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Zimmer, Mathiesen & Associates

Country United States
State New York
City Commack
Address 6080 Jericho Turnpike #319
Phone 1 631-493-0278

Zimmer, Mathiesen & Associates Reviews

  • Oct 8, 2018

After a meeting at Zimmer & Mathiesen and giving Stephanie Mathiesen $1,500 of a $2,000 retainer I felt I would be well represented in my custody and support cases. Four days later I received a call from Stephanie telling me it is a bad idea to drive my son to school while the case is still in court. She then said she would call me on Monday. This was the first red flag. She never called.

I waited till the end of the day on Tuesday and still no call. Stephanie had adjourned my case on 9/25/18 so I was anxious to know what the new date was. After still no communication I sent an email on 10/3/18 asking what the date is.Stephanie returned my email a few minutes later telling me she scheduled a conference on 10/10/18.With no mention of when my next court date was I let her know I will call the court myself and get the new date. Stephanie then emailed me on 10/3/18 and said she did not receive the new notice and still did not know what my new court date is. When I called the court I found out my new date was 10/10/18 the same day she said she already scheduled a conference without my knowledge.

I was upset because this would have forced me to adjourn the case again. Meanwhile my son and I are suffering from an unfair visitation schedule. I know now that she scheduled the conference with my ex-wife's attorney on 9/28/18. I know for a fact my ex-wife knew the new court date on that same day. So either during the conversation between the attorneys on 09/28/18 there was no mention of the upcoming court date and Stephanie scheduled the conference on her own, Never confirming with me. She didn't even tell me about it until I asked her what my court date was. She finally told me 5 days later on 10/3/18 about the conference. So either she is incompetent and scheduled the conference without knowing the court date or she lied about not knowing the court date to benefit the opposing consul and was going to string me along to the last minute before i had a chance to back out.

It wasn't easy I finally got my court documents back. HOWEVER Stephanie and her partner Todd Zimmer still charged me $672.50 for nothing. The worst part is that there is a brilliant 12 year old boy who just wants to spend time with his dad. His dad borrowing money in order to have a fighting chance in court and these disgusting people charged me money for nothing. My only hope is that in the retainer agreement it says no legal services will be provided until the $2,000 retainer is paid. It never was. So lets see what small claims court says. None the less it is my recommendation to stay far away from Stephanie Mathiesen and her partner Todd Zimmer of Commack NY.

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