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  • Oct 3, 2017

XIAMEN SENYANG CO Ltd. (WARNING AVOID THIS SELLER) We purchase a substantial order at REHACARE last year from PING WANG. We paid for CUSTOMISED: APP-T08 & CUSTOMISED: APP-T09 alternating air mattresses along with P06B alternating air pumps. After a lot of hard work and worry PING WANG & SUSAN WANG sent order 7 MONTHS LATER their excuses they are being made! When order arrived the WANG'S sent CHEAPER TO1/T02, TO5, and (NOT ONE WAS CUSTOMISED) we mean with air holes in the tubular cells for cooling & ventilation. The alternating air mattresses & pumps DID NOT ALTERNATE, every alternate tubular cell remained rock hard. PATIENTS WERE SUFFERING GREATLY, grade 3,4,5, pressure wounds, bedsore's, decubitus ulsers, BREAKING DOWN OVERNIGHT. PATIENTS Legs BECOMING STIFF, RIDGED, Cover is NOT WATERPROOF, Excrement, Blood, Faeces, and Urine, go STRAIGHT THROUGH COVER, staining the white inside lineing reverse & tubular cells.

Cover starts to FLAKE & PEAL straight away. We ordered P06B alternating air pump with SOFT Pressure Range 10-50mmHg and we're sent 70-150mmHg ON EXAMINATION by EXPERT the pumps are FLAWED not made manufactured correctly, DON'T alternate correctly, as should. On top of this we paid shipping costs & PING WANG aka SY CARTER ect, didnt pay correct shipping costs, so we had to pay again, along with customs charges. MY ADVISE is BYPASS AVOID This: [XIMEN SENYANG Co ltd] KEEP AWAY FROM THEM.

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  • Mar 16, 2017

JUSTICE DEALER. Bought APP-T08 Medical Air Mattress + P086B Pump. Was talked into buying a softer 10-50mmHg pump not on website. Also asked for micro holes as shown on mattress pictures on website. A mattress arrived with no air vents micro holes, non customised mattress, not as described. Pump with softer 10-50mmHg did not arrive, 30-80mmHg arrived which caused patients grade 5 pressure wounds to straight away break down, and patients legs to go stiff. Massress does not alternate as such, same air tubes let's air out then fills but does not alternate, as we're told in emails. We're told by email but not on website, different mmHg's 10-30mmHg softer, 20-32mmHg for Japanese, Ireland, different mmHg's for different countries. 10-30mmHg pump did not arrive Just 30-80mmHg as on website, which cause wounds to break down, and legs go stiff. When you complain, communication ceases. Avoid this seller young lad & girl, their not trust worthy, will let you down. Send products from China that will leave patients in deep trouble. They don't send what specifically ask request and pay for. If you have had problems with this company, come on here and tell your problems. JUSTICE SEEKER.

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  • Feb 22, 2018

XIAMEN SENYANG CO., LTD caused us problems sent cheaper incorect items, "ALL" their Medical Air Mattresses Don't Alternate as described like other people complain.

We purchased Medical Air Mattresses from Xiamen Senyang Co ltd. Ping Wang - Carter & Susan Anny Ding, says you won't be disapointed. They send out incorrect cheaper items not what you ordered & paid for just like all the other Dissatisfied Customers on here.

None of the Medical Air Mattresses alternate correctly. Every alternate Air cells remain Rock Solid & don't alternate. Wrong manufacture settings on pumps not as described & promissed in emails. Just like the other complaints on here.

Yes Avoid Xiamen Senyang Co Ltd.

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