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Zoosk, Inc

Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 989 Market St.
Phone (888) 939-6675

Zoosk, Inc Reviews

  • Oct 19, 2019

I was scammed by a man named Therrien Collin. We met on a dating website called Zoosk. We spoke on there for a short time before moving to a chat service called "Google Hangouts". I hadn't used it before but he assured me it was easy to use and I had it on my phone. I made a Google email address and we spoke almost every day.

I found him very comfortable to talk to and he listened to me. We spoke about everything and after having not dated for nearly 40 years it felt nice to go through that feeling of falling for someone again. I wanted to meet him but every time we made plans to do so he would pull out at the last minute usually due to work.

After about 5 weeks he told me he loved me, I replied I loved him too. He called me his "love" he called me "sexy" I even sent him raunchy photos but nothing came back. We couldn't even talk on the phone or video call because he worked on an oil rig in Dubai. It was something to do with smart phones possibly creating a fire on the rig. I believed him, I believed it all.

  • Sep 10, 2019

I am a paid up subscriber... I cannot use messaging function on site... I filed a service request and tech support gave bogus answers and would not proceed to fix problem. Thus, subscription fee paid is "fraudeulent" as Zoosk does not demonstrate any knowledge of "implied warranty" in subscription..

that is, no interesrt on tier part for delivering full functioning services for purchase of product.

  • Jun 21, 2018

Zoosk is VERY DECEPTIVE. Investigators have uncovered Facebook profile pages of Zoosk members where the FB member has no knowledge there is a fake profile with their photos on Zoosk.

Zoosk sends out fake 'views' and 'messages' to get a viewer to pay to see the message that was sent to them. One viewer paid and responded to the message, the so-called message originator responded that they did not originate the message.

Zoosk deliberately confuses 'messages' and 'greetings'. At all times of the day such as 3:00 am there are 'messages' sent to viewers by members that are listed as offline. The messages are not messages, they are prewritten oneliners that Zoosk lists later as a 'greeting' originally calling such greetings as 'messages' to impress upon a viewer that a member is writing them a unique message.

Zoosk puts 'Views' before a viewer to create the impression that a member has viewed the viewer when in fact the member is fake or is offline. To explore the member that is apparently 'viewing', Zoosk wants money and lies to get it.

Do not use Zoosk. Go to other dating sites and find the same images of real people.

There is a gathering of Zoosk viewers who are talking about filing a class action lawsuit against Zoosk based on their deceptive practices.

  • Apr 28, 2018

Zoosk stopped working on facebook. i could not get into the account. They kept charging me. I asked for a refund. They would not give it.

  • Feb 24, 2018

I paused my account for a month when I went away. When I returned I tried to login and was unable to get back in so sent a report that I forgot my password and tried again and after several attempts I was blocked. When I contacted customer support they said I was blocked for security reasons, my email no longer existed and that to get the rest of my months I paid for I would have to create a new email address and new profile. I said I did not want a new email and I wanted my profile back with photos and words. I was repeatedly told no they could not unblock it and my profile was deleted. I am not convinced that this is the case. In the few weeks I was on that site I was contacted by questionable fake profiles. I feel violated and that my profile and pictures may be getting used elsewhere. I called and talked to two people, one named Christian supposedly a supervisor who said that they cannot unblock my account and that I have to create a new one with a new profile. I refused. I have never experienced this type of action on a dating site, it is not to be trusted.

  • Nov 30, 2017

So, on the website it shows a place to click on views and it shows how many people have viewed me since I last clicked on it. I click on it and see that many woman keep viewing my profile so that tempts me to write them, then low and behold one of the woman write back to me and says she IS NOT clicking on my profile.

  • Nov 1, 2017

I warn you against the Zoosk dating service provided by FaceBook. I have limited data because there is no way to contact Zoosk or FaceBook.

I signed up to Zoosk to meet women and I was contacted by a number of women who wanted to chat. However, there was no way to chat with them and when I used the "Message" feature, they were not getting my messages and I was not getting theirs.

I signed up for premium services and paid an additional charge to speed up my messages and money to buy tokens. In all, I paid $154.84.

It was very frustrating because some of the women seemed to be very interesting people I wanted to meet. So I contacted FaceBook, who has no other way to contact them, by filing a complaint on my main NewsFeed. Zoosk then canceled my contract. This was done on October 30, 2017. As of 5:45 pm on October 31, 2017, they failed to refund my money.

So I tried to contact them again by placing a post on my main FaceBook newsfeed and they did not respond. I also contacted my bank to file a dispute. If they don't refund my money soon, I will file "FRAUD" charges against them.

This has been problematic for me that the dating sites are scammers, but that is usually reserved for adult sites. This one is NOT an adult site and they behave worse than the adult sites do. I implore you all to stay away from this Zoosk service and do not deal with anyone who does not provide contact information. That includes FaceBook. It is poor business to refuse your customers access to your company to resolve issues and they should not be in business.

  • Jul 17, 2017

I signed up with dating in February 2017 and signed up for 6 months subscription. On March 1,2017 a man replied to me by the name of Davey Hall and asked me for my cell number so he could text me later and introduce himself. I gave it to him and he indeed texted with like Hi amd Davey Hall from the dating site

We introduced ourselves and the communication started. I of course googled him but nothing strange came up and also checked his facebook page that was a fake profile as well I found out later. He stated that he is 52 years old and a widower of 6 years and that his wife died of lung cancer and he has a nine year old daugher named Mariam. He explained he was born in Madrid and is orginally from Spain and both his parents died and he only has a younger sister named Nino who is watching his daughter while he is travelling for business. He said his dream is to buy a house in the USA and bring his daughter back to live with us. [continued below]....

  • Jun 16, 2017

Zoosk is a website for meeting people, or dating, as they say. Most of The profiles are phoney. You can tell, generic, canned responses from pictures of beautiful women.

  • Jun 16, 2017

I recently had a message from this site after cancelling my account. I signed up again to read the message as I liked the profile. I did get a reply, but that person had not looked at my profile, I had only got a message. This happened again with one other, and now 48 hours have elapsed and no communication from either. I downloaded the profile picture from the two profiles and all of the had a file mane of a1024 with windows adding (1), (2), (3) and so on? I have long suspected that Zoosk has fake profiles and it's possible that they have employees working on people that have cancelled their accounts.

  • May 12, 2017

I just joined zoosk yesterday for 6 mo. they added 2 more charges I never approved and my bank called me on fraud alert. I called zoosk and They had no explanation. I see other complaints online. Im glad my bank is diligent. They overcharged charged me 55.00.

  • Apr 24, 2017

Zoosk evidence from acct records: fraudulent practice

Payment methods


Preferred payment method


Change preferred payment method payment history


You bought a zoosk subscription: 1 month for $29.95


You bought a zoosk subscription: 6 months for $74.95


You bought a zoosk coins plan: 180 coins for $19.95

Scammed in oversubscribing offers. Once you're subscribed you are tricked into thinking you have full access to

Features on the website but you are asked to keep buying additional subscriptions when one should be enough.

There are certain places that you are locked out of using, such as when you choose to deactivate and choosing the "other" option, the page does not load at all! i am grossly dissatisfied with zoosk since the resubscription. The last time i subscribed back in 2012 i was charged double without my permission. I subscribed back in 2006 the first time.

I asked them in a solicitation for comments when deactivating my account to, "please close all accounts and refund my last purchase A zoosk subscription: 1 month for $29.95) immediately? If you find this difficult i will consult with my attornies? Lastly, please remove all of my personal data from your databases because i no longer desire any contact from zoosk or any of its affiliates?"

  • Apr 17, 2017

The absolute worst of the many online dating services.I signed up after spotting, during their free trial, someone of interest in a nearby city because I had to join to email this person.

Once they had my money (almost $80), that person in the nearby city did not appear anymore. They said that they couldn't control that. It was blatant misrepresentation and criminal deceit. Within the hour, I complained about the lies and got only response that I could cancel my account, but no refund.

Since I was trapped I decided to see if the service had any merits, but the website is useless. Searches ignore the settings preferences that I set. There is no way to keep a list of any profile of interest except by actually contacting that person instantly. A simple way of being able to save profiles without contact is a no-brainer in my opinion.

They have some sort of carousel BS that helps them match you. It is a farce. I received plenty of contacts from interested women, but even if I have deleted them they continue to appear in my contacted folder. They are immune from the law being based in Canada.

I am going to spend every chance I get reporting and warning people about Zoosk. I have belonged to other services. This is the worst.

Way past bordering on criminal misrepresentation.BEWARE

I liked: Very little.

I didn't like: Automatic billing of cc no refund on day 1 of service complaint.

  • Feb 20, 2017

I was told about Zoosk adult dating site from another popular dating site. I logged into Zoosk one time only in late December. I paid the $12 or $15 dollar initial fee so you could read profiles about potential dates. As i found out it was the same as all the others. Needless to say I never returned to the site. Untill now because I recieved several text alerts from my prepaid card issuer. Low and behold there has been several new charges made on the prepaid card I used to make that intial purchase. The ZOOSK site has denied me access to find out what charges were made and What they were for. Will be reporting Zoosk to my card issuer in the morning. And will be seeing if there is any punitive action that can be filed. Just a Word to the Wise. Keep an eye on your accounts if useing your CC online. Also pass the word: ZOOSK is a Total RIPOFF.

  • Jan 21, 2017 ripoff dating site. Registered and searched and was bombarded with chat requests from local women, these women were online, could see their status on right hand side. The minute I paid, all the chat requests stopped. I sent IMs to some of the woman asking them if they had requested a chat with me and all said NO. It was zoosk ripoff dating site. I promptly cancelled my subscription.

Tip: Get one credit card that you use exclusively for risky sites like dating sites. If any issues cancelling, call your that credit card provider and tell them you need a new acct, transfer balance and close current. Then this predators can no longer charge your credit card.

  • Aug 31, 2016

I have encountered consistent falsification from the site. I paid the full amount for service for 59.95 for three months to be able to communicate with any potential interest. And each time i send a message there is a inquiry window that pops up if i want to make sure that the person i've messaged has read it or got it.

Well the membership i paid in full gives me that priviledge to see all and every profile, wink if i want to, send a message and receive a reply if i've sent the message. Now why would i need to pay an additional 8.99 for each month to ensure my message has been sent; that is what the fll 3 month membership gives me. I know the forcing of look seers is true as some i was conversing with once and then stop and he thought i was looking at his profile and i know after that i never viewed his profile.

  • May 23, 2016

I "winked" at an old boyfriend on Zoosk yesterday and then sent him a private message on Facebookl telling him we had been "matched" on Zoosk. He is no longer a member and cannot log in but he was "matched" with me as a possible date! Then I received a message from him, on Zoosk, telling me that he appreciates the wink, but why don't I write him a note and tell him something about myself!

When I complained to Zoosk, they told me it was my settings and did not even address the fact that the guy ISN'T A MEMBER!!

This guy should have never showed up in my matches if he is not a member!

How many of the other guys that I have attempted to correspond with are not members!??

  • Apr 16, 2016

Zoosk on my intial search showed as #1 dating web site so I booked for 3 months at $59.95. After a couple weeks I realized this is the WORST web site I have ever come across.

The tools are highly restrictive...not allowing a person to change the location searched without completely changing your profile. Never did figure out how to mark someone as a favorite or even to view favorites. What 80 countries serviced? I was only able to view the U S. These r just a few of my many issues with Zoosk.

So I contacted Zoosk, requested a cancellation and a refund, and was rudely informed "no refunds." So they know how lousy their product is. Good marketing does not make a good product.

  • Jan 18, 2016

Fake dating website, after I paid monthly fee, then I all got messages are sent by those girl hired by zoosk to play around

with me, but every sending message havr to pay extra coins to have message send to, and those woman are fake---zoosk employee, what a cheating business!!!!

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