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Action Alliance DUN

Country United States
State California
City Fullerton
Address 1713 Jacaranda Place
Phone 714-626-0295

Action Alliance DUN Reviews

  • Nov 19, 2020

Let's begin with 'WHITE COLLAR CRIME" in Orange County, white people who make a living at exploiting and stealing money on SOBER LIVING HOUSES, that are run down so badly not even the rats want to live here.

At 1713 Jacaurada in Fullerton is a run down SOBER LIVING house that a guy named Mike over sees. A drug addict managing other drug addicts, makes no sense to me, but you will find this corrupt organization on the WEBSITE OF DUN & BRAD STREET where all corrupt corporations of organized crime are connected to the usa corp (government) are listed.

I called to make a complaint but instead of being allowed to speak to a manger or director I was transferred from one stupid person to another. Which was a secretary. Mike took my $300 I paid for a relative to stay and he turns around and kicks him out, claims he failed a test but refused to provide proof, the excuse is I threw it away. Mike can say and do whatever he wants especially if he doesn't like someone.

The exploitation and making money off people which in turn the white man creates since they are pumping drugs into the country and legalizing alcohol, is a promising way of destroying lives to make a profit. This corrupt company owns run down real estate all over Orange County and charging $150 a week per person there is no support, but if you fu*ck up its out the door. Another gross incompetent way of NOT HELPING HUMAN BEINGS...IT'S ALL ABOUT MONEY AND EXPLOITATION!!!

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