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Zippo Manufacturing Company

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Bradford
Address 33 Barbour Street
Phone 888-442-1932

Zippo Manufacturing Company Reviews

  • Dec 6, 2017

Don't you just love a buisness that has decided to adopt policies which only benefit them! It would seem that they simply think that a customer can't go anywhere else and spend their money and will put up with what ever they decide to put them through. Zippo is one of those companies. There are many items on the internet from employees (??? maybe) stating what a great company Zippo is to work for. Okay, good, good for you but I'm a customer, you know, one of the many who make you great job happen. I bought a number of items through the online store for a friend as a birthday gift. I did this on Sunday.

On Monday I called the Customer Service Department to ask a question about what I had bought. Seems the lighter I had selected (same item number) was shown as black in some photos and grey in others. In addition, in some photos it had a texured finish and in others, it was smooth. My only reason for calling was to find out which one I would be getting. The CS Rep either hadn't had any coffee or should have been in a job without customer contact because she stated flatly that lighters as part of an order could not be changed. She said that the entire order had to be canceled. I said alright and hung up.

Since I ordered online and did not open an account but purchased as a guest, the site would not allow me to check the order status. Again I called Customer Service and asked if I would receive a tracking number when the order shipped. Since it's a gift, I wanted to be sure I'd get it in time. This Rep told me that it can take up 5 days to process (charge my card, find the items, put them in a box, print a label and put it out for pickup) my order. Since Zippo does not offer any expiedited shipping, only standard shipping, it may cery well take an additional 5 days to travel from the east coast to the west coast. Ten days is too long and the package would not arrive in time. So I attempted to cancel the order and was told that would not be possible. I asked for a supervisor and she told me the same thing. I explained that the time lapse here between the time they got the order and my request to cancel was only 24 hours.

No good, they don't cancel orders, period. She advised me to just return it once it arrives. Why does this company have such a "customer unfriendly" policy? Let's see, keep the quarterly/year end sales figures high, employees are more productive when they are only called upon to do one thing, workers are happier when they're shielded from any stress, experience has taught us that if we ship the stuff anyway, most customers will just keep it anyway rather than go through the bother of returning it to us, we're just too d**n big to honor one customer's request, even though not shipping an order is easier that processing a return, it may take a month or more to process the return and that floats us a 30 day interest free loan on the customer's credit card and last, we just don't care about you as a customer and if you don't buy from us again, we don't care about that either. My order cost me $60 and had a potential delivery of ten days. Because I refused to be treated in a disrespectful way, I got the exact same items on Amazon for $37 with 2day delivery. Wake Up Mr Zippo, you're not the only game in town and without customers you could be selling lighters on the corner. It's nice to be important but it's important to be nice.

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