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Yun Nam Hair Care

Country Malaysia
City Kuala Lumpur
Address SUNGEI WANG Lot T085, 3rd Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza, Jalan Bukit Bintang
Phone 03-21433232

Yun Nam Hair Care Reviews

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  • May 24, 2018

I am so very disappointed and feel that I have been lied to and taken advantage of Yun Nam Haircare staff from MidValley Branch who have become so bold as to make up stories and schemes in order to make me purchase more packages. Here are examples of how i have been scammed:-

(1) Yun Nam staff asked to use my credit card to charged for various amounts promising to pay me back in full by insallments every month and offering free herbal treatments and essence drinks but instead repayments have been sporadic with 3-4 months without repayment and weak excuses given as to why Yun Nam cannot pay me back. Yun Nam staff also persuaded me to use my credit card to pay for packages signed up from other customers who didnt pay up by promising to pay me back from their own pocket and offering free treatment and products.

(2) Yun Nam staff asked me to purchase treatments saying that i will be given rebates through 2 x ang pow worth RM388 each as well as being paid back using petty cash. However, after purchasing the package, the staff gives excuses and tell’s me that the ang pow has not been approved by management and that they are not in control of the petty cash anymore.

(3) Yun Nam staff claimed that if I did not purchase a package, she would be transferred to Johor. Staff promised that I would be given refund every month. I purchased RM5k but have not received anything till now.

(4) Yun Nam staff found some yellowish discharge on my scalp and told me that I needed treatment if not it will be more serious later. However I went and obtained a second opinion and there was no yellowish discharge found.

(5) Yun Nam staff claimed they found demodex, mites, malassieza etc. and a host of other problems asking me to purchase a variety of treatments and pressuring me by using scare tactics showing disturbing pictures and videos to persuade me to purchase those treatments.

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