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Country United States
State Connecticut
City Norwalk
Address 2 Morgan Ave.
Phone 203-852-0024

XHOSE PRO Extreme Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2015

I purchased 2/50 feet hoses, after using them two /three times they started leaking, I called the company they said to send the hoses back and they would be replaced.

I returned both hoses the company charged $9.95 each to replace them, plus postage to return the bad hoses. After waiting three weeks I called them back and they said I won't receive my 2 new hoses, because I sent them to the wrong address, however I returned them where the address label requested.

this company has numerous complaints about their hoses and should be required to honor their advertising/sales promotions.Should I turn them in to the Federal Trade Commission?

  • Sep 17, 2015

On 7/20/15 I ordered 1 25' Xhose for $29.95 + PH{$8.95} plus another 25' hose for $8.95{PH} . After receiving the 2 hoses and using them, neither hose lasted 3 weeks. When I recieved my next bank statement I had been charged $100.65 for 2 25' hoses that failed. When I contacted Xhose at 800=284=4626 they insisted I had odered 4 25' hoses yet my son was here when I opened their package and there were only 2 hoses. I went to Xhose tracking and they had me down for 4 hoses which I never redieved nor wanted. Xhose took my email address and said they would contact me. That was over a month ago and still no word. Are there others out there who have been scammed like this? I l wouls like to know.

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