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Zaky Gries Palm Court Apartments

Country United States
State California
City Fullerton
Address 505 West Amerige Ave
Phone 714 588-2282

Zaky Gries Palm Court Apartments Reviews

  • Oct 8, 2018

This apartment complex Is infected with roaches and bedbugs and is just overall disgusting. It appears to be a nice building from the outside but as soon as you walk in you can see the cobwebs and dirt and filth on the stairways and in the hallway. The owner Zaky Greis is the biggest LAZY SLUMLORD you could ever meet. All he does is sit in his office all day and basically do nothing as I’ve observed many times while there’s TON’S of things that could be done in and outside and around the apartment to make the property look better. About 3 days after we moved in we noticed BED BUGS in the ceiling. We’ve been renting since 2001 and have NEVER had a problem with bugs let alone BEDBUGS! We told this to him right away and his response was...”WELL CAN I COME IN AND VACCUM THEM OFF THE CIELING?” With a response like that you can get an idea of the type of person we’re talking about here I said "NO you have to call a professional company to to take care of this!” So he told me to get three quotes which I did and of course as expected he picked the cheapest one and then wanted me to pay half! I refused to pay half since we moved into an apt with bedbugs, we didn’t bring them with us. So the cheapest company he picked came out did the job and within two weeks the bedbugs were back. We went back to him and told him they are back and explained we found the best company to do it with a guarantee and over 500 "5 star ratings” on google and just about every where else online.

They charged $1500, he moaned and bitched and complained the whole time till we basically had to threaten to take him to court if he doesn’t take care of this. He finally took paid the $1500 to the best company and wow just as expected bedbugs all taken care of never came back again. Fast forward about 4 months now our kitchen is infected with roaches when you turn the light on at night all you see is c**k roaches scattering everywhere and they all go back into this kitchen island countertop that’s built to hold the dishwasher and the sink and they all run into this whole in the wood under the counter. I’ve plugged the whole with cocking and put bug bombshell down there and sprayed down there with no luck. So we explained to him many a times he needs a professional bug person to come in and he has refused we have put cockroach traps in the countertop/island and even showed him the multiple wholes the bugs are going into. We told him we sprayed bug spray we’ve put bug bombs in there, we’ve done everything but they’re all nasty and inside this counter and he refuses to do anything about it .

I also believe there may be mold in the building and I’m going to have my own independent mold test done in my unit to see if there was mold in there because I have three kids and a pregnant wife and I have a pretty good idea there is mold in there and in the building. I took a vent cover off of our wall thinking there might be a filter back there and there was no filter just a crawl area filled with nasty c**k roaches and bugs which I showed him and again his response was " Got some bug spray and bug Bombs” THE GUY DIESNT CARE HE JUST WANTS HIS RENT The man is old in his 70s whenever you have a complaint he pretends like he has a hearing problem and can’t hear you but come rent due day miraculously his hearing goes back PERFECT! I’m not here to run his name through the mud..

BUT I AM HERE TO WARN OTHER FAMILIES, YOUNG COUPLES, SENIORS, AND PARENTS OF SENIORS....THIS IS NOT A GOOD PLACE TO RENT DO NOT RENT AT PALM COURT APARTMENTS AT 505 WEST AMERIGE AVE FULLERTON CA 92832 with landlord ZAKY GRIES It’s no wonder we see 1 to 2 people moving out every single month and this is a small unit building like only 20 units in a real nice are downtown Fullerton off commonwealth and Richman by the library, Ford park, Lowe’s market and the Police station! Save yourself the headache and the hassle and keep looking!! $1900 FOR A 2 BEDROOM 2 BATHROOM with NO POOL, NO ELEVATOR, No HANDICAP RAMP AND NO WASHER AND DRYER IN THE UNIT BUT 8 MACHINES WHICH HALF ARE BROKEN FOR 20 APARTMENTS TO SHARE IS WAY OVERPRICED!

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