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ADT Security Services

Country United States
State Florida
City Boca Raton
Address 1501 Yamato Road,
Phone 877.473.9434

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  • Apr 24, 2018

I do not think you should employ people with these feelings even if they keep them underground. It is disgusting. Do something about it. I will hand out information at the Sikh termples regarding this!! I will not stand idle.

ADT Bruce Tarras - overt racism toward East Indian people everywhere - located Chilliwack B.C. Canada This Chilliwack man told me he is really nice to East Indian people when he goes into their homes to do work but will not let even one of them into his own house. Do they employee racists? Is that what this company is actually about? I urge all East Indians to not buy from this company due to these concerns. I thought this company was progressive but guess not in light of this revelation. I think this is disgusting in the extreme. Stand up and be counted!!! Do not let this happen in your backyard. Spread the word everywhere!!! Do not support a person of such a low caliber. Plus not even graduated from high school!!! told me this in person ... threw him out of my house .. he is disgusting Chilliwack British Columbia

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  • Oct 8, 2019

Bruce W. Tarras said he would not let an East Indian person into his house

Bruce W. Tarras of Chilliwack, B. Canada not only said he would not let an East Indian person into his house even though he is nice and professional a when he goes into their houses to install alarms .. also said he had to move from Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada "because all the Chinese people were moving in". (These are all verbatim quotes issued in his own words - I have a great memory because it was so very very shocking.) I guess he thought Chilliwack was "all white". Big surprise it is not. I have been to Chilliwack at a birthday party at a very large home owned by an East Indian family that actually own many of the strawberry farms in the Fraser Valley - plus my own cousin is an RCMP out here and he is not fully "white" either but is also married to the white daughter of his own boss who use to be the Staff Sargent responsible for the entire Fraser Valley before he fully retired but my cousin of course still works there as an RCMP .covering the activities in this area. (I was at my cousin's wedding myself).. Bruce even told me that he got to the highway before the "stupid" cop got to the highway that occurred close to his house. I doubt that any RCMP out there is as stupid as Bruce seems to claim. Mind you Bruce even said his mother was a princes, loved her but did not even like her. Also said our friend with a PH.D. (female again of course) was also stupid. He called other friends names behind her back as well ... that's just like him as he complaints about all the people he works with, and pretty much everyone .. not a happy individual imo.

When Bruce tried to join a particular motorcycle club he gave the person who was starting it $300.00 but the person who was to start itr gave Bruce the $300.00 back claiming he was too racist to join with the new club.

Bruce even stood right beside me when his Dad opened that lousy five buck lottery ticket saying "if you win any money make sure you pass it onto the second generation". He is a loser supreme. Claims the Irish were slaves too. Thinks the people who run the convenience store from him in Chilliwack B.C. Canada should not be listening to an non English radio station when he comes into the Vedder Crossing store to pick up his smokes and even saying "It does not matter anyway because I listen to Al Jazeera all the time". He actually told me they were running a terrorist operation from the convenience store. He also claimed someone was following him around to "listen into" his cell phone calls... he sure must think he is important .. Bruce W. Tarras appears to be a racist and who knows ... could be living next door to to you ... after all he did say he would not let an East Indian person into his house. he might look OK from (a distance) but be aware of what he thinks in his brain if he has one). I have a copy of the "Can you help Bruce Tarras out" petition for anyone to see. After that he publicly distributed and shared on Facebook a petition to release one Tommy Robinson (fake name). The Irish were never slaves ... there was a situation of indentured servitude - that part is true but the Irish slave idea appears nd supported by espoused by Bruce W. Tarras of Chilliwack

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (born 27 November 1982), known as Tommy Robinson, is a British .

.. The name Tommy Robinson is a pseudonym taken from a prominent member of the "Men In Gear" (MIG) football hooligan crew, which follows Luton ... Yaxley-Lennon's prior criminal history was thereby connected with Robinson.

Other names‎: ‎Andrew McMaster; Paul Harris; ... Born‎: ‎Stephen Christopher Yaxley; 27 Novem...

Known for‎: ‎Leader of the English Defence League Citizenship‎: ‎British

‎English Defence League · ‎British National Party · ‎Huddersfield grooming gang

April 19, 2016

Alex Amend

Propaganda is cheap to produce on the web. And a purposeful lie in an age of "viral content" not only can race around the world in a day but resurface time and time again with surprising resiliency.

Such is the case with the myth of "Irish slaves," an ahistorical reimagining of real events weaponized by racists and conspiracy theorists before the Web and now reaching vast new audiences online.

Digging Deeper | The Racism Scandal That Rocked Tommy ...

Tommy Robinson (activist) - Wikipedia › wiki › Tommy_Robinson_(activist)

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (born 27 November 1982), known as Tommy Robinson, is a British ..... Meechan was found guilty because the video was "antisemitic and racist in nature" and was aggravated by religious prejudice. Meechan said that ...

Irish slaves

Fiction over fact



Icon race.svg

Hating thy neighbour


"Irish slaves is a term and a myth which refers to the supposed historical exploitation of Irishmen as slave labor. It is frequently evoked by, on the one hand, white supremacists, white nationalists, Neo-Nazis, Stormfront users and Neo-Confederates claiming that the enslavement of Africans doesn't matter because "White people were slaves too", and, on the other, by Irish nationalists wanting to feed their persecution complex."


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The origin of this myth is from a 1993 book called They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of The Enslavement of Whites in America self-published and written by conspiracy theorist and Holocaust denier Michael A. Hoffman II. The myth was further advanced in Ireland by journalist Sean O'Conaghan in the book To Hell or Barbados: The Ethnic Cleansing of Ireland and other books such as White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain's White Slaves. Since then, the "Irish slaves" myth has been repeated frequently on social media such as Facebook often with unrelated images as "pictures" of Irish slaves.

The most common themes of the "Irish slaves" myth according to Wikipedia are:

It is frequently evoked by, on the one hand, white supremacists, white nationalists, Neo-Nazis, Stormfront users and Neo-Confederates claiming that the enslavement of Africans doesn't matter because "White people were slaves too", and, on the other, by Irish nationalists wanting to feed their persecution complex.


Can you spare a minute to help Bruce Tarras?

Free Tommy Robinson

EDL | Stop Racism and Hate

On 8 October, Tommy Robinson (aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, aka Andrew Mc- Master, aka Paul Harris), the co-founder and leader of the English Defence League (EDL), quit the far-right group and joined hands with the Quilliam Foundation, a 'counter-extremism' think tank.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

EDL founder Stephen Yaxley-Lennon admits mortgage fraud

English Defence League (EDL) founder and former leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon has admitted mortgage fraud offences.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiring with others to obtain a mortgage by misrepresentation from the Abbey and Halifax building societies.

The 30-year-old, also known as Tommy Robinson, committed the offences in 2009.

Robinson's address and the court where he appeared cannot be named for legal reasons.

He was warned he could face a prison term when he is sentenced in the new year.

Earlier this year, Robinson was jailed for 10 months for using someone else's passport to travel to the USA.

He left the EDL last month, citing increasingly racist elements within the group.

Yaxley-Lennon founded the EDL in 2009 after five Muslim men demonstrated in Luton against a homecoming parade by the Royal Anglian Regiment.

BBC News

at 20:50

Labels: defence, edl, english, islamophobia, league. tommy, mortgage. fraud, racist, right wing, robinson, stephen, yaxley-lennon

might mention Bruce W. Tarras not only circulated this online Facebook peytition trying to raise money to get this individual above out of jail (on Facebook - social media) he actually attached his signature to it as well for every one to see.

  • May 10, 2020

Online stalking, harassment and defamatory libel by Sherry Jane Endersby

Sherry Jane Endersby of Penticton BC, is an ex step mother of Bruce W Tarras and Cynthia L McNabb. There was a rift in the family cause by Sherry Jane Endersby 3 years ago and this person is merely attempting to defame the entire family since the falling out. Posts like these from this individual are erroneous, fake and untrue. All posts from Sherry Jane Endersby of Penticton BC regarding Bruce W Tarras and Cynthia L McNabb should not be allowed on your website as all she is doing is attempting to destroy the family name by posting defamatory libel all over every social media platform. Posts, pins, boards, photos, comments like this must stop immediately or a slander and defamation action is being perused.

  • Jul 28, 2020

Lies, lies and more lies from Sherry a Jane Endersby

Sherry Jane Endersby, 737 Westminster Ave, Penticton BC, is an ex step mother of the individuals named. They had a falling out 3 years ago when the biological mother of the boys moved to town and she was so jealous and enraged she caused a fight with the eldest son.

There was no crime committed and no arrests were made. There is no police file on this man, this has been checked and verified with the ridge meadows RCMP Detachment. Thus Sherry is merely attempting to defame the man since the falling out.

She’s jealous, hateful and obsessed with these people. Spouting defamatory remarks every waking hour, every day on every social media platform.

Posts like these from this individual are erroneous, fake and untrue.

All posts from Sherry Jane Endersby of Penticton BC regarding Bruce W Tarras and Cynthia McNabb are false.

She is so delusional that she has taken jokes out of context and thinks that every individual who comments on her posts are the individuates named. And thinks that every Facebook meme posted by these people are them selves posing in the meme. Like it’s directly targeted at her. I know sounds crazy right?

Yet she doesn’t realize that these people have family and friends that will stand up for them. Including their own father.

Sherry Jane Endersby's has never spoken to Bruce Tarras or Martyn Tarras about her concerns regarding the the subjects that she posts on the World Wide Web. So they have never known they were in the wrong. Hence, no theft occured and nothing illegal happened here. She hasn’t called the police to have the man charged for said illegal activity, nor has she brought them to court.

Sherry Jane Endersby Is simply angry with these two men and jealous that their biological mother moved into their town, that’s when all the rage started and she has caused a family feud beteween her hundand and his two sons. Her online activity proves it. And this has gone on over the past 3 years, to the point that these two men no longer have a relationship with their father.

It is Sherry’s hunsband that is truly the only one being hurt as he has not seen his great grand daughter and new born great grand son He has spoken to her in attempts to stop this online harassment of his two sons and she refuses to stop. Because of Sherry Jane Endersby’s innability to let things go, she spends her days trolling the internet looking for trash to post about the two sons, she embellishes and lies about the two sons in an attempt to have them fired from their jobs and has gone to the extent of calling one of the sons employers to sending the RCMP to the other sons employers. And it doesn’t stop there.

Sherry Jane Endersby also continually posts things online about both sons immediate families, mother, wives and ex wives families in an attempt to further hurt and defame the two sons. Sherry Jane Endersby is obsessed with her husbands two sons and it is evident to the world how crazy this woman is when she brings up things that has happened 20 years ago (when she was committed to the phsych ward). She should be banned from the internet and recommitted to the phsych ward.

  • Sep 10, 2019

Bruce W. Tarras - Chilliwack, B.C.


Can you spare a minute to help Bruce Tarras?

Free Tommy Robinson

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  • Dec 10, 2019

against insurance fraud ICBC con Tax Fraud

Bruce W. Tarras also colluded to rip off I.C.B.C. and committed insurance fraud w her - Cynthia Lynn McNabb - by helping her coverup the real truth. She was drinking in a pub in Mission, got into her yellow vehicle and started to use her cell phone. She then ran off the highway hitting a metal sign. The two off them the colluded together to rip off the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. I saw her drink two jugs of beer at Boston Pizza in Penticton and drive all the way to Kelowna and fall asleep drunk and unconscious in the back of a white truck after a wedding in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. her boyfriend Bruce W. Tarras later said "drinking is what we do". She blamed the fruit wine for almost falling on her head in front a sink when she had been drinking beer all day already. She also got her one of her previous live in boyfriends to write her fake receipts which she submitted to the tax department as write offs. This is also illegal. I saw her drink for a;most anm entire three weeks without stopping for a single day (minus two days - what a relief). Her boyfriend Bruce W. Tarras said "drinking as what we do' and that he would not let an East Indian person into his house, the "Irish were slaves too' and that the people running the convenience store in Chilliwack were terrorists or some B.S. like that. He also distributed an on line support petition for Tommy Robinson entitled 'Can you spare a minute to help Bruce tarras out?" Free Tommy robinson which he appended his on line signature to. He also said he had to move from Maple Ridge because "all the Chinese people were moving in".

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  • Mar 28, 2020

Vehicle theft and fraud by Bruce W. Tarras of Chilliwack, B. C. Canada

Bruce Tarras of Chilliwack a ADT employee stole my green van ... he can be charged and will be I have the evidence received from I.C.B.C in the mail.

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  • Aug 22, 2019

Bruce W. Tarras - Chilliwack, B.C.

Bruce Tarras circulated on anline Facebook petition in support of one Tommy Robinson - he did this publicly on Facebook

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  • Sep 3, 2019

Bruce W. Tarras - Chilliwack, B.C.

Bruce Tarras said he would not let an East Indian person into his house and circulated an online petition in support of Tommy Robinson on Facebook publicly for all to see. Also said the "Irish were slaves too".Tommy Robinson is a far-right, Islamophobic extremist. Here's ... › research › investigations › tommy-robin...

In the last few weeks, former English Defence League (EDL) leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (alias Tommy Robinson), has started a c...

See More


Can you spare a minute to help Bruce Tarras?

Free Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson banned from Facebook and Instagram | UK ... › uk-news › feb › tommy-robinson-banned-...

Feb 26, 2019 - Tommy Robinson's Facebook page has repeatedly broken these standards, posting material that uses dehumanizing language and calls for ...

Tommy Robinson guilty over Facebook broadcast - BBC News


Can you spare a minute to help Bruce Tarras?

Free Tommy Robinson › news

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  • Oct 19, 2019

Bruce W. Tarras - Chilliwack, B.C.

He also said the "Irish were slaves too". Wonder where he gets his history lessons. He also claims the people running the Vedder Crossing convenience store are terrorists as he (Bruce) listens to Al Jazeera all the time. He took a pic of his girlfriend wearing a T shirt w the words "Girlfriend of a Proud Irish Man" and pm'd me on Facebook privately but sent to no other people at all - targetting especially with misinformation. He then circulated an online petition on Facebook and signed this as well trying to "Free Tommy Robinson". I suggest everyone take a really hard look at where his rather bizarre "ideologies' come from.

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  • Oct 19, 2019

Bruce W. Tarras - Chilliwack, B.C.- formerly worked at Brinks

i have a hard copy of the petition that Bruce W. Tarras sent out pon Facebook. It is basically hatemongering.

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  • Oct 15, 2018

Fraudulent credit card charge! Due date shows "26 October 2018" ADT already charged $117.82 on 5 October 2018 about THREE WEEKS BEFORE DUE DATE! Issues: 1. False advertisement regarding "20% off home owner insurance premium" - ADT salesman "Scott" told us with FALSE SWITCH AND BAIT CLAIM "THAT WE WILL GET 20% OF HOME OWNERS INSURANCE for have security/Fire alarm system installed" - that turned out to be ANOTHER LIE FROM ADT employees!!! Insurance offered "$8.98" PER YEAR OF $7,500 ANNUAL INSURANCE PREMIUM!!!! WHAT A JOKE - ADT EMPLOYEE ARE LIARS! 2. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT REGARDING "SIX MONTH CUSTOMER SATISFACTION REFUND" We had the ADT system installed in

September 2018 - there have been at least three time since September we had to request service from ADT due to certain problems with the system and error codes etc. - I inquired about their ADVERTISED "SIX MONTH CUSTOMER SATISFACTION REFUND GUARANTEE" and was told it is ONLY VALID IF WE HAVE TO CALL FOR THE SAME PROBLEM AT LEAST 10 TIMES! This is deceptive advertising and MISLEADING! THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY INTENTIONS TO ALLOW ANY CANCELATION BECAUSE THE CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT CLAIMED THAT IN ORDER FOR THE "FULL CUSTOMER SERVICE SATISFACTION REFUND GUARANTEE" TO APPLY EACH PROBLEM MUST BE ADDRESSED 10 TIMES!! This supports that the "Full customer satisfaction


THREE WEEKS BEFORE DUE DATE! ADT ARE LIARS AND GANGSTERS AND NEED TO BE PROSECUTED! We canceled auto pay/ credit card pay because of ADT abuse of our credit card - charging us THREE WEEKS PRIOR TO THE BILLING STATEMENT DUE DATE! WE canceled auto pay and explained that we will mail in a check but they continue to refuse to provide the refund which is CREDIT CARD FRAUD! 4. LACK OF SUPPORT - SERVICE: Our electrician and contractor called "Scott with ADT" FOUR TIMES to get advice and guidance as WHAT KIND OF WIRES TO PLACE AND REGARDING LOCATION - our electrician and contractor URGED ADT employee "Scott" to come to the house to explain and guide the electrician so he could properly place

the correct wires in the proper location. However, even after four calls to Scott for guidance and support for the wired alarm system, Scott was too lazy to even come out to the house ONCE - he told the electrician that it is "okay to use grey/black wires" and "not to worry about the placement of the wires" - the end result is a disaster: BLACK WIRES ON BOTH SIDES OF DOORS!! WIRES ON WINDOWS LONG, SHORT, BEND AND IN BLACK COLOR when all windows are NEW white windows! ADT salesman Scott cared less about customer service - now our windows with all the black wires look horrible and unprofessional, a total mess! Now Scott blames it on OUR electrician! What a loser Scott is. All the windows in our house are a total horrible

mess due to black wires everywhere - in addition, because Scott was too lazy to come out here even once, since the electrician did not know which side to place the wires at, he placed wires on BOTH SIDES WHICH created unnecessary additional cost for us! 4.

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  • Mar 28, 2020

Vehicle theft and fraud by Bruce W. Tarras Chilliwack, B. C. Canada

This ADT istaller Beruce W. Tarras of Chilliwack stole my vehcile I ave written proof .... criminal could be coming into your home.







#Bruce Tarras Chilliwack






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  • Jun 8, 2018

Beware of this company!! Their business practices are very deceptive. They told me multiple lies in order to get me to purchase the system.

The first lie was when they asked me for my credit card on over the phone. They asked for a credit card and said they were only going to put a hold on the card when in fact they charged the card for $104. Then they told me I would get it back after the appointment with a sales rep. We were later informed we would only get the money back if we purchased the system. We did in fact purchase the system. When I aksed why the money wasn't refunded I was told I was not approved to recive the $104 charge back. I was then told they would try to make an excpetion with a manager and I could fill out a rebate form and wait 8 weeks to receive the money back but there are no guarantees I would get it back. This is theft. Plain and simple.

I was also told the system would be covered under warranty for as long as I have the system. I am now being told the system will be covered for 3 years.

Another misrepresentation was that I would have access to the pulse phone app for as long as I had the system. That was also not the case. Once the original 3 year contract is up you will no longer have access to the pulse app if you stop paying $53 per month. I can understand the fact that the mobile app only works if you are paying for it but when I asked the question I was lied to and told it would continue to work. I aksed the question 5 times because it didn't sound right and was lied to 5 times.

I would run away from this company and never look back.

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  • Jul 6, 2020

Bruce W. Tarras of Chilliwack an ADT installer forged my signature - vehicle theft

People should boycott this company Not only did this individual say he would not let an East Indian person into his house and has done some other unsavoury things as well. On social media I have observed him spreading a petition that I also consider to be racist. In light of our current humanitarian efforts, BLM movement and cultural sensitivity this type of individual should be receive the fullest expression of our displeasure I am sure some of his ideas must have come out of the 15th century Needless to say, I threw him out of my house due to his statements!!

  • Jun 26, 2019

The Worst alarm company bar none! We paid them to monitor our house and smoke alarms. The smoke alarm went off for no reason, so we had to unplug it. ADT said it had no record of the alarm going off, even though we are paying for them to monitor it.

We simply asked for a credit for the fire alarm service, ADT is not delivering. They refused to do so. They said they must sent out a technician at $75 for a half-hour to fix their faulty equipment. We refused to do so and will be cancelling with this criminal company. ADT could care less about your security, it is all about the money!

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  • Aug 24, 2019

Refusal of commissions to be paid to me for alarm monitoring contracts. Many attempts were made by phone and text. Calls are never returned. No explanation given. Archie is a terrible representation of ADT alarm company. Do not sell for this person or sign up as a customer. Deal with another ADT rep.

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  • May 20, 2019

I have had my ADT security system for about 4 years; a lot of problems with my camera. But I was going to keep them when I moved, so I signed up for new install. The Rep lied to me, saying I could call the loyalty department and get my monthly payment reduced; loyalty department would not lower my payment. I called back and canceled and canceled the service at my current address, later to find out I have a contract at my current location until January 2020.

Now ADT will not cancel that contract, unless I keep their service at my new location, which they will throw me in a longer contract of three years!! They expect me to pay the monthly fee until January 2020, even though I am moving next week!! That is ludicrous!! ADT do not have integrity as a company; they are greedy and don’t care if a customer is at the location, they want to be paid!! They are a bunch of crooks!!

What are they monitoring an empty house for; even worse, they want to get paid for doing nothing!! Crooks!! I will never do business with them again, they need to be shut down For swindling people out of their money and if you don’t pay, they put your account in collections and destroy your credit; crooks!! I see they have bren fined before by FTC and theybstill lying and deceiving customers; they acting like they are aboved the law - they pay a fine and keep cheating customers!! the fine means nothing as long as they can keep ripping off customers!!

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  • Jun 5, 2018

ADT- Protect your home Indianapolis Indiana, is the installer for ADT. Recently requested a special promotion offered by ADT whereas after the installation, I found my credit card was being billed $315.00 per month in addition to my monthy payment 0f $55.00. I called ADT and they could not find the $315.00 payments ovewr the last 3 months. They referred me to their "Installer" - Protect your Home Indianapolis, Indiana. They connected me to them and the agent I spoke to informed me that the additional amount ($1200.00 ) collected as different installments of $315.00 was for additional equipment. I asked what additional equipment was installed, and she replied the window monitoring devices, yes, thos little magnet devices.

I have 10 of them installed. I went on to inquire how they were able to directly bill my credit card without my athorization. The representative then got extremely rude and said she didn't know. I asked to speak with someone that would know and she immediately put me on hold. After about 12 minutes on hold, another very rude person came on and said if I had issues with this billing, to speak with my daughter who was present during the install. According to the representative, she gave authorization to use my credit card. I then asked how could someone other than me give authrization, and she replied, thats not our problem, speak to your daughter.

Buyer Beware - These folks are nice before you buy, and super nasty when you question their methods of selling.

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  • Dec 20, 2017

On Thursday Dec 14, 2017 I received a call from an ADT represenative name Cheryl attempting to sell me an alarm system for my new home. I told her that the house is newyly built and the alarm is free with Crimpco for the first 2 years. I also stated that I was still paying ADT for the alarm at my old home which I am now renting.

ADT would not let me out of the $69.00 monthly contract even though I was moving. I said I cancelled the service and I'm waiting on my final bill as I no longer live in the home. The nice lady sent me a text stating that my final bill is $416.35. Ok, and as promised I forwarded her contact info to my renter incase she wants to get ADT.

Yesterday, I get a final notice from ADT (I guess Cheryl told them I was waiting as I moved in Septermber). The statement dated December 06 verified Cheryl's $416.35. I then open a second letter from ADT dated Dec 07 which states I owe $478.88. I call the office and they tell me to disregard the 416.35 and they will be charging my card 478.88.

I told her that I'm not paying the higher cost and she treaten to take me to collections and ruin my credit. I ask to speak to a manger and she contued to talk over me and threaten me. After the 4th time of me asking for a manager she placed me on hold. I then called back and got a very nice lady who said she would call a manager. Michael (ID 118578) informed me that I was required to pay the higher amount even though my initial statement and an ADT representative told me otherwise.

Its amazing how ADT sales reps ask, "are you a Veteran?" Then go on as if they appreciate your serivce. Which I never require or expect. But after they have you under contract this is how they treat you. Veterans and all be aware of dealing with this company.

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  • Dec 12, 2017

I purchased an ADT Security System from Marty over the phone, after he offered me a $120.00 refund for two months of free service. He said ADT would mail me the rebate. After several weeks of not receiving it, I contacted Marty on Nov. 22 at 9:06 AM. He said, quote, "I will get it to you." I did not get it, so I called him again on these dates: Dec. 1 @ 2:38 PM; Dec.6 @ 3:14 PM, and today, Dec 11 @ 9:26 AM. Each time he said he would call and check on it. He said he didn't know what the problem was. Today I told him to give me the number of whomever he was calling (951 892 7402). I called and the rep said I should have received a rebate certificate via email. I DID NOT RECEIVE THIS FORM. She said it may be in my spam folder. It is not. She also said it takes 8 to 12 weeks to get refund. Marty did not tell me that. I told her to send me the form today. She did via email. I received it without any problem. It explicitly states that you must return the form within 30 days of installation date, which was October 25, 2017. I have now just discovered that I have been swindled out of $120.00 because the 30 days have already past.

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  • Aug 22, 2019

Bruce W. Tarras - Chilliwack, B.C.

Bruce Tarras of Chilliwack, b.C. Canada rold me he would not let an East Indian person into his house. He also publicity posted a facebook petition on behalf of one Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson (activist) - Wikipedia › wiki › Tommy_Robinson_(activist)

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (born 27 November 1982), known as Tommy Robinson, is a British far-right and anti-Islam activist. He has served as a political advisor to the Leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Gerard Batten, since November 2018 and is a co-founder and former leader of the English Defence League.

‎English Defence League · ‎British Freedom Party · ‎Huddersfield grooming gang

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  • May 17, 2020

Sherry Jane Endersby should call the RCMP immediately and put a stop to her hate mongering.

Sherry Jane Endersby's has never spoken to Bruce Tarras or Martyn Tarras about her concerns regarding the the subjects that she posts on the World Wide Web. So they have never known they were in the wrong. Hence, no theft occured and nothing illegal happened here. She hasn’t called the police to have the man charged for said illegal activity, nor has she brought them to court.

Sherry Jane Endersby Is simply angry with these two men and jealous that their biological mother moved into their town, that’s when all the rage started and she has caused a family feud beteween her hundand and his two sons. Her online activity proves it. And this has gone on over the past 3 years, to the point that these two men no longer have a relationship with their father. It is Sherry’s hunsband that is truly the only one being hurt as he has not seen his great grand daughter and new born great grand son He has spoken to her in attempts to stop this online harassment of his two sons and she refuses to stop.

Because of Sherry Jane Endersby’s innability to let things go, she spends her days trolling the internet looking for trash to post about the two sons, she embellishes and lies about the two sons in an attempt to have them fired from their jobs and has gone to the extent of calling one of the sons employers to sending the RCMP to the other sons employers. And it doesn’t stop there. Sherry Jane Endersby also continually posts things online about both sons immediate families, mother, wives and ex wives families in an attempt to further hurt and defame the two sons. Sherry Jane Endersby is obsessed with her husbands two sons and it is evident to the world how crazy this woman is when she brings up things that has happened 20 years ago (when she was committed to the phsych ward). She should be banned from the internet and recommitted to the phsych ward.

  • May 19, 2019

I've moved to a house in July 2018, the property is equipped with security cameras and I asked ADT if they could have their system plugged in our current cameras. Their answer "yes of course"

They did their all sales pitch to me announcing me a price of $29 per month, which I found reasonable.

The technician comes to our house and then tells us he probably can't connect the ADT system with our camera. Make a sign a document for installation and told us to call a number to ask for another technician to come and check the cameras.

We called, and they told us they only can install their system with their own ADT cameras. FIRST LIE

One month later I am being charged $55. I called again, and they said that is the price on my contract. I asked that if it is the case, I want to cancel my account

I asked to talk to a manager and asked the manager to review the sale call. One month later and 10 phone calls later the manager told me that the salesperson didn't do anything wrong and that it was my fault for not asking properly about the camera. SECOND LIE

But the best is to come, now I asked the manager to cancel my account and he tells me "sorry but you signed a year contract and can't cancel unless you pay $900" THIS IS A JOKE RIGHT?

Fast forward, A YEAR LATER, I call to cancel AGAIN, ADT first tells me they don't do the cancellation themselves and transferred me to Defender ?!?

Defender obnoxious agent ERICA tells me " sorry you have a 2 years contract and you can't cancel, you need to pay 75% of your contract now to cancel it, it's about $507"

I am moving out of this house, and out of the country but I still have to pay for ADT?!? I asked to talk to a manager, she says I don't have a manager. I Asked to be sent my record of phone calls with all ADT and defender agent she said NO.

How is this legal? Why no class actions have been done? How the government allows this kind of UNETHICAL business practice? How could you force a consumer to pay for security on a place that you don't live in anymore? And how is it LEGAL for a company not to disclose and/or LIE about the service they provide and their pricing, and have the customer responsible and liable for this?

I reported them to the attorney general and I'll advise you to do the same

Please DON'T signed anything with ADT, they WILL RIP YOU OFF. Call other companies before making any decision.

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  • Mar 17, 2019

I recieved a call from ADT / Defenders LLC and paid $99.00 plus taxes for them to come and evaluate my new home purchase. When the Defender LLC came to my house and provided me the assessment I told them I did not want to install the system. The installer called his supervisor and offered me $500.00 in gift cards if they would install the system.

I told them it was not a good idea. The installer stated that I could cancel in 6 months if I do not like the service. I agreed to give the system a try. I called roughly three months later due to being on Military status and informed ADT that I would like to cancel my service. I was then told that I could not cancel unless I payed 75% of the what was left on the contract.

I informed ADT that I was told that I could cancel in 6 months if I chose to and the ADT service representative stated that I will not be able to cancel and would have to pay the 75% of the remaining contract. I believe if your website states in 6 months you can cancel your service then I should be able to cancel no questions asked. ADT and the Defender company are not customer friendly nor are they here to take care of a customer.

I strongly recommend never getting the ADT service due to this poor customer service and not honoring the 6 month cancellation per the website.

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  • Mar 28, 2020

racism in the Fraser Valley and yellow vests I assume Bruce W. Tarrs

Racism and forgery committed by Bruce Tarras of Chilliwack

  • Jan 29, 2019

I transfered services to another location- after years of being with them they took 470.00 dollars from my account for a early termination, but i did not cancel my services just transfered. it has taken FOREVER to get the money refunded to me. DO NOT put yourself on auto bill or this will happen to you with this company. customer service is very rude and acts like this is something i have done! beware

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  • Dec 8, 2018

An ADT "authorized dealer" contacted my 90 year old mother with his speil about changing her current contract with another security company. She agreed to change to ADT because it would cost less (it was actually $1 and change higher). She would get new equipment which it wasn't, it was an older pad that you had to punch on many times to get the number entered. They programmed her life alert necklace that she already had instead of giving her a new one. The system also had no glass break sensors as her other system had. She changed to ADT without any of our knowledge; we found out after the fact.

It turns out ADT was not buying out her contract with her current security company which left her with 2 security company bills. She and I contacted ADT and let them know that she did not need or want their service and that she was canceling her contract. She sent a certified letter informing them she was canceling her contract due to misrepresentation by their certified dealer and it was returned. I have spent a lot of time on the phone with ADT even asking for a supervisor to call me back (which never happened) to resolve the issue. They wanted her to buy out the contract for about $900. We had the automatic payments stopped at her bank. They are still calling and sending her bills. Any company that would prey on an elderly person like this is scum of the lowest order. They know when contacting people that they have a current contract. My mother did not understand that her current contact was not being bought out. ADT has horrible business practices; preying on the elderly is as low as it gets!!

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  • Nov 27, 2018

On or about November 12, 2018 I called ADT or what I thought was ADT, it seems they operate under an umbrella of different names, probably because of their crooked methods of operation. I guess I actually reached Defenders an ADT provider in Indianapolis, IN. I negotiated an alarm system with the lady that answered the phone, she said her name was Sarah, but it could have been a false name since they are a lying-crooked organization.

After negotiating a purchase for 1/2 an hour, going over everything we needed to alarm our home properly, she turned me over to her supposedly manager Jose and of course he gave me a bunch of Horse S--t, how he was throwing a lot of extras for me when all I asked for was a basic system. He then put me back to Sarah. Anyway with all the windows and doors covered Sarah said total cost would be $27.99 per month and they needed a three year contract and all the equipment they installed would then be mine. I went over everything with her again writing everything down since I was not born yesterday and I have heard how Cable companies and Alarm companies try to scam the customer. We set up an installation date and they could not make the first one so we re-scheduled which was fine with me. The installation man from their company came out yesterday and right away told my wife we had not bought enough system. she put me on the phone to him, since I was at work. Right away I told hime what I had negotiated with Sarah, he backed off after I told him about my original agreement with ADT, AKA Defenders, but came back with "all equipment would be covered, but monthly fee would be $48.00 per month instead of $27.99 I then told him to pack his equipment up and leave because I would not be "BUSHED'" since I had heard they could try to change their agreement.

ADT is a CROOKED-LYING pack of thieves and should be investigated by the US Government.

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  • Oct 25, 2018

Salesman a smooth shill working the phone together with a guy bordering on swindler. Install Saturday 10/20/2018 Installer several hours late for appointment. called after being almost 2 hours late. Installer had trouble installing system was at my home until after 7:PM Should have been easy install equipment under $900 worth provided free. Tried to sell me on lots of equipment I didn't want or need which I would have to pay for. Asked if I wanted to put the ADT app on my phone. Did not tell me it was $25 a month more. Had me sign on his notebook. Did not tell me I was signing a contract. I didn't even know there was a contract. Sales guys never mentioned it. I was never given a copy of the contract. Sales guys said my bill would be $27.99 a month because I had wifi and internet. Customer service tonight said I could not be charged $27.99 a month because I didn't have a land line. Can't get their stories straight. I called when I saw they were charging me $52.99 a month. I called October 25th and found out that I had signed a contract. They said it was emailed to me,but I never received it. They said they would email it. and I still don't have it. I requested two things a copy of the contract and the Pulse thing removed. I deleted the app from my phone.I have received neither.

A Bill arrived today. I called again tonight. Asked to have a copy of the contract. Customer service can't send me a copy of the contract. They have to order it,, but I got a bill for $72.42. A far cry from $27.99 don't you think? I removed the app and unplugged they system. Words cannot express my contempt for these disingenuous and incompetent team at ADT DO NOT TRUST THEM. SALES PEOPLE ARE SMOOTH, CORDIAL LIARS. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS IMPOTENT.

I am a senior citizen and I feel I was ripped off, and they are doing nothing to see Pulse is removed and that I get a copy of the contract.

So I want nothing to do with them.

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  • Feb 20, 2018

Having our security system go off at any time since we had it installed. Our city has a limit on how many times police & fire will be sent before they send you a bill. We have exceded the amount, and now we have to keep it turned off, in fear it will go off and cost us those fees.

It interupted our vacations, or holidays and is to the point, we want to persue legal avenues to end this nightmare.

Basically, its like you get a lemon for a car, then tell you we'll replace it, but you have to exrtend the contract. New equipement arrives, and its a lemon also. Now, we are forced not to use it. Pay then over $500, and this nightmare goes away (blackmale).

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  • Nov 30, 2017

First they made me sign a 3 year contract for monitoring at $45 a month, then when I was unemployed for 6 months and flat broke they still wouldn't let me out of the contract. I had to pay $650 to get out of it. This company is heartless and only cares about their money. I will never, ever do business with this company again. Their contracts are too one-sided and people are forced to agree to them to get service. A highly unethical company who sells security services. How ironic

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  • Nov 11, 2017

On 9/21/2017 I purchased/closed on a home at 19 Trofello Lane, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656. The previous owner had the subject ADT Security System I'm complaining about installed. We purchased the home planning to have the ADT System removed. On 10/13/2017 the day we moved in I called ADT and asked them to remove their system from my home. I was told by their representative that couldn't and wouldn't be done. They said that even though their system was in my home and using my electricity, the previous homeowner owned their system and only he could order it removed. I couldn't believe that was accurate and asked to speak to a supervisor which I did and the confirmed that was their policy. So for a day or so I had to deal with the system beeping, chiming and lights flashing every time a door or window was open. I might add that the previous owner is a busy executive, travels a lot and very hard to contact. Coincidentally, on 10/15 the previous owner stopped by to pick up mail and items that had been miss-shipped. He shut the security system down so the alarms would stop. He stated, he paid for the service through the end of October and stated the system would automatically shut down on 11/01/2017. However, on 11/9/2017(Thurs.) at approximately 11:30PM the system became active again beeping every 10 seconds or so, waking my entire household from their sleep. With no experience with these systems, and no instructions on how to get the system to stop, I went on the internet to get an ADT Technical support person to help.

After several calls to an 800 number I got a live person who tried to walk me through the power down procedure. However, nothing he suggested worked and at one point the 2 wires he told me to pulled out arced/sparked. Meanwhile it's 11:45PM and I'm in my PJs and he's telling me to get pliers. screw drives etc. . I'm frustrated and ask to speak to a supervisor which I do. She tells me I have to find a clip on the back of the security system mother board and disconnect a clip running to a green colored battery pack. After some effort, I was able to do that, but the system continued to beep. She then told me I had to find the transformer and disconnect this from the house A/C current. After some effort I discovered the system transformer is plugged into the garage door electrical outlet in the 8 ft ceiling in my garage. I now tell supervisor I'm going to have to get dressed so I can move my car out of the garage to get to the outlet that is right above my car. I'd also have to hunt down a ladder tall enough to get me to the outlet. I finally was able to do all this, but the system continues to beep. The supervisor tells me the beeping will eventually stop which it did. She also told me I could have gone on the internet and could have located instructions for powering down their system. She said under no circumstances would they send a tech out to help or remove any of their security system equipment. She also stated it was not ADT's responsibility to shut these systems down, the previous owner should have done this. I feel this entire process was horrible customer service and just a way for ADT to keep customers and dissuade potential customers from discontinuing service.

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  • Nov 7, 2017

Just bought a home and before I could even move into the home ADT calls me about the service I kept telling the lady I'm not interested and she would give up. She mentions my real estate agent and promise I could end the contract if I am not longer interested before three months are up. Finally, I gave in, but I was not happy and I tried to cancel, but I kept getting the run around. And now the want to hurt my credit. She knew I just got a new home and used my agent name to pull me in to make me feel guilty and not appreciative, That’s is what I felt she was doing. I had a hard time getting the house and I wanted to make everyone happy. Everything went wrong only phone number they had was my daughter and I don't even know how they got it. I would have to find out thru my daughter if there was a problem with the system going off. Please help me if you can. Thank you so much.

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  • Sep 23, 2017

Just recieved notice from a lawyer/ recovery(Regional Accounts servics) claiming that they represent Defender ADT and they are filing for a judgement for 2700+ $.

I contacted ADT personally and spoke to their billing department. They stated that I had a zero ballance and provided documentationof this on their letterhead. I provided this to the recovery service and within an hour they sent me a settelment plan via docusign for 1500 if I signed and gave them my credit card immediatly.

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  • Jun 24, 2017

Had to close our business in July 2016, called and canelled our ADT Security Service. We get a bill for $750.00 June of 2017 saying that we owe them. How can any company charge for products or services not rendard? Try that at your place of business and see how far that goes with your customers. It is time to Stop ADT and Giant companies like them from taking advantage of the hard working people. SAY NO to ADT

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  • Jun 10, 2017

ADT Protect Your Home aka Defender aka Kaiser

Fraudulent practices

1. Unknown to me at the time the sold me an obsolete $3,000 wireless 2G system. They knew for 4 years that the 2G system was being shut down in less 8 months.

2. They offered for me to pay in 4 payments (did not request) DO NOT DO makes the sale an "installment sale"legally and your credit card company will not reverse the charges

3. After the 2g system was shut down the equipment was WORTHLESS. They sent another fraudster Scott H. who said I needed more equipment and moved things around and asked for $1500 for additional equipment. I told him I could only put $500 more into the system after already spending $3,000. He charged me $568.00.


Selling obsolete wireless equipment

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  • Nov 14, 2023

Quoted a price based on our current system and the price more than doubled because all of the current equipment (cameras and smoke detectors) with the exception of the sensors are obsolete. We were expecting to only, worse case, have to upgrade the panel which was upgraded two years prior. We were obviously (purposely) misled to renew our contract with ADT. We had cancelled the contract several months ago and started using RING. We wanted to replace the RING Cameras and decided to get a door bell camera and an outside camera for the back of the house and reactivate our ADT. But, we ended up having to replace the existing cameras, panel and existing smoke detectors to have a useable system. Vivint would have been a better option because ADT has become liars and no one in customer service can hear you. Buyers beware!

  • Sep 20, 2023

ADT claims they will transfer your service if you move. What they really do is wrap you into a longer contract and the terms change, essentially locking you down forever. When trying to cancel, even if you intend to pay the cancellation fee and communciate that you intend to pay it, they will keep you on hold, transfer you to agent after agent, none of which will help you.

They also will increase your monthly rate. The contract provides that a customer can dispute the increase, but only in writing. You cannot do it except by mail and to get the proper address/department you have to call the customer service number. And they do not provide the right address/department to send a letter to. Then when they charge you the increased rate and you complain, you are told to "consult legal counsel"

Over 3 hours and 10 phone calls, my contract was cancelled and I still had to pay the increased monthly rate wrapped into my cancellation fee. Zero integrity at this company. A quick look at Google, BBB and Facebook will validate how shady they really are. Shady-T.

  • Mar 13, 2023

My husband of 35 years had just died. He was a military 100% disabled veteran. I almost died two months after he died, and I purchased a house by myself because I could not afford my old home. It was a very scary time for me. The salesman showed up at my house two days after my house closed and kept pressuring me about safety and not being safe. I told them that my husband had just died and that I was unsure how much I was going to be able to afford I had never lived on my own. My oldest son was there. They said they were going to give him a job because of my situation to be honest, I was not thinking clearly when I kept telling him that I didn't think it was the right thing to do. He pulls out his military ID and shows me all these IDs and tells me not to worry that Adt would work with me that I could lower the payment if I could not afford it , so because I was so vulnerable at that point in my life and I wanted my son to have a job. I did it over a year later after going through two hurricanes and the huge price increase. I finally had to call them and tell them I could not afford what I was paying. Could they please lower it they basically told me no no way I told him I was told that it could be lowered and they said they did not care so I contacted the person because I took pictures of all their IDs and he gave me his phone number. Thank God I did this And asked him to please help. He basically blew me off. I am writing this, because I do not want this to happen to another person, especially a very scared elderly woman, whose husband basically gave his life for his country because he died due to illness that he was exposed to in Vietnam And for the record, my son did not go to work for them because after everything was signed and they installed the system they said at that time they would did not have any openings and they would let us know when they did so that was a lie. Also, please be aware of this company think twice before signing on the dotted line

  • Jul 10, 2022

I had just purchased a brand-new home in New Mexico and called ADT for a security system. I also wanted to upgrade to an automated alarm call out system to alert the authorities of a fire or a burglary due to the fact I am a totally disabled veteran.

The installer came out and was awesome, but he told me that everything was through ADT and that ADT had an awesome 60-day warranty. About 2 weeks after the system was installed issues began to happen. My smoke detector started going off, in turn called the fire department and police department. After multiple times a technician finally came out and determined that the smoke detector was faulty and needed to be replaced. Then not ever 4 days later my system began to continuously re-setting and would not connect to the internet, so if anything happened, I had no help.

The finial straw was just not two days ago my systems glass break detector work not connect. When I called for guidance, it was to be another week to get a tech out. I asked for then my service to be discontinued under the ADT guarantee.

I was floored when I was told I do not get the ADT 6-month satisfaction guarantee, the customer service representative said it didn't apply and that they would not honor it Because ADT was not responsible for its dealers / representatives.

at this point I am beyond frustrated and can't believe that a company that pitches itself as the most experienced and trusted home security company would treat a new customer the way it has. I'm ready to cancel my service, swallow my losses of $1100 dollars and use a different company to monitor and apparently upgrade my less than a two-month-old system.

ADT is a rip-off, they are dishonest, misleading, and will not stand behind their guarantee or try to help a very dissatisfied customer, in fact they do just the opposite. When asking for a supervisor or someone in charge I told there is no one and there was nothing they could do.

  • Apr 28, 2022

I called to cancel services on behalf of seniors that needed some assistance. I had the account holders present as needed. I was on hold for about 20 minutes, and the high-pressured sales techniques started. At this point, I had contacted the line for cancellation. The sales person continued to stall, provide anedoctal stories about various people, and otherwise poniticate about all the threats that existed without an ADT system. I had to repeatedly refocus the sales person to cancellation, and they basically were not listening to me.

At the 40 minute mark, I finally got the purpoted cancellation person. I can only assume the prior person was playing on their computer waiting for me give up on cancelling as they periodically checked in to apologize for the wait. Anyway, the person that had been waiting on for almost an said hello. There was slight second delay in my response because I was on mute to prevent them for hearing me mutter about how ridiculous their customer service was in private, and then they hung up on me when I said I was there.

I called back and demanded to have my cancellation request escalated without the run around. At this point, I did not want any more sales pitches and talk about policy or whatever invented excuse to stall cancelling service. After impressing upon the staff, I did not want any more run-around, then call mysteriously dropped during the transfer. On the third call, I told someone that I was upset and I had been hung up after being on the phone for an hour. This person was able to purportedly close the account in less than 5 minutes.

I was doing this on behalf of seniors that would struggle with telephone threes or this level of resistance. If I was there to help, they would have hopefully continuing paying the bill indefinitely. That is what ADT counts on because there is no other reason to conduct business like this. It is unethical. In fact, I would say it is a unfair business practice to purposefully make it difficult to cancel service and then use high-pressued sales techinques after exhuasting people with ridiculous wait times. This is how they respect seniors, persons with disabilities, and veterans.

ADT should be ashamed of itself. You are better off going with Simplisafe or maybe a local company than using ADT. To add insult to injury, the phone service had been off for months. They were so concerned about the security at this home when it was about to be cancelled but not enough to ensure there was actually an actual telephone line for the service to work in the first place. However, they kept billing and did not demonstrate any effort to figure out what was wrong at the location. My security company will reach out whenever they notice any connection issues.

  • Mar 4, 2022

My credit card was comprimised. The bank closed the account and issued a new card but for a bit over a week I was without a credit card. ADT tried to charge my account during that time and could not.

I was sent an e-mail regarding the issue. When I tried to respond to explain that my card was comprimised and that I would, upon receipt of the new card, set up the payment my e-mail was rejected. I received an e-mail stating that my e-mail (which was in response to the e-mail from ADT) went to an unmonitored mail box.

So I sent them a letter and never received a response to the letter, but continued to get notices that I owed money.

When eventually we spoke, they offered to extend my contract at the current rate, but did not explain the terms. After reaching the agreement I received an e-mail with terms that were never discussed and were not agreeable to me. When I tried to respond to that e-mail once again I could not.

If you wish to be able to communicate with the company that monitors your alarm system--I strongly suggest that you chosose a company other than ADT.

  • Feb 21, 2022

We signed up for adt 2 years ago. We have had 2 door sensors go bad that they refused to replace. One started having issues the week after it was installed but it was for the basement door so we just ignored it after them coming out twice and it still having issues.

We had orginally been told that it was a 2 year contract and that if we were to move during it that they would come and remove the equipment and move it to the new place. We told the guy up front that we were actively looking for a house to buy.

Our two year lease for our house was up and we purchase a different house. I call adt to set up a time and day for them to come move everything. I am told that we need to purchase all new equipment that they do not move equipment.

On top of buying new equipment we have to pay off the existing contract before starting a "new" contract. They said that because it is a new address that it has to be a new contract.

  • Jan 30, 2022

`Dominic the technician did not show up for the repair, but said he did. He was not on my doorbell camera photos. Then when I called, I was told I could have someone else come out because I had taken off work. Two hours later Stephanie calls back and says it will cost me extra.

I should not have that cost, I am new. I call back only to find out Stephanie lied because they actually had no one that could come out for the repair. Both of these employees should be fired. If Dominic shows up at your door for a repair you should not let him in. If an employees lies, no telling what else will happen.

  • Jul 29, 2021

May 2021, I contacted ADT about moving my service to a new residence. The agent I spoke to offered me Blue by ADT since I was moving to an apartment & stated that I would receive all new equipment. They stated that I wouldn't be charged for the balance on the old account since I am still a customer. I specifically asked about the equipment at the old residence since there is a balance on it & asked if it would be uninstalled.

She stated that I wouldn't be charged for the old equipment & that after the new system was activated that someone would contact me to schedule the uninstall of the old equipment. After I activated the new system I called about the old equipment and I was told that it would remain at the old residence. On 6/1/21 ADT (WITHOUT NOTICE) debited $813.00 from my checking acct. I called on 6/2/21 and was told it would be refunded and still isn't. Called multiple times, been transferred around, and hung up on.

I got my money back 6/28/21 just for them to turn around and bill me $1676.83. I have recordings of them telling me that the equipment was to be waived. And I have emails where ADT says that even though they reviewed the call they are going to stick to policy and not honor what I was told.

  • Oct 4, 2020

Lied and somehow got my fiances Social Security number and ran her as the credit when it was never given. and my names not even on the account and it was supposed to be my account! and now we have holes in our walls from installation that we were told wasnt ganna happen!

  • Oct 3, 2020

I sold my home in Scottsdale, AZ in June 2020. When I received my closing date of July 31, 2020, I called ADT in June informing then that June would be the last month and to cancel service as of July 31, 2020. They said fine. Their sales guys called me to quote on service for my new home in Peoria , AZ.. they sent me the quote and I told them I had chosen not to employ a security system.

We paid out July bill. In August we got a bill for August service. My wife called them and told them we were no longer using them and to cancel the bill. they said their computer was down and to call back. I called them and they said they didn't receive the cancellation. I told them they must have lost it since their sales guys contacted me immediately to quote me so they know about it.

they passed me along to 4 other people none of who could help me. finally I ended up with a sales guys who , for the first time, told me I agreed to a multi year contract that ended in 2014. I told him I never agreed to that and had no signed record of it. I asked him if he could send me a signed document and he said it was "verbal". I told him I didn't agree and would not pay. He said he would have his Boss contact me to discuss it, but I never got a call. They say that I must pay my usual monthly invoice of $50 / month through the end of the contract

  • Jun 28, 2020

We signed up for service on August 7th. I didn't get this camera until Jan 2020. One of my cameras has spots on it. This is my second camera that has went bad. When replaced it will be my 3rd camera in less thjan 1 year.

It was replaced on May 28th and already is doing the same thing. Which makes it unable to see at night. I don't feel like my family is safe when I can't see my camera at night only during the day. I feel like we have been sold a bad equipment and they are replacing it with bad equipment.

On May 28th my camera was replaced due to having condensation inside. On June 25th I called Richard at 1800-916-5748 he was my sales person for my area. He stopped by my house along with a tech and they told me to contact ADT for one of their newer cameras which would be free and I would not have the problem with condensation.

I contacted ADT on that same day and was told that they would not be sending anyone out and they are unsure why Richard would give me that information.

I called Richard back and told him what was told to me by ADT. He stated he would call them and call me back that was on June 25th and he never called back and is now not answering my calls nor texts. This is bad business practices.

We pay $60.00 a month for a service that we could be getting cheaper. I paid for the cameras and would like for them to work as promised. If they cannot get the camera fixed or replaced I will be canceling my service. I don't understand how a sales rep or manager can be so much of a liar to his customers.

I will make sure to tell all of my neighbors, family and friends to never deal with ADT. Richard should be removed from sailing equipment because he is someone that cannot be trusted. If I would have known that we would be treated so poorly we would have never signed up for service.

  • Apr 6, 2020

WARNING: Do not use ADT. After major fire, not properly dealt with by them, they have the nerve to continue charging monthly fee. Even with no equipment or monitoring. Would not even pause and pick back up after repairs.

Even amid a crisis there is no empathy or help from them.

Worst security company ever.

  • Apr 1, 2020

Never got the two cards, even though I sent the money order on February 7. It is now April 2. I work at the bank where the money orders were bought and see that they were deposited to MPELL's account on March 4. I have read reviews and none look too promising! I either want the gift cards or just my $9.90 back!

  • Feb 18, 2020

ADT Security Services I had service with them and terminated it. I sold the apartment building in May of 2018. Service was terminated at 1873 Vesta Ave. East Point, Ga account number 401213681. I have well over $500.00 due to me and they refuse to send me the money.

I have talked to them, I have reported them to BBB, I have talked to them on the phone. Now they have decided to just start billing me again even though I don't have and account and haven't for a few years and they are deducting the 58.29 bill they FAKED.

  • Dec 30, 2019

I was promised a security system that would protect my home. I've paid over $70 a month for over two years.

The installer damaged my home and then the system never fully worked. The outdoor cameras have never worked and then the doorbell camera stopped working. I've called and emailed many, many times. The products are defective and the customer service is terrible.

The last technician that came to my home brought the manager. He admitted to my adult son and myself that the system software was not appropriate for what I was sold. But, he only offered me either $500 off of my contract (which means that I would have to pay about that same amount to get out of the contract) or to install new equipment and software. This later option would require me to sign another lengthy contract.

There is no way I am going to sign another contract with this company. They do not meet their side of the contract, they have faulty equipment, and horrible customer service.

  • Jun 10, 2017

Two years ago my husband of ten years killed him self leaving me a single mom of 7. I was devastated, scared, and alone. Not to long after his death a salesperson knocked on my door and I fell for her pitch. I had ADT installed to help with a sense of security which she of course encouraged in light of the recent tragic event. The salesperson was nice and talkative and I asked all of the pertinent questions, including contact time. She told me it was yearly so I signed. I thought that I read it as well but was distraught so I don't know. Either way, it's been almost 2 yrs so I called and canceled last month. I was treated like a thief and threatened. They told me that it was a THREE YEAR contact and that I would owe over $700 dollars. I disputed that and asked to have a copy of the contact emailed to me to no avail. I called back and spoke to someone different and she told me that my contact was up in September of 2017, a few months away! I said ok, well I still would like to see the contact that I signed. The phone magically got disconnected. I have been called and harassed for this $700 plus dollars every since it's stressing me out. I'm waiting for them to take me court because I'm going to fight against this evil! Please beware and go with any other company but this den of wolves preying on scared widows!

  • Apr 24, 2017

The ADT called me saying that my ADT system is up for upgrade. I asked them if it was free and let them install the upgrade. When the upgrade was done the adt personal asked me to sign the document that said the upgrade was done to the system. I called them in 2016 to stop my services and they said if I cancel my service they will have to charge me 75% for the remaining month. My contract was suppose to end in 2017. So, I call them and now they are telling me that my contract is not ending until 2019. I don't understand how can they keep reenrolling me. I need your HELP.

  • Apr 20, 2017

I got a post card in the mail from ADT stating new customer $27 a month free Installation and Equipments and $100 Visa card ALL LIES when the technician came out he stated you're not really protected if you take the $27 plan he stated I should go with the package up from that because the $27 plan burglars can cut the wire from outside he stated the next package up $48 with cell phone back up with Camera I said OK he stated because that's not what I signed up for initially he would have to come back out with the camera so we will sign the paperwork then I have waited over four months no no camera no paperwork just a monthly bill for $52.99 I called the company and they told me they've been waiting for me to sign a

contract first I refused to sign the contract because I did not get what I was promised the representative then stated the hundred dollar gift card is expired , how was it expired if I never received it she stated after not receiving it after 30 days I should've called it's too late now why would I wait till this long really rude very adamant just out of control I stated to the representative technically I have no contract as it was never signed so I would like to cancel service she told me I she told me I can't cancel at this point it's a three-year contract this is a total rip off so now I am jerked stuck with a bill for $52. 99

for three years totally unfair someone need to fix this I was misled all this time and every time I call ADT state they have no workout for me to have to transfer me back The authorized dealer which is the fenders a.k.a. protect your home I would really like my money back for the last six months that I've paid also cancel the contract I can get the alarm through ADT directly not authorized dealer or go with another company defenders A.k.a. protect your home are criminals they are professional thieves Ron A.k.a. protect your home are criminals they are professional thieves Run throw the postcard in the trash throw the postcard in the trash

  • Mar 14, 2017

We initially decided not to go with this company because we didn't want to sign a two year contract and told them that. They told us they would make an exception and give us a one year contract. After the system was intstalled the installer of the system gave us the contract to sign saying the service was now effective and that's when we realized it was for two years so we called them and they said we had to have a two year agreement. Since the system was already installed so we reluctantly agreed and signed. After the first year was up and the system quit working we called for maintenance and were told we would need to pay for the service call since we no longer had a maintenance agreement. We decided not to bother getting it repaired since the system wasn't that great to begin with and told them at that time that as soon as our contract was up we wanted it cancelled. We spoke to the company a couple times more when they called because our payment was late and again told them we wanted to cancel our service the day the contract was up. We were told that we would have to call on the end date of our contract to cancel.

We put a note on our calendar to call on the last day of the contract which is the 23 of this month. When we received a bill in the mail today for next month's service we called again to make sure they understood we were canceling our service in 10 days and that we should not be billed for next month. We were told today that you have to call the cancellation department to give them 30 day notice to cancel. This is the first time anyone has mentioned 30 days notice or that we had to call "the cancellation department!" You have to read every line on your contract - do not pay any attention to what representatives of the company tell you, or I should say what they don't tell you. One year is too much notice to cancel...six months is too much notice...three months is too much notice! It must be 30 days notice! So now...we will have been paying for something that hasn't been used in a year & 20 days! This company has a terrible business model and they certainly do not have the consumer's interest at heart. There is no wiggle room with them!

  • Jan 30, 2017

I did not want the service that I was paying for. I did not receive any notification that my contract was up. I did not give verbal or written permission to take money from me for a service contract that was satisfied. I want my money back March 2016 till January 2017. patty christian

  • Jan 20, 2017

My husband and I have been a customer of ADT since 1993. We have changed the home phone company for our house from At&T to cablevision for phone, tv and computers around the year 2000.

We have always paid our ADT bills on time. In 2014 I divorced my husband and I am now sole customer of ADT taking over the contract from my husband's name to mine. In 2015, my house phone broke. I bought a new one.

One day in 2015 the security alarm went off accidentally. I did not get a phone call from ADT. I thought maybe since I turned it off rather quickly that's why they didn't call. But it happened again in June 2016 so I called ADT to find out why. I was put on the phone with the tech department and they walked me thru some steps to see if they are getting any connection to my house. There was no connection. I totd them that I was not receiving any services from them for a year now since my house phone was broken and the new one obviously was not being connected to their monitoring system. They told me that they will credit my account for 2 months and put account on hold until I can remedy my house phone connection. My last payment to ADT at that time was May 2016 for the monthly service charges of $118.36.

July 2016 I received a bill from ADT for $118.36 with a note stating that it was over 30 days past due. I called them to remind them that I have no monitoring services with them and that I was supposed to be getting 2 months credit and my account was on hold until their monitoring system was connected to my house.

In August 2016 I received another bill from ADT for $118.36. I was disgusted at this point and did not call them. In September 2016 I received yet another bill from ADT for $118.36 and again I ignored it because I was frustrated. The account was supposed to be on hold. For some reason they did not show any past due amounts on the August or September bills.

in October 2016 I got another bill from ADT for $120.14 this time and it states that my account is 2 months past due. I called ADT on November 2, 2016, to remind them again that my house is not connected to their system and that my account has been placed on hold. I told ADT at this time that I want to cancel my contract and I was advised that I needed to pay the past due amounts in order to cancel the contract. The person on the phone said that I could set up my account and get a connection from my house to their system by cellular hookup. They put in a work order for service to come to house to find out why. The work order number is 910406300.

In November 2016, I received a call on my cell phone from someone from ADT and she left a message stating she is calling about the work order on the system. i called her back 2 times and did not receive any further calls from ADT.

In November 2016, I received a bill from ADT for $80.49. This bill shows a previous balance of $120.14 with a credit to my account from ADT for $80.10 with a current charge of $40.45 making the total $80.45.

I called ADT again on November 30, 2016, and advised them once again that I am not receiving any services from them due to no connection to my house and that there was a work order and no one has called me back on this work order. I also advised them once again that my account was placed on hold until my house was connected to their monitoring system.

In December 2016 once again I received a bill from ADT with not services being rendered by them. This bill states that the past due amount is $80.49 and new charges are $40.45 making this bill total $120.94. It also states that my account is over 4 months past due.

I keep getting phone calls from ADT from this number !-800-522-2455. I have answered these calls each month and have told them that I do not have any services from them for a year now and that they are supposed to be having someone come to my house and set up a system for cellular hookup.

At this point now January 2017, I am getting phone calls from the above number on a daily basis. I am no longer accepting their calls.

  • Dec 7, 2016

Preview Report Title: Defenders Security/ADT Defenders Inc./dba Protect your Home I got into a contract, with this company on Sept.11/2016, what they promise on the phone isn't what they installed in your house. They come to my house and trying to sell me the same product that the manager already approved on the phone. I told them not to installed, because I wasn't going to pay them a extra $500 for it, then they was going to install a cheap sensor instead. I told them, that wasn't what the manager sold me on the phone, well he decided to installed the alarms system that I want it in first place. But he decided to leave one window with out a sensor, I didn't found out until he left, I call them, they told me to make a appointment to get that missing sensor on my second bedroom. I did called, made the appointment, then he come back with his manager and a other two guy's to argued that I need to pay for the sensor extra. I told him, you did this intentionally, because now I am under contract by law after 2 weeks, and I can't tell you to take it down and shove it. Now I am paying for a security system that does work, because I have 3 bedroom/2 bath and one room doesn't have a sensor. And call ADT and they told me that after 3 months of me been in the contract, they can put that sensor at no cost, because they will buy the contract from Defenders Security, in the mean time my house is unsafe. Do your self a favorite STAY AWAY FROM DEFENDERS SECURITY INC. Indianapolis JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA

  • Nov 7, 2016

When I terminated my service with ADT recently there was a $650 balance owed to them because I ended the 3 year contract a year early. I do not have a problem with paying it but I expected to make the final payment with a personal check. I had it budgeted to be paid after I received the final escrow settelement check from the sale of the home where ADT provided security service. I stopped the automatic monthly payments to ADT a month before their service was ended. They still dipped in and took the $650 final payment out of my checking account without my knowledge or consent. In accordance with a telephone conversation with a customer service representive, the funds will be refunded to my checking account within 7 to 10 days. It creates a multitude of problems for me. When I asked to speak with a supervisor the customer service representative said there was no supervisor available. This is not a customer friendly company and I do not recommend ADT to anyone. Communications with them are one way - from them to you. They constantly send me junk mail and email but I found their customer service efforts to be totally inadequate. Their products and services are nothing special. They are over priced and similar products and services can be obtained from other companies much cheaper. Shop around. Stay away from ADT!

  • Nov 5, 2016

Upon moving into my home, I discovered all door sensors were installed using silicone caulk instead of double-sided adhesive stripes typical of competitors.

I spoke with ADT Corporate to explain my situation. I learned they will not have a tech visit my home unless I activate my system. AKA: Pay to Play!

I went further up the chain of indifference and was told they won't help clean up their mess or alert their installers that silicone is to be used as a last resort. What's more, I was told once the customer signs the work order, it's a done deal regardless if the customer was not informed how the sensors were to be attached to their property.

My statement about their apathy to my problem and concern for the property of their customers fell on deaf ears and led me to comment that their wireless-only competition has and will continue to eat their lunch just as the banking, financial services, automobile, and other industries have experienced in recent years. The corporate shills I dealt with could care less.

As to my nightmare: It took me several hours of very careful scraping with a razor blade to remove enough silicone caulking from my doors so that I will be able to cover the former sensor areas with a different security product.

Caveat: Don't lock yourself into long-tern contracts or deal with maverick installers who don't ask for consent before permanently mouting their sensors on your doors and walls.

Lastly, ADT is a perfect example of a company too big to fail; or so it thinks. When I get screwed, I don't leave kicking and screaming. I simply get online and tell others of my experience. When 100's if not 1000's of people experience similar distress dealing with a particular company, they have the power to bring a company to its knees. Like the American automobile industry in the early 70's, ADT hasn't awoken to the reality that the large security services industry is already undergoing disruption. For example, SimpliSafe, LiveWatch and others. Viva disruption!

  • Oct 15, 2016

The following is a timeline of events for account 402-060-494: Aug 31st, alarm system installed, we discovered the system wouldn't meet our needs. The door chime was not loud enough when a door was opened. Also, the phone apps as well as the moveable keypad were not allowing us to arm the system. Sept 1st, Michelle informed our Sales rep, Rob Keller, of the problems and that this system wouldn't meet our needs even if it did work. He said that ADT has another system that would work for us and that he would have a scheduler call us to schedule for sometime between Sept 6 - 8th since we were leaving on vacation Sept 9th. Sept 7th, ADT calls and informs us that a tech would be coming out on Sept 8th, ADT never called to schedule this time and Michelle had to cancel a PT appointment for our son to accommodate. Sept 8th, the tech,Mike Herr, arrives and tells Michelle that he would have to cut through walls, the kitchen backsplash, our custom pantry to install the other system. The system would also leave wires exposed in the pantry shelves(so we couldn't use those shelves for storage) and along the walls and baseboards in our home gym. The tech also stated we would have to have an electrician come out prior to the install because the main panel he was installing needed a power source. The tech also told Michelle that the install would take at least 8 hours to do. Mike also stated that the ADT alarm we currently have is not meant for this size house and many ADT customers complain about it and have it removed. At that time Michelle informed Rob Keller that the system that the tech wanted to install wouldn't work and that we didn't want that installed. She also informed him that the system that was originally installed would need to be removed since it didn't meet our needs and it didn't work. Sept 9th, we left on vacation. The system was not removed per our request. Sept 18th, back from vacation. Michelle sent a text to Rob Keller to again request the removal of the security system. No response from Rob Keller after several texts. Sept 19th Michelle sent another text to Rob. Rob responded at 7:07pm advising to call the 800 238 2727 service line to schedule service. Michelle again requested that the system be removed since it doesn't meet our needs. She requested a reasonable accommodation due to our medical needs. Sept 20th Michelle called the service line and spoke with Gerry, a manager at ADT. Gerry advised that he would not send out a tech for service or removal of the system. Gerry then hung up on Michelle. Michelle then sent several unanswered texts to Rob Keller regarding the system that doesn't work and how ADT has left us in a bad situation. Sept 21st Michelle sent several more texts to Rob Keller with Rob answering at 5:08pm to stop texting him, he could not help her. Sept 21st - Sept 27th The system is continuously beeping with error messages and with no call from ADT monitoring w/ questions on the system. It is if they are not monitoring as well. Michelle has texted her concerns to Rob Keller several times each day with no response. He finally answers and says service the system. Well that is not the issue. The system ADT installed does not meet our needs and cannot meet our needs. No amount of servicing will fix that. Sept 27th We were finally able to get the number to cancel our system monitoring through an ADT rep via their online chat. The online chat rep stated that ADT has a 100% money back guarantee if we are not satisfied. (this is also in writing, we copied and paste the entire chat) We called and spoke to Devin(employee # 148157) in the Retention dept. He listened to what happened to us and told us that ADT has had problems with the system that was installed in our home and that they haven't worked all the problems out yet. He advised us to send an email with what we told him and that it would be no problem to stop the monitoring. ADT would also send a box to allow us to send back the system, though that wasn't a requirment. Devin also said that ADT has a money back guarantee and that there would be no charges to us. ADT has Devin’s phone conversation on a recorded line. Sept 30th We received notification that our monitoring was cancelled. However, the notification stated that ADT was going to charge us $1,481.63 for the cancellation. We did not sign a contract with ADT nor did we agree to these charges.

  • Sep 9, 2016

Sales person was late for initial saturday appointment rescheduled it to sunday 20 minutes after he was suppose to be at my office. Unprofessional text messages, and then tried to bait and switch, offered me 31.00 per month and then tried to change to 51.00 after I gave my credit card information for the installation of the security service.


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