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Adam Paul Yeager

Country United States
State Georgia
City Woodstock
Address 3058 Eagle Dr

Adam Paul Yeager Reviews

  • Nov 17, 2020

I brought my car into American Service Station because it was the most convenient auto repair for me despite the horrible reviews. Needless to say - I completely regret this decision!

It was a ABS warning light - I knew that it was time to get my front brakes replaced and figured the two were related. I said this to the manager and he said yeah probably. Well to exercise brevity - the two were not related. The ABS light was coming on because of a bad sensor. After replacing all of the brakes - rotors, calipers and pads - bearings and seals and about $600 dollars later the issue still wasn't fixed. I took to another repair shop and they told me it was a bad sensor - replaced the sensor and voila. - The other shop charged me about $120 bucks to replace the sensor. And to cap it all off - I still had the same used pads on two of the brakes! Basically I was completely ripped off.

I contacted the district manager - Adam Yeager and in addition to the horrible customer service; essentially he said that there was nothing he could do. I did some Google searches on Adam Yeager and found that he is a two time felon and has two misdemeanors (driving under the influence). Also, he stats that he was working for American Service Station since 2010. However, he was incarcerated the 2nd time from 2009 - 2011. American Service Station would seem to be complacent with employing fraudulent felons. I contacted the CEO of the company, Greg Sands and expressed all of these points in an email to which I have never heard a response.

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