding water flooded my basement. A Tech was sent out to investigate the problem. the Tech noticed water penertation thru the wall. Serveral weeks went back for a response from Water resources.

After everything was said and done with their final conclusion. it determined that I had filed a claim in 2016 regarding the same incident. At this point, they declined my claim and stated I needed to verified that I had the work done prior to the new claim which left me speachless.

  • Feb 11, 2019

The water line has broken at a rental property we manage that was carrying American Water Resources "Unlimited Protection Program" at $216 per year for over 6 years. Jan 14, 2019 I opened claim #334812 and paid a $50 dispatch fee for Mr. Sewar to resolve the issue. On Jan. 17 the tenent reported the sewage was still coming from the floor drain in the basement and Jason from Mr. Sewar only went half the way down the stairs and said "He could not work in hazardous conditions".

I sent our maintainance employee to the residence to clean up the floor and was told Mr. Sewar would return on Jan. 18. When Ed from Mr. Sewar reported to American Water's Leslie that "hazardous conditions still exist at the property" I was not notified. On Jan. 23 my tenent reported the sewage was still coming from the broken line. I contacted A1 Plumbing who cleared the blockage to the broken section of the line far from the exterior of the house, but not yet to the main. Since that is the area covered by the "protection program".

I called American Water again speaking this time with Chardae #3150 who said she would reach out to Mr. Sewar again and instead CLOSED THE CLAIM, because "the line was open now and there was no existing problem".

Our tenent reported the back-up occured again on Jan. 25, Amer Water agent #3209 Teresa reopened the claim and no one came. This time our plumber cleared the line and sent a camera to expose where the line was broken.

I reported the information to agent #3055 Jasmine, who said the claim was closed and this was NOT INSURANCE, rather a PROTECTION PROGRAM and they will only send their contractor out when there is a problem and now that the line was clear, there was no problem.

I spoke with 2 managers and ended up with agent #3058 Bridget who could not cancel my policy, but transferred me to sales where after 35 minute hold I was assured the program was cancelled.

Feb. 12, 19 I recieved a notice from American Water Resources stating they are renewing the protection program at the $216/year unless I contact them in writing and my cancellation will be effective on the "last day of my current billing period", which is now 3/30/2020. I cancelled the credit card and reported the scam.

Beware, do not pay needlessly for "protection services" for a completely frustrating waste of time and money.

  • Feb 1, 2018

Paid for water line protection, contract States that American Water Resources will repair a main water line break from the meter to the main shut off valve up to 5K, I had a main water line break under the concrete floor going through a concrete load-bearing wall I called awr and told them of my emergency and that I had an elderly 83 year old that lived here and we have no water they sent a very shady company out and the plumbers discussed amongst themself that this is not a job that they wanted to tackle and that they were going to send another plumber out the next day, the next day another plumber showed up and he and I discussed the main water line leaking and his solution was to reroute the main water line instead of trying to tear up the concrete floor and the concrete load-bearing wall which may cause structural damage to the house, I said that would be fine as long as my water line protection will cover it he said it would the next day I called the company that awr contracted and they told me that I would have to pay for it I said no this is covered under my contract it's a main water line leak and he said that he would have to come out and take a look at it for himself he never came out I called their office several times no one would put me through to him he was always out of the office I called awr they said someone would get back with me no one did I had to contract Roto-Rooter, Roto rooters team came out and assess that it was a main water line and to reroute the main water line would be the best way because of several leaks in the main water line. I contacted awr and told them I would like to be reimbursed the 5K for the main water line repair the cost was close to 8 k they told me to submit it then they denied it telling me that it was a service line even though the receipt that I sent them thoroughly says it was a main water line. This water line protection is a scam.

  • Jul 7, 2017

Purchaseed water line and sewer line protection. Whan a leak appeared they sent a plumbing company out and the plumber did not even check if there was a leak. They then stated that nothing was covered. Do not deal with this company. THEY ARE A RIP OFF AND SCAM,

  • Apr 27, 2017

About 10 years ago I was contact through postal mail to enroll in a water line problen program For $5.00 then later the program increased to $8.OO not counting the change... Tis was a urgent program that was advertised not covered by my homeowners insurnce...The program was advertised to provided services up to $5,000.00for water line repaira and for up to $5.000.00 for water line street repairs...This typical water was extended from the property to my home

Since buying intto the program 2014 I was talked into a $3.00 upgrage. Each month American Water Resource debit my bank account for $ change . I contacted the company last week with a claim..I told them that I have a buste pipe and that I needed to file a claim. Two days lated thesent two plummers to my home to checkout my problem two days later a lady name Monica from American call to say the board had approved my clame. But on 4/21/2017 my claim was denied

  • Jan 2, 2017

Called American Water Resources and reported I had a leak in my sewer line. They told me one of there reps. would contact me. Two days later I received the call. They told me that sewer line leaks were not covered. I told them the leak was due to a clog in the exterior sewer line. They said that I reported a leak and not a clog so it was not covered. I said what if the exterior sewer line is collapsed. She said it was not covered. Only thing that is covered is clogs. This service does not cover anything. Bad service do not get it.

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