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  • Nov 22, 2017

Deceptive Video

I won't write as long a review, as the above has done a particularly thorough job. I will confine myself to the deceptive video which is presented on Zinstall's website. They claim that it is easy: just pay the money, download the program in both the old and new computers and press "go." Not so.

Oh, you are supposed to read the 37 page user guide. You have to uninstall (not just turn off) your anti-virus program and, oh yeah, while not needed an ethernet cable will speed things along.

After two attempts and two failures, I decided to ask for a refund. They complied. Followed instructions from their e-mail regarding wiping the new computer clean. Then I was supposed to go to so that they could check my newly cleaned computer. That site doesn't exist, according to Bing.

Have tried the "customer service" number and left a message. I will wait for a response for 48 hours (holiday in between) and then call my credit card company to stop payment. Don't be sucked in by the video: it's much more involved than what is presented.

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  • Nov 14, 2016

I will never do business again with Zinstall. You may agree with me, or not. But in fairness I have included their side of the conversation, as thay asked me to do when I said the public should know about how they treat their customers. The Zinstall web site said that you "do not have to be a computer guru" to use WinWin, the product I paid for ($119). However, I have asked people I know if they know what an "SSD Drive" is (my configuration), and most said they did not. So it must be reasonable to assume a "computer guru" would have a much better chance of knowing what an "SSD Drive" was than I would. They claimed that they did not know why I would think they charged more for the upgrade I would need to do a transfer to a computer that had an SSD drive.

In my communication with them, I had suggested that a "splash screen" or something must have come up. I'm not entirely sure about that. But if you look right on one of there main pages it actually lists the higher price for that particular software "Migration Kit Pro" ($169). Here is how that "back and forth" went. Zinstall: Hi(name deleted), Thank you for contacting us. You are right – in order to split the transfer between a small C drive and a large D drive, you do need the SSD Mode option. Since that is available only in the Migration Kit Pro, we have upgraded your license so that you can use it. We do not charge extra for that (not sure why you have decided that we do, as this is the first contact from you that we have on record).

Here is the license you need. The SSD mode is enabled on the separate screen after the Target Selection screen: (omitted) Me: No, the software clearly stated that the Migration Kit Pro was an upgrade that I had to pay extra for. I have already done the work that I was hoping your software would do. So I will expect a full refund please, as your software did not do the job as it was presented to me. Thank you. Zinstall: (name deleted), My name is Jonathan, I am Frank’s supervisor. I have reviewed your conversation so far. The first and only contact we’ve had from you was you asking for the refund based on someone telling you that you have to pay extra. To our knowledge, no one has asked you to do that, and we have in fact provided you the upgrade immediately once you have mentioned it, for free.

If you can show us who has told you that you have to pay extra, we would be glad to refund your payment. According to Terms and Conditions, you are eligible to apply for full credit for your purchase in case you have allowed our Support team to help you via diagnostics and / or remote connection, and our Support have acknowledged that they are unable to resolve the issue. In the event that a customer asks for a refund but refuses our support, that is also possible. In that case, the customer should revert the target computer to its original state (to show that the migration results have been removed), and run the diagnostic tool to confirm that: Once we can confirm that the target computer is clean, your entire payment is refunded.

It is not possible to process a refund in an event that a customer refuses support AND does not remove migration results from the target computer – as there is no way to confirm that the product has indeed not been used. If you are able to clean out the target computer as above, a refund will be provided immediately. Alternatively, if you refuse our support, and are unable to prove that you have not used the product, we will not be able to process a refund, but will be able to clear the activations on this license so that you can use it in the future. Best regards, (name deleted) Me: The upgrade is offered on a splash screen when you indicate that you were unable to do the install, a point which I an sure you already know.

It say that the upgraded version is about $160 dollars. I wasn't going to spend that, and I wasn't going to dance around with your customer support (you people?), as I was anxious to get my new system up and running. So I did all of the installs manually that your software purports any average computer user can do for you. So your software did not perform for me, and you indicated already that different software other than what I paid for was necessary. I would like my refund now please, as my next correspondence over this will not be with your company. Zinstall: (name deleted), To our knowledge, a splash screen that tries to sell you more software does not exist in our product. If you believe that you have found a bug in the software, please do the same steps as before to get that splash screen, send a picture of it and receive your full refund.

When you have first contacted us, you have received a response, including the upgrade, in 9 minutes. It is hardly “dancing around with you people”. So far, you have refused support, refused to provide evidence of not using the product, and have provided several conflicting reasons for why you want a refund. This does have all the markings of a situation where a customer has decided to get a refund no matter what, under any claim. Of course, I hope this is not the case here and we just have a misunderstanding. Regarding the threat in your last sentence, we would be more than happy to provide the written evidence as above, to MasterCard Fraud Prevention department. Best regards, (name deleted) Me: Thing is, to get the directions to the dialog that recommends the upgrade, I have to purchase and run the software again, which I already stated I do not need.

The home screen says that a computer that uses an SSD drive will require the more expensive upgrade. I did not know what an SSD drive was before this. There is no reason to expect customer support would give me an upgrade for just asking for it. After I have asked for a refund, NOW you are offering the upgrade for no up charge after I have stated I did not use the software. By the way. If there is any verification in the install process that your company is notified when an install is completed (and it would seem likely there is), then you would know I did not complete the install. Does your software indicate when a user completes an install, or not? Me: I have alerted you that your software did not work on my system.

You have acknowledged that different software would have been necessary to do the install. I have asked for a refund. Nothing pre-install would have alerted a purchaser without advanced computer experience (anyone that doesn't know what an SSD drive is) that your software will not work on computers with more than one hardrive, and only the upgraded, more expensive software would work. Your offer to provide the upgraded software at no extra charge AFTER I indicated that I did the work myself (several hours later) seems phony and contrived.

Otherwise, why not just provide THAT software for the same price? No reasonable person would expect that your customer support would just go ahead and provide the upgraded software for no upcharge just because someone complained that the original software didn't work. If that were true, of course you would have refunded my money with an apology that I didn't have a good experience with it. I have provided all of the information I can, and I feel entitled to a refund. After viewing our email communication, perhaps the public will feel that I am not. Zinstall (name deleted)

Here are the facts we have:

1. When you have contacted us, you have received a response within 9 minutes.

2. The product you have purchased has worked exactly as it is advertised to work. The fact that you have an SSD drive does not mean that you need a different product - it is only needed if you need to split the transfer between two drives. SSDs are perfectly capable to store data, not just OS.

3. You wanted a different product, that does more than the product you have purchased.

4. Our support team has provided you that upgrade, free of charge. Not because you are entitled to it (you are not), but because we always strive to help our customers first and foremost.

5. You have responded to kindness and attempts to assist you by calling us "phony", claiming that you have to "dance around" after a 9 minute response, and even demanding an apology for our attempts to resolve your problem for free.

6. You have repeatedly refused to provide any proof that you have not used the product to perform the transfer, and are still refusing to do so.

7. As previously explained, under our Terms and Conditions, return of a digital product that has been used is only possible if there was a fault in product's operation (there was not) or if you have proven that you have not used the product (you refuse to do so).

If you would like to make your case public, that is your choice, but make sure to include the facts above. We hope of course that you do not resort to slander and defamation, which may force us to take further action as well, in order to repair any damage you may attempt to cause. Best regards, (name deleted) So, if someone said they needed the upgrade (to "Migration Kit Pro"), would they offer it for free, given that they wouldn't issue a refund when it was reported that the purchased software did not do the job it was hoped to do? By the way, I never asked for customer support, only a refund.

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  • Feb 3, 2019

On January 12, 2019, I purchased 3 copies of Zinstall Pro for $338.00 to remote transfer: files, software, settings, etc. (like they advertise) of 3 older Windows 10 computers to 3 brand new Dell Windows 10 Desktop computers.

After the "Migration"

Files and registry entries were corrupt, Windows entries were duplicated with different dates (not just the .old), Office 2016 would not accept the new licenses we bought from Microsoft and we were unable to completely uninstall Office, the HP printer drivers did not work and again we were unable to completely uninstall these drivers. Our medical software failed to work and reinstalling it was impossible.

After spending hours and days on the phone and chat with Dell, Microsoft and HP I had to reinstall the Windows 10 operating system and start from scratch without the use of Zinstall Pro. I had to rebuild these 2 computers manually the old way, duplicating data one step at a time until finished.

This software was a nightmare! It took a 3 day job and turned it into weeks, I am very disappointed in this product and it caused me to deliver my product late to my client.

I am an IT Professional specializing in medical and I thought I would I try this product because they touted how easy and seamless this works. It was anything but easy and seamless.

I requested a refund and I was told NO because the machine migrated. This is a rip-off company - STAY AWAY!

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