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Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City East Pittsburgh
Address 612 Main Street

Zippybud Reviews

  • Nov 19, 2016

Guy sells low quality weed over email or text while promising top shelf A++. If you follow thru with a small order he will deliver shorted pack after receving payment. He takes cash in mail, skrill, bitcoin and vanilla reload cards. If you call him out on being shorted he will send you fake edibles to make up for it. After making your frist order he will continue to blow you up unsolicited with his zippybud menu. A big red flag in my book.


The menu is fake and all the weed is all the same strain very low quality brick weed. Even if you spend top dollar ($560 for an OZ) More than twice the market value for top shelf.

and many personal emails with the subject Urgent.. Get Back to Me Immediately! If you respond he will try to pressure you to send money express overnight and promises overnight on his end if you do but wont deliver.

If you ignore these highly pressured emails he will email you from another email [email protected] with a nearly identical menu to zippybud's. Except it ships from Cali instead of PA. It is simply a pseudonym. And though research later I found the owner of his PA address has property in California as well. They also operate a website called MarijuanaMarket™ linked to this email.

Eventually when you stop responding to his emails altogrther he will promise you ridiculous great deals. But to me at the time it almost seemed legit because the quality of the weed is straight mersh and he was always trying to push me to buy larger weight than I felt comfortable. If you send money then he will take it and run. If you are stupid enough to go this far like I was he will promise a refund and then ignore you.

Before working with him I could only find postiive reviews about him online which is mainly why I am posting this. It is my belief that there was once, a long time ago another very legit but now decrepit plug called zippybud and he is essentially stealing his idenity and good name to operate this scam.

Avoid like the plague! There a legit email plugs, but certainly not this guy. He will even go as far as to send you fake photos of caviar weed and promise hash but will never deliver.

He mainly operates from his PA address with the Pseudonym of his alledged music companies

R.A.W. Entertainment and Scorchin' Hot Entertainment

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