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ABH Pharma Inc.

Country United States
State New York
City Edgewood
Address 131 Heartland Blvd
Phone 631-392-4698

ABH Pharma Inc. Reviews

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  • Apr 24, 2017

Abh Pharma is actually a broker putting orders through another company that has been around for a while with a similar name of ABH Nature. They are marketing themselves as a manufacturer but they don’t manufacture a single product. On top of that they tried to use ABH Natures GMP certificate that was issued by the NSF and they NSF pulled the certification and will not issue another certification to either company. Ask them for a NSF GMP certificate that is not expired and they are unable to present one to you. All they will send you is a letter issued by the NY Chamber of Commerce that states they are GMP compliant. The State do not do any inspections of facilities and does not issue GMP certificates. Do not be fooled by this. My guess is with all of this fraudulent activity the partial owner Joe Imperio does not want his actual name out there and is going under a fake name of Frank Cantone.

Look at the picture and the names that are circled in red. Why would anyone do business with someone who doesn’t even tell you their real name, does not manufacture their own product, and most of all does not hold any GMP certification to make sure they are operating out of a clean facility and not selling their customers excipients instead of their actual product.

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  • Aug 9, 2018

ABH Pharma Inc. Reviews

Why haven't the authorities looked into this? There are many complaints on this page. He even auditioned to go on SharksTank TV show.

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  • Jul 14, 2017

ABH Pharma has launched a new virtual tour that can be seen at this link The partial owner and president of ABH Pharma Frank Cantone is actually Joe Imperio. Please see the attached photo of his driver’s license showing that it is the exact same person. Why would someone lie about who they are, and what else are they lying about?

Let’s start off by letting you know they are lying and telling customers that they are a GMP approved facility.

The NSF pulled their certification and they are trying to pass of a NY Chamber of Commerce letter as a certification. The NY Chamber of Commerce does not certify facilities and the paper that they sent over is basically a notary. If they are not following GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices) they will cut corners and this is shown in the FDA’s latest findings from their visit which is attached. When a manufacturer does not test raw materials, there is no verification as to what they are using in the product and if the product is what you think it is or even if it is safe for human consumption. The next corner that they are most likely to cut is not putting active material that you are paying for in your product and filling the product with cheap filler materials.

Another shortcut that they take is finished product testing, they will not test finished product or in some way manipulate the test results to show a result that the customer would like to see. This was the case with a prenatal vitamin that they changed the lead content on. The test results that they got from a third-party testing lab showed a high and unacceptable level for lead and they changed the test results that they sent to their customer to show a lower and acceptable lead content. How can someone knowingly endanger pregnant mothers and unborn children by releasing a product that is unsafe. The FDA’s finding is showing just that.

In addition to all this, the majority owner of ABH Pharma is Mohammed Islam and they are introducing him to people as a doctor. In the country that he comes from, they shortened Mohammed to MD and they are trying to pass someone who can barely read or write as a doctor to make themselves look like they have a reputable/qualified person on board. Please ask to see where he got his doctoral degree or license from. He Started ABH Pharma because he had an incident with the FDA and is trying to hide and take advantage of customers. Here is a link to the FDA finding It is amazing how a single company can have so many lies and how they have different trick to try and fool people out of their money.

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  • Jun 23, 2018

Scammed me too

I had a similar situation to above. Placed my custom label formula through Mike Tripoli who was great at getting back to me and sent me samples. Once I placed order the communication stopped. After 6 weeks no one could tell me the status of my order or return my calls or emails. DO NOT WORK WITH THIS FRADULENT COMPANY!!!

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  • Jul 29, 2018

ABH Pharma has been a nightmare to deal with. We are still dealing with them. We gave them $10,000 Feb 7th for two different orders and was told to give them 6-8 weeks. We JUST finally received most of one order after continuously fighting with Michael and Frank. They have been super unprofessional and they have caused our company a lot of grief, loss and wasted time. Michael told us originally 6-8 weeks back in February, and it has been over 20+ weeks before we got anything. The excuses that they use are ridiculous. We have been losing sales and have had to give people refunds on product that we were promised to receive back in May, even though that time frame was still over the original date of completion. It has been very embarrassing for us as a new company.

Michael even threatened to sue us a few weeks ago if we didn't pay full price after they finally shipped us out part of our order. Why would we pay them all the money we owe when they haven't even completed our order? That is insane! We even asked them to take a picture of our second order and to send the proof to us because Michael said it was on a pallet in their warehouse and they couldn't even do that. It's because they didn't even start it! Do not order through these people because you may not even get your order ever. After all these reviews I have read, we will be checking to see if they even put the right ingredients in our product. I'm very confused as to what they do over there, they pass you around and you get different answers from every department. It's like they don't care about their own company or reputation. Don't trust them, save yourself time and a huge headache. We will be continuing our services with a reputable company in California.

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  • Jul 26, 2019

Same issue

hi we had the same problem with them now we are worried about our final product delivery quality. Did you find a great reputable manufacturer in California? If so would mind share the name with us?

  • Dec 31, 2019

Same issue

We are running through the same issue, we heard that the FDA shut down the company, please advice if heard anything

Also if it possible to reach out to anyone who dealt with this company so we know if there is a chance to get out money back, we paid $15000 but we didn't even get the samples

  • Mar 30, 2017

With ABH as one of the three companies running out of the 131 location, I wanted to let everyone know what is actually happening. As many people in the industry know him, Frank Cantone is actually a fake name for a young kid Joe Imperio who stole information from the two previous companies he worked for to benefit himself. They are actually a broker and give all of the manufacturing to another company in their building with a similar company name. Due to them trying to use this other companies documentation they lost their GMP certifications through the NSF and cannot renew with them. Below is right off of the NSF website:

Date: November 21, 2016 Company: ABH Pharma Inc. 131 Heartland Blvd Brentwood, NY 11717 Issue: Unauthorized use of the NSF and QAI (Quality Assurance International) marks and unauthorized reference to NSF GMP registration. Description: ABH Pharma Inc. is advertising its products as certified by NSF International and QAI (Quality Assurance International), and claiming product is manufactured in an NSF GMP registered facility. These products are not certified by NSF International or by QAI, and ABH Pharma Inc. is not authorized to make claims of NSF or QAI certification or of NSF GMP registration.

They are still trying to pass themselves off as a certified manufacturer which they are not.

In addition to the lack of manufacturing and certifications that they hold, they are also manipulate testing results. They had manufactured a prenatal vitamin and upon receiving the test results from Micro Quality Labs they then changed the test results on their letterhead and sent it to their customer showing that the test results came back fine. They changed the Lead content in the products to make they acceptable when they are in fact at a dangerous level. This can and will harm pregnant mothers and their unborn children. I would never use ABH to manufacture any of my products. How can you trust someone like that.

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  • Dec 6, 2016

I hired ABH Pharma Inc to manufacture my dietary supplement. Frank Cantone, the President of ABH was my point of contact and he offered me a great price to manufacture my formula. I put in the purchase order, we finalized the label design and everything went smooth up until the delivery of the first batch of product.

I should have known ABH’s ‘direct’ manufacturer pricing was too good to be true. I was suspect of the product color, which was completely wrong. My capsules contained a white powder, they had no taste. My formula is supposed to taste bitter. I opened a few random bottles from various boxes and they all looked and tasted the same: white bland powder, not bitter. I sent the product out to an independent lab for testing and they determined the product to contain rice flour instead of my proprietary formula.

At first I respectfully asked ABH about the color of the powder inside the capsules, Frank Cantone said the whiter appearance was because of the ingredients used were purer than before. When I confronted Mr. Cantone about the independent test results, the tone of his voice changed, and he claimed their retained sample was exactly as I had ordered and insinuated that I was a scammer. He said I needed to have my product retested.

These scammers at ABH ripped me off. To anyone considering ABH Pharma, please look elsewhere, spending a little more per unit will save you the headache of being stuck with thousands of dollars of worthless rice flour supplements.

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  • Nov 1, 2016

I had been mixing my own anti-anxiety blend together and making capsules for personal use, so I had an amazing formula that really worked for me. The formula contained a few main ingredients and various other synergetic compounds. My friends and family convinced me that I should start selling my formula to the masses after they tried my custom made capsules and loved them!

I started doing some research on where to have my capsules made and I found ABH Pharma Inc. via google and decided to contact them to get a quote. I was connected with the President of the company, Frank Cantone, during my first contact with the company. I was very pleased to get to work with the President of the company, even though I was just a small-fry. I sent them my complete formula and they gave me a quote for making it and it fit within my budget so I decided to order. I had a close friend design my label (he’s a graphic designer) and ABH reviewed my label for compliance. After a few revisions I received approval of my label and production was eventually completed.

I was so happy to finally receive my product and get started with my first business venture. When I received the product I opened up a bottle, extremely excited to see my first professionally-made product, and to my surprise the color of the powder inside the capsules was completely off! The usual color of the blend I made at home (using pure raw ingredients) was a yellowish color, but the color of the powder inside the capsules ABH made was completely white! I figured that maybe my ingredients just weren’t as pure as the ingredients they were getting (I mean, that must be it, right?) so I sent an email to Frank Cantone to see what was up. They basically told me to rest assured that the product I received was completely fine and matched the label claim perfectly; they even sent me a certificate of analysis that shows the product testing! Well then, this puts my mind at ease.

I decide to try to product and it has none of the usual calming effects of my personally made capsules. Now I’m starting to get worried. I decide to give some of the capsules to my friends and family (the same ones who loved my home-made capsules) and they said the same thing – THERE’S NO EFFECT.

I decide to open up the capsules and taste the powder inside. My home-made capsules have a very bitter taste and the capsules ABH sent me are flavorless. It’s just a gritty, white powder inside. Now I’m really starting to worry.

Now that I’m sufficiently worried I finally decide that I must have this product tested. I search around for a lab to test these capsules to find out exactly what was inside. After spending a ton of my hard-earned money on this lab testing I come to discover that THERE’S NOTHING BUT RICE FLOUR AND A SMALL AMOUNT OF MAGNESIUM IN THESE CAPSULES ABH MADE FOR ME. The product was supposed to contain 6 active ingredients buy only one of them was present, and it wasn’t even the full amount of Magnesium I originally requested!!!

I remembered that I had a test report that was sent to me from ABH which showed testing for the ingredients in my product so I sent that to the third-party lab to ask them if the test report was fake. The lab informed me that the test report that ABH sent me WASN’T EVEN SHOWING TESTING. The column on the test report that is supposed to say what type of testing method that was used for the ingredient just said “by input,” which basically means that they didn’t actually test the product and that they’re just listing out the ingredient amounts that they claim to have put into my product.

I was absolutely furious! I contacted Frank Cantone again and explained to him the situation, that I had the product tested and discovered that they are a fraud company. They claim that they have something called a “retained sample” of my product, which is apparently a bottle of my product that they hold on to after they manufacture a custom order so that if they ever receive a complaint they can check their retained sample to verify the complaint. They even sent me a picture of the retained sample and sure enough it has the yellow color that I was expecting my product to have. It definitely wasn’t the same capsules that I received in my bulk shipment.

I showed them that the powder inside of the capsules that I received is bone-white. They claim that they have no way to prove that I didn’t replace the capsules in the bottles to scam them so they can’t do anything to help because their retained sample doesn’t match my complaint.

After being bounced around between Frank Cantone, Chris Theoharides, and the owner himself, Dr. Jahirul Islam, I’m left without any recourse. At this point, I have decided that I will be taking legal action to recoup my losses.

My guess is that they are picking random small companies to scam. I believe that they are accepting an order, creating 1 or 2 bottles of the real product to keep as their “retained sample” and then shipping the customer a batch of placebo pills that they bottle as the real product. That way, the FDA has no way of knowing that ABH is pulling this on their customer’s because they have their “retained sample” that contains the ingredients that the customer manufactured while the customer is left with a big batch of placebo pills. Then they can just turn the blame on their customer and claim that they are the ones scamming by switching out the product in the bottles and attempting to get a refund.

After discovering that the name of the owner of ABH Pharma Inc. is Jahirul Islam, I decided to do some research and discovered that ABH Pharma Inc. wasn’t always the name of their company. Their company used to be “ABH Nature’s Products Inc.” and they received warning letters from the FDA for not testing some of their products and for various other offenses -

Here is a link to an archive of their old website -

Here is a link to their new website -

I assume that they changed the name of their company so that their new potential customers wouldn’t find the FDA warning letter that their company received. I imagine that they lost a lot of business due to the warning letter and had no choice but to change their company name and relocate their headquarters. Now that they have a new company name, when a customer eventually comes across the FDA warning letter the company names don’t match, so the customer ends up brushing off the FDA warning letter as being directed at a different company with a similar name and ABH can claim that FDA warning letter isn’t directed at their company.

I also discovered that the owner of ABH Pharma Inc., Jahirul Islam, is the owner of It looks like they are taking powder from their customer’s production runs and using it to sell their own products. If you are contracting a manufacturer for a body-building supplement I would definitely avoid using these guys because it looks like they will take your formula and directly compete with you!


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  • Oct 15, 2018

ABH Pharma should NOT be in business. They provided me the wrong product, put in the wrong color container, and was 7 weeks late in delivering the product. Also, I had them redesign my label (which I paid for) and they ordered my old label and placed it on the containers, and STILL charged me for it.

They are a BIG Pharma company, and they are NOT transparent about their practiced. Beware of doing business with them. They will tell you that they are giving you Class A products, and really give you Class B or worse.

  • Oct 2, 2018

DO NOT WORK WITH ABH PHARMA. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. We began working with ABH Pharma in June 2018. We visited the office/facility and they seemed very cooperative. We placed an order in June 2018 and it pretty much went downhill from there. Each email we sent out to ABH Pharma was either never answered or answered within 3-5 days. Terrible communication. Their design team seemed promising but was very mediocre. Their excuse for their terrible business was "internal departmental changes" - After 3+ MONTHS of going back and forth with Nicola, Zach, Farhana, and Rosey, we still don't have anything finalized. ABH Pharma is unable to provide any product deadline. They will take your money and you will barely hear from them again. I contacted their ingredient manufacture to find out ABH Pharma was in debt and we have now missed our product launch date. This whole experience was a huge mistake and costed us hundreds of thousands of dollars. DO NOT WORK WITH ABH PHARMA. They are extremely unprofessional and give empty promises.

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