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Country United States
State Alabama
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  • Jan 2, 2019

I question the legitimacy of these win houses, I mean first of all there was a Turkish villa that was off again and on again and then an apology that it had to be cancelled and then saying they had winners.

Now they are advertising houses in Ireland and a castle in England - things that are the average persons complete dreams and they seem too good to be true.

They advertise and you are asked to fill in the missing parts and calculate a picture maths question plus your money to buy a ticket so one assumes if your answer is wrong anyway you don't win. That doesn't seem fair or make much sense and I think its a scam and I don't know the international laws around it but naturally they will get punters desperate to have the dream of owning a castle for a small price of ticket up to thousands of dollars worth.

I fail to see how its real. There is nothing to say where they money goes like to a charity. I just think its a scam frauding dreams who dream big! Like most places now who are scamming people into thinking they will get a job at interviews when there is no job they are just selling info of people applying for work and tax avoiding with advertising cheap right it off on tax as for work ads.

Yep, We won't be fooled anymore. 2019 been frauded by clothing online shops, holiday clubs, wa pathology and right medicine laser skin college which is all a scam there is no work to gain from the courses at all.


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