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Zink Ranch Mini Americans

Country United States
State California
City Sunnyvale
Address PO Box 61359 registered post accepted only
Phone 5105952002

Zink Ranch Mini Americans Reviews

  • Mar 22, 2016

Purchased three dogs with breeding rights (one contract even stated "breeding quality"). Two were purchased as adults. One of the females did not pass her OFA hips and has hip dysplasia. Xrays were taken 2 weeks after purchasing the dog yet selling claims they are not responsible.

Seller states dog was purchased without a guarantee yet the sales contract stated breeding quality and seller would guarantee the dog to be on good physical condition and if upon examination anything is found to let her know as she wants 100% satisfaction from her buyers.Yet when I contacted her she blocked me on Facebook, unfriended me and will not respond to any emails.

All together I spent 8'000USD with this seller however she will not stand for the dogs she has bred. Whats even worse she will continue breeding from the parents, siblings and cousins from my affected dog WITHOUT testing for hips.

One dog has also been diagnosed with cataracts, again seller not taking on any responsibility or offering to share the costs associated with the suffering she has caused.

Seller is a PUPPY MILL. She is breeding from underaged females, overusing her males and then disposing of them when done breeding. One female had 22 puppies at exactly 24 months of age WITHOUT any health testing having been done on any of the parents. Her females have litter after litter and puppies then get mixed with other litters so one has to question whether the parents of a puppy are the ones on the registration papers.

Since this has been highlighted to the seller, she has removed ALL of her dogs pedigrees, parents and testing results from her website. She has also stopped advertising who the parents are of the litters. One can only draw their own conclusion to this behaviour.

Three adult dogs have already died at her premises due to gross negligance and failure to provide minimal veterinary care and simple decease prevention.

No lies are being spread, all my comments are facts and certificates from the vet will show the actual results of the dogs. I am sure no-one wants to buy a puppy with the risk of health issues and joint issues at only 2/3 years of age. Please people do your research before buying a puppy or dog from this "breeder". Ask yourself why she breeds, is it to better the breed or just for money as she cant even do the most basic of health testing required for the breed.

I state again, these are facts, my dog suffers with bad hips at only 2 years of age when she was sold to me at huge costs WITH breeding rights and as breeding quality. The dog will not be bred from as I will not breed such poor quality dogs.

I have asked for a small refund of 1500USD since she will not be bred from and I paid breeding price. This cost would go towards her surgery. Yet the breeder refused stating the dog was purchased at my own risk. Is this how a responsible breeder reacts? Our contract stated she would guarantee the dog to be in good physical health, HD is not good physical health.

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