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Zip Capital Group

Country United States
State California
City Irvine
Address 15215 Alton Pkwy #200
Phone 800-795-3919

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  • Jul 29, 2016

Zip Capital Group at 15215 Alton Pkwy #200, Irvine, CA 92618

Chris Lewis and Farid Karimi are the two owners. I want to make clear, there is only truth here, no lies, facts only.

They forge signatures(at times) and charge processing fees on an soft, meaning not a true hard quote from the lender, 1st quote and then ask for more docs to get a real quote which is much higher and when client wants fee back they keep it ,client calls their bank to stop it they are mad now and started having a courier go in person to pick up check made out to them and sign the soft quote, easier to keep check this way. so wrong I had to quit can't treat people like this... they purposely made me get only a couple docs, do a fast “soft” quote, you can only have a real quote after reviewing bank statements , proof of time in business, credit etc told me after get the processing fee 395 to 995.00 average,

then they get a real quote ( from the lender)since have fees and all docs now and it is way different than what was told to get the processing fee… most of the time.then throw anything bad in their face you see on credit we are told to say... they told us..they are getting too many stop pays on the processing fee charges so now we HAVE TO send courier to pick up in person make the check out to Zip Capital Group and sign the soft quote making it more difficult to stop pay, this is wrong!! final docs would come in showing the real high rate ( different from what they signed on and paid the Processing fee on most of time) and they often forged the signature of client. Also they encourage agents to collect as many checks as possible and give them a bonus for each one which encourages the agent to do to make more money ( yes they keep the Processing fee even if client wants it back) or what is there to pay a bonus on and why would client to be have to put a stop pay on the charge?)(Farid and Chris will deny this,but check their bank statements and you will see!) I will testify in court if you need me too.

Then I am looking for new job and apply to craigs list and this is what they send back to me:

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  • Sep 23, 2017

Zip Capital Group, LLC unlike some of our competitors, we are first and foremost entrepreneurs and small business owners. As a result, we know firsthand the issues you are going through and most importantly, we know how to get you what the capital that is needed to reach your business goals and grow your business.

At Zip Capital Group, LLC, the customer and their business always comes first. We are here to help them succeed. We have found that when our clients are successful, we are successful.

Our employees are really small and medium-sized business experts when it comes to working capital loans. They go through an extensive training program that focuses on not only on how to provide great service but also financial analysis and accounting. Zip Capital Group, LLC are best in class when it comes to service and training.

My name is Farid and I am of owner of Zip Capital Group, LLC. I would like to thank you for taking the time to review Zip Capital Group, LLC. Zip Capital Group, LLC is a financial services company focusing on working capital loans for small to medium-sized business in all industries. At Zip Capital Group, LLC when our clients are successful, we are successful."

At Zip Capital Group, LLC we pride ourselves in using the highest quality SERVICE.

At Zip Capital Group, LLC we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality service.

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Zip Capital Group, LLC has an extensive training program that is focused on understanding the needs of our clients, small and medium business owners and entrepreneurs. Our small business experts not only learn VIP customer service and support best practices, but they also undergo extensive training in financial and industry analysis. The end result are very well trained small business experts with skills and training to deliver the best solutions that meet the business goals of the client.

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