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Zippy Shell

Country United States
State District Of Columbia
City Washington
Address 3050 K Street NW, Suite 170
Phone 888-947-7974

Zippy Shell Reviews

  • Sep 16, 2017

Hidden costs, 30 days free storage started when containers where picked up, not when they arrived at destination city. Delivery delays resulting in additional costs. Customer services gave conflicting information

  • Dec 9, 2016

We scheduled our long distance move from Southern California to Southern Louisiana with Zippy Shell in April 2016 after researching various moving companies. We were told that our things would be kept in a climate controlled storage facility and the cages that our things were stored in would be shrink wrapped over the entire cage. We decided to have our things moved into a local storage facility because our home was being built and would not be ready for us to move in for several months and the storage charges were considerably more than for one large storage unit.

Thank goodness we decided to do this because at that point the nightmare began! Our things had been in storage for 4 months by this time when we called to schedule our things to be delivered. Our things arrived on an open flat bed truck that had been in the pouring rain for the 2 1/2 hour trip from their facility and nothing had been shrink wrapped. Once they arrived we noticed how filthy our things were and were told that our things had not been in a climate controlled facility, they had been stored in an open filthy warehouse that 18 wheelers and other trucking equipment would go through every day. The delivery people were a young boy about 15 years old and 2 older men that appeared to be in their 70's. They literally threw our things in our new storage facility in the pouring rain. When we made our claim to be compensated for items that were broken, damaged, and ruined Zippy Shell decided they would only pay for what they wanted to pay for and not what was damaged, broken or ruined. Stay away from this company!!! We have hired an attorney to get a fair compensation from this company. You can view the delivery in the rain on You Tube look under "Zippy Shell Moving Company Nightmare!!!"

  • Dec 1, 2016

I hired Donna Yext/zippy shell to store my stuf in there storage while i was touring in and out of the US. about 4 years later i called Donna Yext/co-owner to give me a price on moving and getting my stuff to GA. she also suggested she says to all her clitents to put full coverage insurance on there stuff for moving which she told me she did for me in the price to move. in..When my stuff arrived my $70,000.00 recording studio was damage my 2 lamps was broken my suade and leather sectional had brown marking of rust on it a vase i brought back from Aisa was broken my dinning room table has dents on it...there company is telling me i only had standard insurance when i did the claim i have sent pictures there insurance department just tells me am not covered..i replied why would i not be covered if i had full insurance and should have moving insurance in which i asked for.. they sent me back an email stating that i never asked for full insurance when the co-owner Donna Yext did the paper work and told me i had full moving insurance.

the sent me a list of what i was covered for and i was coveredn for everthing in the world but moving..again why would someone give you moving insurance and your not covered for moving

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