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Akston Biosciences Corporation

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Beverly
Address 100 Cummings Center​, Suite 454C
Phone 978-969-3381

Akston Biosciences Corporation Reviews

  • Nov 27, 2020

In simple terms, Todd Zion, although holding a PhD from MIT in engineering, has NO experience in drug discovery, biotech, medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, biology or anything close to what is reqired to lead such an effort.

Zion's claims of selling his previous startup "Smart Cells" for "half a billion" dollars are false, Merck handed them back their "idea" shortly thereafter. The large amount would only have been realized had the product gone to market and achieved lofty sales goals.

Claims of turning a common glucose assay technology using concanavalin into a therapy for diabetes are outrageous.

Why is the taxpayer funding his "efforts" at Akston through outrageous grants if he supposedly sold his previous operation "Smart Cells" for "half a Billion"??

Even worse, Zion has a particularly despicable approach to his work, he doesn't believe in what are called in vitro experiements and says they are a waste of time, going straight to animal models. He has sacrificed countless animals and for what?? to line his pockets with money.

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