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Yumi Castro

Country United States
State California
City Napa
Address 875 Bordeaux Way

Yumi Castro Reviews

  • Aug 20, 2019

Beware of this con-artist a filipino national living in California. Her full name is Alma Ayumi Matias Castro but she goes by Yumi Castro or Kathryn.

My son was approached by Yumi online before she came to the US. She started an online relationship with him from the Philippines and sucked almost 5K from him, probably to finance part of her trip.

She claims to be an educated young Christian woman working at The Meritage Collection which is some kind of resort in Napa Valley. Supposedly her family in the U.S. owns The Pacific Hospitality Group.

Yumi also claims that she herself owns a company in the Philippines called Yumi's Sweetness and that her father is a prominent politician in her home country.

Her story changes all the time because everything about this girl is a lie.

Allegedly she entered the U.S. with a student visa but she was rushing my son to marry her so she can fix her immigration status. She also told him that someone from her family tried to abuse her and she asked my son for more money so she could move to a hotel. In addition she wanted my son to sign the lease of an apartment in Napa, CA.

In real life Yumi is a scammer with a long record of online deceit. It just takes some work to find because she changes her name all the time but there is plenty of material online about her cons specially if you use reverse search on her pictures. We’ve found at least 4 other victims including boys around the same age of my son and people she has previously worked for.

She’s been fired from various jobs and she tried at some point to shake down a former boss accusing him of abuse. This is all online, it’s hard to keep secrets in 2019.

Funny, when my son confronted her with these facts she claimed that her evil twin sister was the troublemaker and that her sister was using her name to commit these frauds.

She really did a number on my son. She even sent him a copy of her passport so she could earn his trust and he would transfer money to her. Now school is coming up and my son has used on this girl all the tuition money he had saved.

When Yumi couldn’t get anything else from him she blocked him online and told him he was a loser and he should just end his life. My son’s depression is overwhelming.

I don’t know what kind of sick girl this person really is but I’m warning everyone about how evil and destructive Alma Ayumi Matias Castro is.

We’ve filed a police report and we reported her to ICE.

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