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Country United States
State Tennessee
City Nashville
Address 600 12th Ave S Suite 730
Phone 855-399-0103

ZoeComm Reviews

  • Sep 9, 2015

This company, isys business solutions, doing business as "zoecomm.Net", pads their customer's invoices with extra fees, and also keeps those fees secret from their contractors, while they themselves pocket the money.

They start out paying contractors very small amounts on small jobs, to build their trust. But once the larger jobs start paying out more, they pocket all the money and do not pay their contractors!

We know this for a fact,because we are still waiting to get paid.

Do not do business for this company as a client or as a technical contractor, because they will surely overcharge you, or never pay you.

Who has a known history of scamming business clients and contractors alike. What's more shameful about this charlatan, is he uses women to answer phones while he stays in the shadows.

Obviously there is something is off with this guy, because when he gets on the phone, he is disrespectful, rude and curt to the extent that if the call is not going his way, he hangs up on you!

Who in their right mind wants to do business with an scammer like this?

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