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Zoe Aubrey

Country United States
State Alabama

Zoe Aubrey Reviews

  • Nov 25, 2017

First they made excuses to not ship out both items one item i paid for the second item was a free promo both had free shippin for after havin not sent out my order they turned around a couple weeks later told me i have to pay another $9.75 for the free promo usb charger bracelet i refused then they said they could only ship the cat mom bracelet they said their system made a mistake i had to pay $9.75 to ship the free promo bracelet that was also free shippin i argued about that then they said they'd ship the usb charger bracelet after showin them proof which

i will include got only the cat mom bracelet but not the usb charger bracelet i requested the trackin number multiple times they would not give me the trackin number it took longer than a month to even get the cat mom bracelet then i get the cat mom bracelet and i cant put it on let alone wear it becuz the clasp comes off completely when i try to put it on i gave those scamming jerks a bad review on both bracelets seriously never even received the free promo beaded charger bracelet the cat mom bracelet was so poorly made i could have bought the materials and made it better myself and i wish that i had made it myself

Oct 22

We are experiencing higher than normal orders so please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping. Tracking numbers available upon request. Items may be shipped in separate packages with no additional shipping charges. Thank You!

Thank You for ordering with us.

We were just about to ship your order and saw there has been a mistake.

You ordered 1x Cat mom Bracelet and 1x Beaded charger bracelet.

The order total value of your order is $9.75 . we saw the shipping charges of $9.75 were not applied on the breaded charger bracelet. Please let us know if you willing to pay $9.75 more or we can just ship you the cat mom bracelet. Oct 12

1x Cat Mom - Cat Mom for $9.75 each

1x Beaded Charger Bracelet - Black / Micro USB for $0.00 each

Subtotal : $9.75 USD

Shipping : $0.00 USD

Total : $9.75 USD

Stormy Windchill Oct 23 to Zoe the reply i sent over them tryin to scam me out of more money you know it's bullcrap that yer trying to get another $9.75 from me when the beaded bracelet charger was free with free shipping and its bullcrap not only to try charge me for it sayin its a shipping charge mistake but to not send it to me unless i pay another $9.75 when it was free with free shippin and that original $9.75 was only for the cat mom bracelet which was free shipping their reply:

Thank you for contacting us, Yes we know the bracelet is free but the shipping of 9.75 is to be charged and which was not charged when you placed the order. {they admit the bracelet is free say the extra $9.75 is for shipping a free promo bracelet}

we are extremely sorry for the problem from our end and our technical team is working on why such problem was occurred. Yes you shipping bracelett has been shipped out. The shipping usually takes 4-5 business working days, Due to excess no. of orders the shipping got a little more delayed. And for most of the items the delivery time usually takes 15-20 business working days and international delivery takes about 30 days (took them a month to ship it out because they were tryin to scam me with lies out of more money) Since We provide Free shipping and try to cut as much cost as we can for our customers, the orders are directly shipped from the countries of our manufactures and different vendors. {yet in same email they say everythin is free shipping therefore admittin they're tryin to scam me for a free item}

  • May 13, 2017

On March 18, 2017, I placed an order online with the company Zoe Aubrey, for a cute black cat clock. The item was supposed to be made of durable plastic. Instead, what was shipped to me 45 days later, was a flimsy, thin paper-like cardboard cat. The thin plastic sheeting on the paper/cardboard cat was bubbling up and this item looks nothing like the image on the company's website. I contacted the merchant expressing my complete disappointment and the contact Zoe said there was a fire somewhere and made excuses as to why the item wasn't what was described on the company website. I requested to ship the item back to the merchant and get a full refund, and the merchant only made more excuses and then requested I send her pictures of the item I received. She offered to send a replacement, but when I asked if the item would be made with the same horrible material (paper-thin cardboard), she stopped replying and now refuses to answer my emails requesting a refund in full. What this company is selling is pure crap and the description on the website is a complete lie. I just want my money refunded in full and to be done dealing with them, as they obviously don't care about their customers when they're so deceptive.

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