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Country Canada
City London, Ontario
Address 100 - 555 Southdale Rd E
Phone 1-888-900-9192

Zomaron Reviews

  • May 3, 2017

@Zomron is the worst company you can deal with. They sold me Elavon POS in 2015, I called them to cancel my account in December 2015. But the account was not closed. When I found out that there have been charges on my a/c without consent, they The account was closed but it was I reopened but they don't know why. They kept charging me throughout the year 2016. They said that if I wanted to close my a/c I need to fill in a form, I did and I asked to talk to a supervisor because I need a refund, but they refused. Even after I can be called and filled the second cancellation form, they charged me again in 2017 ... ZOMARON PEOPLE ARE VAMPIRES... NEVER ET EVER TRY TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

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