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Country United States
State Rhode Island
City Providence
Address 65 Eddy Street
Phone 401.234.1380

Zipcar Reviews

  • Sep 5, 2017

Zipcar has stolen money from me for false late returns. Usually whenever you book a reservation, they notify you in a confirmation email of the time when you book the car. I booked my car from 8-930 and zipcar charged me a 50 dollar late fee and permanently suspended my account because they said I did not adhere to there rules but it was not my fault. I then get an email from their support team if I am late again they will suspend my account but I was never late to begin with and the company said they will send me out an email in regard to the suspension as to why I was locked out in the first place but they never sent it to me in the first place.

I spoke with the supervisor with him for about two hours trying to explain my side of the story but he did not care. He kept saying that I was late and I said it was not my fault. The first time I was ever late was because I cop pulled me over because the car didnt have headlights on them and they refunded the charge. This is not fair and I told him you as a manager should make customer service your top priority and worry about your PR then your pride. I have paid almost thousands of dollars for this company just to have the worst customer service

  • Jul 17, 2017

Signed up for this service in late May, never received the first zipcard after 2.5 weeks, after sending it to my address (a house) in Ottawa, Canada. After that time, called, received a polite but useless "we're sorry, we don't know what happened, we can send it again?" to which I responded yes. Received an email saying it was sent, however, another 2 weeks later, zipcard has still not arrived. Called back, received another polite but useless statement, and another offer to send out a THIRD zipcard. After sending it to a second address, another house, in Toronto, Canada, I waited another 2 weeks to see if it arrived. I'm not sure if I have the patience of a saint, or am just a moron, because of course the third card never came. I called back, only for them to say they couldn't courier it, and the best they could do was to send out a FOURTH zipcard. At this point I gave up, because after almost 2 months this is now a waste of my time, and was clear to me this problem wasn't getting resolved. Of course I said I wanted to close my account, and wanted a refund of my membership fee, which supposedly would be refunded to my card within 3-5 business days. Just like the card which didn't arrive within 5-7 business days, the refund also did not arrive. Had to call back (if you're keeping track this is the 6th time, some other calls were made along the way) only for them to say that there was some problem with the account and the refund is now "pending". If it doesn't arrive in another week, I will be more than livid. Do not sign up for this fraudulent business.

  • Nov 6, 2015

So I reserved a Civic using the app. The price was around 9.50 paper hour. I received an email about the reservation, with no price on it - like I am used to receive all the time.

Every time I reserved a zipcar since May/14 I would get a discount per day, so let's say a car at 9.50 would cost at the end of the day around 80 - 90 dollars. First reservation was from 2pm to 5 pm on a sunday.

So I was with the car and had no data working on my phone and needed to extend the reservation. So I sent an message to extend the reservation. All well, like before.. And then again, I needed the car for more time. And so I did, until 10am the next day.

Later on the same day I decided to make it a 24h reservation and to my surprise it would claim that my card couldn't be charged.. I thought it was weird because I already had reserved more than enough to get the whole 24h with no extra cost and also knew my credit card limit. When I finally got data access, I was chocked: a total of 155 dollars charged!

This is an absurd, I've always rented zipcar and never ever had problems like this.

I wrote them an e-mail and they replied me saying they wouldn't refund for I rented a car that is charged by the hour, not by the day. When I booked the car there was absolutely nothing different on the e-mail or confirmation, nor on the website, not even on the text message. I am sure about this. If zipcar has cars that are rented per hour they must be properly communicated to the customer and not induce the customer to error like I was.

I've spent thousands of dollars on the Zipcar since May/14 and I am sure this type of issue never happened. I remember renting cars per hour and it was completely clear: they had huge adhesives around it and the booking was different than with the Civic that I got.

Zipcar claims it is my responsibility to check the pricing but I didn't book everything at once. I booked 3h then 5h and so on, using the sms and not the app. It didn't update costs or anything. That's my concern and why I am complaining about the price. I honestly think that Zipcar induced me to the error when it didn't update prices on sms. The confirmation for email, doesn't update the prices either. It is definitely not clear at all and I honestly believe that Zipcar is inducing the user to error by using such practice. I've been charged also for delivering the car 3 minutes late, they never refunded. Now, this?

Worse, the money that they overcharged me I was supposed to use for food and transportation. Now I am broke. Thanks a lot, Zipcar. Hope this website helps me settle this problem.

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