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Wholesale Truck and Finance

Country United States
State Michigan
City Auburn Hills
Phone 877-568-5922

Wholesale Truck and Finance Reviews

  • May 11, 2016

I read a rebutal to by WTF with regard to their new Face. They said that they replaced all of the truck leasing team, including managment. I noticed that the down payments went down and the payments went down as well. However, for those of us who were contracted with WTF before the new face, we are stuck in a lease with payments much more than they are asking now for the same equipment and the equipment leased to me is junk.

I leased a 2009 International Prostar with a c-13 Cat engine in March of 2015. Within the first 2 monthes it developed a massive oil leak wich resulted in $8500.00 repair which WTF funded as my payment went up. Was not fixed, 2 monthes later $7500.00 which WTF funded at my expense. Between the two repairs I replaced: a starter, an altinator, and a u-joint. Within one month after the $7500.00 repair, I replaced: two DPF sensors, a seconed ARD head, a DPF burn chamber, a clutch fan, an air compressor, the entire AC system/cab and bunk, an air dryer, two brake chambers, and a slack adjustor. I also had to replace all 10 tires within the first 6 months of driving the truck. When I stopped payment on one week, as I could not contact the person responsible for payments and did not want to overdraw, I was told that I was in default and would have to give the truck back.

I spoke with some arogent peson in charge and explained my position and to my suprise did not take the truck back. He did lowere my payments to their original amount, but added 40 more payments to the term. I was also lectured about how I must be prepaired for adversity and how WTF only does business with respectable and reputible people. Well, if I would have had any breathing room between repairs, I would not have had to miss that one payment and the could have renegotiated my terms to meet their new business model as I had already paid them nearly 20,000.00 dollors. These people have no charicter.

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