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Country United States
State Florida
City Saint Petersburg
Address 1517 4th Street North
Phone 727 409 4698

YourMediaTV Reviews

  • Sep 22, 2019

Keith Muchler aka Your Media TV hired me to help create content and structure digital service offerings for clients. After about 45 billed hours of pre-agreed consultant work he was sent an invoice which he refused to pay. During my on boarding I was informed that my responsiblies may include cleaning up a few messes with other clients because their account managers "just quit". Come to find our they left due to lack of payment and I was subject to the same frauduelnt scam.

Infact, keith is still illegally using and infringing on the content I created during my short time at Your Media TV including menus for local resteraunt clients. This guy is an absolutle scum bag, I've never experienced anythign like it. Attached in the most recent unpaid invoice.

I pride my self on integrity and provide good, honest, value for my clients and I did the same with Keith. Unfortunately I was not returned the same courtesy. Keith also demonstated gross racist behavior, during my time there he hired spansih speaking telemarkers which he regular adressed with disrespect and racisism.

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