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Alpha Reseller Hosting

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 866 540 3229

Alpha Reseller Hosting Reviews

  • Nov 17, 2020

Alpha Reseller Hosting WHMCS FREE SSL Site BUILDER START

Your Own Business ebay affiliate these are criminals all of them they have problems understanding plain simple english when you what your money back most of them say no. You have to disput with your credit card and then the next guy you join will do the same thing to you this is a joke and phoneys all of them they act like they are better than you they are there making huge money and acting like dirt. Ask them a question they give you an opposite awnser to somthing you never asked they are not part of the ebay affiliate network ether but claiming to be they are using it for there own teams 65 percent of them are cowards and minipulate you behind there computers.

They charge you for things you dont have the are cowards then if you have somthing and its hosted on one of there servers they block you from getting it. Your privacy is not safe in this groop they dont value it. And they all stic together like gangsters an Godaddy is the unlimited hosting they use reseller club Affiliate program ebay is part of the crew cant say that they are involved with what is going on but i can tell you one thing they are not good people my experiance they are lowlives of the internet you can come here and try it.

I have 250 domains that are being held hostage becaues they are in the same network and isnt worth any help they can do what ever they want to and throw you in the garbage and get away with it. There is the whmcs billing software they give you for life is a disaster waiting to happen backdoors and you have to watch out you can own your business but if they want to take it its theres you are out of all your money. The reps from ebay i think they are involved because if you ever used ebay the act like they dont understand english. When i say they are steeling yes they are you are being lord into a trap. Yesterday someone was thrown out the next day he had an account under a diffrent name ebay does nothing to help you they will spend your money and minipulate you untill you go nuts I was in the network for 6 months no more i lost because they are aloud to do what ever they want to and get away with it.

They are inexperianced people that think they know what they are doing and dont i dont onow if its just me my experiance is to stay fasre away from the ebay reseller hosting clan.

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