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Zoester Records

Country United States
State California
City Albany

Zoester Records Reviews

  • May 28, 2019

On June 29, 2018, I participated in an open mic showcase at Slim's in San Francisco, California. After my set, I was approached by Mike Glendinning, a fellow guitarist and singer-songwriter I had met whilst performing at the Hotel Utah open mic back in 2013.

Mr. Glendinning told me he was starting a new record label called Zoester Records.

In February of 2019, and again that April, I went to Mr. Glendinning's residence in the East Bay to record some material, including an original song called "Charlie's Gone" and a version of the traditional murder ballad "Betty and Dupree."

Perhaps my naive optimism caused me to overlook that though Mike Glendinning fancied himself the boss of a record label, his equipment consisted of a beat-up old laptop that was on its way out and a pair of headphones with a broken frame that didn't fit my head very well.

Though we were able to achieve a decent rough mix on "Charlie's Gone," Mr. Glendinning cost the project in terms of efficiency by laying out all these ideas he had in terms of producing the content, which weren't necessary, as I was going for a simple recording. During a conversation we had at the Hotel Utah on May 16, 2019, I repeatedly told him that I wanted simple percussion overdubs on Charlie's Gone and that should be that.

However, on May 19, Mr. Glendinning posted a video of himself overdubbing guitar on my track while his young daughter clapped in time to the music, which was absolutely not what I asked for.

The link to the video is below, but there is a possibility that it may be deleted after this report is published.

On May 22, he texted me to keep me in the picture about how the work was progressing:

"I'm doing a rough mix of your s### now. I'm probably going to send 3 versions of it...It's f###ing t**s...Don't quote me on this but you keep writing like this you could end up with a Grammy."

Shortly afterwards, our communication broke down, as shown in the text message correspondence below, which I edited for the benefit of clarity, conciseness, and to protect the privacy of the innocent and the guilty.

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