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Country United States
State Washington
City Seattle
Address 200 West Mercer St. #502
Phone 425.522.1321

ZipRealty Reviews

  • Dec 9, 2016

I had a very negative experience with Lori. If you're a renter/buyer beware of her, she's very dishonest and will waste your time. Thanks to her wickedness, my 4 months pregnant wife and myself are almost without a place to rent in the middle of winter. We were trying to rent a place from her that was convenient for us as we were staying in the same building.

(1) She deliberately misled us for days and encouraged us to not apply to other places. We naively believed that she was going to give us the apartment and didn't apply to other places.

(2) She made excuses and was extremely slow in responding. Every time we asked a question she took a whole day just to reply . She was purposely vague on basic details of the contract and acted like she was doing us a big favor just by speaking to us.

(3) She made us apply, ran a credit check, told everything was looking good. We assumed we got the apartment. After another 1.5 days, when she didn't even bother telling us what was going on, I messaged her. Her cold unapologetic response was that since there was another applicant before us, she gave it to them. If that was the case, why drag us through the pain? Why make us apply? Why not tell us earlier? We could have easily found a place sooner if she had an ounce of humanity.

My advice is to stay away from this sinister greedy heartless being. She's not even a decent human being. I'd strongly recommend to stay away from any listing associated with her.

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