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Country Nigeria
City Gwarimpa, Abuja Abuja
Address 3, Frantz Fanon Crescent, 17th Road, 4th Avenue
Phone 234 816 940 1359


  • May 8, 2019

The name Nigeria is tarnishing the image of Africa and its People. Its so sad that money channeled to Non-Governmental Organization in Nigeria to invest in its people are being spent lavishly for personal purpose. This is the story of Samson who runs an NGO in Abuja Nigeria, A scam Conman who uses NGO to fraudulently fund his pocket. Samson is known in Nigeria as an anti-corruption fighter appearing on TV Network to deem corruption as an epidemic in Nigeria and Africa, but Samson siphons funders money directly or through 3rd party contract. I decided to be a whistleblower for my organization because he is using funds for personal aggrandizement.

We recently got funding for a project and out of the total funds received from funders to be used to execute this project only 20% can be accepted for, 80% was stolen by the little thief “Samson Itodo”. Our project is only executed on social media and on TV, all we do is razzmatazz we don’t execute anything.

One of the problems with Africa is when their leaders In high and low places get the opportunity to make a change, they use it on chasing women/marrying on the continent. He is like say boy o boy Dey crossroad, in Africa, that means he is bisexual and this is people who advocate that gays should be killed in Nigeria. Talk about any bad corrupt practices and immoral behavior THINK ABOUT SAMSON ITODO. I will review more once I see the victimization level at the office

Our project funding from Ford, Macarthur, Osiwa, and EU projects. That the one he can’t steal directly, he uses a 3rd party to siphon the money

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