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Zipper Global Logistics

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 1-830-613-3074

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  • Oct 17, 2016

I saw a post in facebook from the name Garfin J. Nicdao and saw that she is selling iphone. I ordered iphone 7s plus and pay 2700 aed. She told me she is working in target mobile company. She also send me her id and didnt notice that its fake. September 25, sunday i send 2700aed for my order. Then she send me the the tracking invoice. When i checked it i have notice that she send me 3 iphone 7 plus so i informed her immediately. She told me that the supplier had a mistake. So i asked her in how can i return the 2 extra units. She requested that if possible i will try to sell them here in dubai. After 2 days, she send me message telling me that the goods are already in iran however, i have to pay boarding tax charges for 850$. She told me when i sell the phone i will just deduct it with the the money i will be sending again. So i send 850$ in the afternoon. Then evening, she send me another message telling me that i have to pay stamp charges and its 450$.

I was so fed up and told her that i dont have money left but she didnt give me a choice. She told me that if i dont pay i will not get anything, so i send 450$ in the evening. She told me 100% guaranteed that i will get my order in the morning september 28 and there will be no other problem will come. So i waited. The next day as i checked my invoice i see that its already in dubai however i have to pay 600$ for duty charges. So i verify first before sending money. I called dubai customs and ask if that is true. They told me that i only need to pay 5% CIF which is only around 100 dollars but not more than 200 dollars. So i then i realized that something is wrong. I didnt send the money for the duty charges. I verified and checked in the target mobile company in florida if there is a lady working named Garfin. But they told me no one is working there with that name. I came to realize now that the name Garfin J Nicdao is not the real name. Because all my payment received by the name Olumide Babatunde and living in kenya. They also have another account name in facebook Zubair Seyeed Rafeeq. I got all this information when i search the number they are using in whatsapp.

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  • Mar 12, 2018


i lost 1320$ from original payment of 350$ for 10 ledger nano s... next was payment of 420$ clearance fee, next 550$ vat fee with refund on sunday, now site changed info to: final dumurus ( wtf dumurus even mean...) final dumurus charges 650$ USD with total refund 1200 on monday...

zipperglobalogs scam, ledger nano s scam, +15 16299564 scam

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  • Apr 3, 2017


they have cheated to me also asking the clearing charges and stamp charges and nothing i got neither the mobile and nor the money . they are bloody scammers who fraud people by same tactic of sending extra mobile so that you would not hesitate to pay the charges and in return u get nothing...

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  • Mar 12, 2018


I entered the deal: 10ledgers for 350$, i got informed that i will got 2 for free, cool.

I paid 350$ with BTC, and next day i got tracking number.

But on site which is i saw info that i need to pay CLEARANCE FEE (420)

I asked what is this and Whats app guy with number +1 516 329 9564 told me that its clearnce fee.

[3/10, 10:37] Ledgerrr: We shipped 37 Units because my Boss is saying that is minimum order to ship to Poland at that date

[3/10, 10:38] Lukskywalker: Ohh ok but i got 12, right? No 37

[3/10, 10:38] Ledgerrr: So you will receive 37 Units and you will take your 12 Units Remanning = 25 Units

[3/10, 10:39] Lukskywalker: I leave 25 units to courier?

[3/10, 10:39] Lukskywalker: He knows it?

[3/10, 10:40] Ledgerrr: You will sell 20 Units and get 5 Free so the Total for 20 Units will be $700usd or you can leave it to the Courier but now check the status you will see its Hold and they need 420 for clearance charges so you need to make that payment now so that they can clear and after you have sell for us you will take your 420 back.

Forwarded? yes since, then Ledger man from whats app send me back tracking site (right after i told him what is going on with delivery, it looks like he just changed Info on ZIPPERGLOBALOGS.COM SCAM site that was now showing : CLEARANCE CLEARED HOLD FOR 550$ USD VAT FEE SUNDAY DELIVERY WITH REFUND:

[3/10, 20:14] Ledgerrr: They said they will try to complete the delivery tomorrow and request for vat charges

[3/10, 20:14] Lukskywalker: What means that 550$?

[3/10, 20:14] Ledgerrr: And they said it's refundable they will refund it when making delivery

[3/10, 20:14] Ledgerrr: Vat Charges and they will delivered Tomorrow with refund

[3/10, 20:14] Ledgerrr: Did you see the content

[3/10, 20:14] Lukskywalker: But that means i need to pay 550$ more?

[3/10, 20:15] Ledgerrr: Yes and if they refund you will send our balance 280 and take the rest

[3/10, 20:16] Lukskywalker: Maan what it i dont have 550$ now?

[3/10, 20:16] Ledgerrr: Or you can take the rest all without sending us Balance 280 when you have the 280 you can send

[3/10, 20:16] Ledgerrr: But now they need this 550 to settled vat

[3/10, 20:17] Lukskywalker: I barely got that 420 unexpected before and now 550$? We were talking about 350$ Total, thats 970$ extra, im not a distributor

[3/10, 20:18] Lukskywalker: So i asked minimum and that was 350$ not 970 plus 350

[3/10, 20:18] Ledgerrr: Yes I know friend but did you see it's refundable tomorrow with delivery

[3/10, 20:18] Ledgerrr: Did you see the content

[3/10, 20:18] Ledgerrr: Try to arrange and it will refund tomorrow so that they can complete delivery and refund tomorrow

[3/10, 20:19] Lukskywalker: Who will give me that 550$? And on sunday? What firm will deliver it

[3/10, 20:21] Ledgerrr: We told them it's urgent delivery they are suppose to complete Saturday so they assured them they will try Tomorrow with refund

[3/10, 20:21] Ledgerrr: Delivery Boy will give the amount with delivery you can hold me responsible

[3/10, 20:22] Lukskywalker: But you must know what kind of courier company you use, right?

[3/10, 20:23] Ledgerrr: They can use private Courier in Poland to complete delivery tomorrow since most company don't work tomorrow

[3/10, 20:23] Lukskywalker: So polish courier will give me $$$ it PLN?

[3/10, 20:24] Ledgerrr: Or they have Contact inside Dhl or FedEx or zipper who can make the delivery Okay and also they will convert the 550usd and give you 1,874.65 Polish Zloty

[3/10, 20:28] Lukskywalker: Because you know, 350 and 1320$ is little imbalance, did you know about that clearance fees and vats before? If i didnt have 420 and 550 you would send me back my BTC?

[3/10, 20:31] Ledgerrr: This is sure once this payment is done they will do all thier best to delivered and refund tomorrow

[3/10, 20:32] Ledgerrr: Other wise you can hold us responsible and we shall refund you it's sure have been online since just to provide you 24 hours service

[3/10, 20:32] Ledgerrr: We are here for long term deal

[3/10, 20:34] Lukskywalker: Wait a second cuz like i said, im Small investor, i emptied my bittrex to almost Empty, got There 430$, i need to find The rest.

At this Point i send them Second extra cost that i didnt know and no one inform me about, its clear scam since there is now 2 extra payments of 420$ and 550$, i was so stupid that i send them that 550$, i should stop at 420$, i should stop when that damn Turkish whats app guy was so dumb with that answering, its my fault i know but now i paid them 550$ Vat so i can get my ledgers at sunday.

At Monday morning i texted whats app guy and asked what is going on since he told me that he will inform me at morning when the package will be delivered, he send me next photo of same tracking site, i was constantly checking site from 10 AM to 3PM, it was showing all the time : CLEARANCE CLEARED HOLD FOR 550$ USD VAT FEE SUNDAY DELIVERY WITH REFUND.

When whatsapp guy arrived he send me photo of site which was saying now: CLEARANCE, VAT CLEARED FINAL DUMURUS 649$ TOTAL REFUND 1,199 ON MONDAY DELIVERY:

[3/11, 15:47] Ledgerrr: They have Promise to delivered Tomorrow with your total refund

[3/11, 15:48] Ledgerrr: After final Dumurus charges

[3/11, 15:50] Lukskywalker: What?

[3/11, 15:53] Lukskywalker: What charges, how much?

[3/11, 15:54] Ledgerrr: Dumurus and they said Monday they will complete the delivery and refund you $1,199usd

[3/11, 15:54] Ledgerrr: Did you see it

[3/11, 15:55] Lukskywalker: So now i need to pay you 1200$?

[3/11, 15:57] Ledgerrr: Check the content now you need to pay $649 and they will refund total amount to you $1200

[3/11, 15:59] Lukskywalker: Ok i dont have any money

[3/11, 16:00] Lukskywalker: I was able to pay 350, next tine 420, and 550 at The and and you said there is no next charges

[3/11, 16:00] Lukskywalker: I dont have any dolar on my account

[3/11, 16:00] Lukskywalker: Give me back my BTC please

[3/11, 16:01] Ledgerrr: Their is no charges as we confirm from them about all this can't you see it's Final Charges how am I suppose to know about this I only tell you my mind and now they are saying this and you are saying we should give you back your BTC then how can they refund us when order is hold

[3/11, 16:02] Ledgerrr: I have been on this deal since do you think am happy all this are happening of course not this is not Good

[3/11, 16:02] Ledgerrr: We just need to pay their final charges so they can release and delivered on Monday


[3/11, 16:04] Lukskywalker: I am going to sue you on alibaba you are scamers

[3/11, 16:05] Lukskywalker: This is all not right, i am going to copy every picture of this talk

[3/11, 16:05] Lukskywalker: You need to pay me back

[3/11, 16:06] Ledgerrr: Okay no Problem you can go and sue us on Alibaba we know this deal is 100% pure and it's not our fault see you in court then Thanks and Bye

[3/11, 16:06] Lukskywalker: Only 350 yes, only 420, only 550, only 650....

[3/11, 16:08] Lukskywalker: Give me back it please you were saying all The Time you will REFUND me , I AM OUT OF CASH I TOLD YOU

[3/11, 17:03] Lukskywalker: Tomorrow it will be changed to Final 800$ with Total REFUND of 2000, uda?

[3/11, 17:04] Lukskywalker: Yes? How i should pay it if i had 350$ and i paid 1300$ already

[3/11, 17:06] Ledgerrr: Not possible as they said it's final then it's final 650usd and total refund on Monday 1200usd

[3/11, 17:08] Lukskywalker: I can not afford it give me Phone number to them and adress in Poland i

[3/11, 17:29] Lukskywalker: I want to contact them and i will pay them so we can end this, i was asking you yestetday is 550$ last fee because i dont have more money

[3/11, 17:30] Lukskywalker: What you said? Yes There are no further fees courier will give you 550$... Man undetstand me i was asking you

[3/11, 17:32] Lukskywalker: Now 650$? How? I emptied everyrhing so can you give me details of where is now package? I want to deal with it but i am working for living, now i need wait 30 Days to get 740$ for one months of work

[3/11, 17:46] Ledgerrr: Sorry their is no way my Courier Manager will give me details of cities and Contact Number if they want to contact you they would have it's after this payment they will contact to verify your address before coming and like you said you are going to report to alibaba no Problem we are fully ready for this because we are sure of this deal

[3/11, 17:47] Lukskywalker: But you wasnt saying that 350$ is going to be 2000$!

[3/11, 17:47] Lukskywalker: Are you Read my messages? Im emptied of my living money because of you

[3/11, 17:48] Lukskywalker: I you would Tell me that at start i would refuse that deal

[3/11, 17:49] Lukskywalker: 350, 420, 550, 650, what The heck? This is 100% purity? I was buying 10 pieces not 37

[3/11, 17:50] Lukskywalker: Next will be 800, 900, 1050 you are not Sure.

[3/11, 17:50] Lukskywalker: This is sick, 350 not 2000$

[3/11, 17:50] Ledgerrr: If I have know about this then I would have inform you believe me

[3/11, 17:51] Ledgerrr: Am just here to make sure the refund is sure

[3/11, 17:51] Ledgerrr: And am saying you can hold us responsible if they asked for more

[3/11, 17:51] Lukskywalker: 550$ was sure too, right?

[3/11, 17:52] Ledgerrr: Did they say final ?

[3/11, 17:52] Ledgerrr: When the 550usd was indicate ?

[3/11, 17:52] Ledgerrr: Tell me

[3/11, 17:52] Ledgerrr: Because now you are saying sure too

[3/11, 17:52] Lukskywalker: Man are you listening to me? I dont have 650$ now and if i want to pay this i need to work HARD FOR 750$

[3/11, 17:53] Lukskywalker: And you are Telling me that you are responsible if they will ask for more?

[3/11, 17:54] Ledgerrr: Yes am telling you this now because they have said it's final and am sure they will kor asked for more

[3/11, 17:54] Lukskywalker: Man it constantly going up, what will be more?

[3/11, 17:54] Lukskywalker: 750, next 900, you are so wrong if you thinking its easy to get that money.

Now i send couple of e-mails to and its clear that its the same guy from whats app that is answering to my e-mails from zipperglobalogs, be aware i lost 1320$ which is a very big sum of money for me, i was greedy and want to have cheap ledgers, i got my lesson, i know i can be sure that i lost my money, but damn, We cant let this scammers do this more, its why im posting this.

  • May 1, 2018

Zipper Global Logistics is Fake

If any seller gives you tracking from Zipper Global. Don't trust them. It is fake. 100% fake. I already paid USD 450. And sent me tracking number.

They can manipulate the notes. And show customs charges.

Don't trust them.

My seller was also from Turkey. He said posted from US. Now wants me to send Customs duty to Kenya.

What load of shit.

The guy called himself Ahmet. He has a store on AliBaba. And he was contacting me via WhatsApp. Number: +1 204 400 3826

Paid money to David M Tonik in Ohio, USA.

And bow wants USD 250 for Paul Nayakiba in Kenya.

All fake.

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