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400 Belmont Apartments

Country United States
State Georgia
City Smyrna
Address 400 Belmont Pl SE
Phone 1 404-480-9156

400 Belmont Apartments Reviews

  • Mar 23, 2020

I have been very patient with this apartment community. They are false advertisers and need to be exposed. I’m so tired of these places taking advantage of people and getting away with it.

They are the worst management company in life. These companies tell you all kinds of lies just to lock you in a lease, take your money, and then you realize you live in a shithole with the worst management ever.

A bunch of scammers and liars and they don’t care about their residences at all. All they care about is lining their pockets with your hard earned money.

They WILL come up with all kinds of unnecessary charges after you move out that don’t make any sense just to scam more money out of you. They don’t want to give back security deposits, this is why they do it.

They even have scammers working in the front office for them. The gates are always broken, the fire alarms go off constantly, and the elevators break frequently.

They allow anyone to move in without the care for other residences. Ghetto rash and ratchet neighbors who walk around with guns in broad daylight, once reported to the office, they do nothing about it. This is why people move out at a rapid pace over here and they become to desperate to fill apartments so they let anyone move in.

They enter your home when you’re not at home and don’t even tell you. They will purposely try and ruin your credit. Dog feces are always laying around the property. They don’t care about the community.

They lack properly security. A lot of issues could be solved if they actually put up more cameras to catch the nasty f*cking people who allow their dogs to sh*t and piss everywhere. Even in the f*cking stairwell. What type of nasty f*cking person allows their pet to do this?

This complex is poorly built and cheap. They used the cheapest materials they could possible find. They sell you these lies of nice appliances and such but these appliances are the cheapest, most raggedy, and breakable things ever.

You can hear every little thump and bump from neighbors because the people in the front office don’t have common sense to not put people with kids and pets on the top floor, knowing they will disturb others. The walls are so thin. Why the f*ck do people build complexes and not think to make them sound proof? Do you idiots not realize that people can hear above them?

Again. They don’t care about the community at residences at all. You can complain all you want, they WILL never do anything to fix your complaints.

I got tired of having to pay these scammers every month for rent and they don’t even care that the living situation is unbearable. Neighbors allow their dogs and cats to piss and poop all over the balcony, trash piled up on balcony’s, old cars in the parking lot rusting away.

400 Belmont is the worst apartment complex known to man. I am merely warning others that decide to move here, DON’T! Especially if you have children, don’t do it.

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