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Wholesale Services of America

Country United States
State Georgia
City Savannah
Address 4, W Bryan St
Phone 1 912-436-3745

Wholesale Services of America Reviews

  • Jan 31, 2019

Lets put a stop to these in my opinion scamers Please email me as soon as possible so we can walk you threw the simple steps we are going to pursue to get this company out of our city! Tourism is vital to Savannah's economy and we will not tolerate anyone using deceptive or unfair trade practices to take advantage of people trying to take a vacation.

This lawsuit will help better protect travelers no matter their vacation destination. Please contact me at: [email protected] Christopher M. Carr We look forward to you throwing the book at these scamers. One husband was 84 years old and living in a hosputal and the husbamd died just moments after what was supposed to be a 1hr presentation, turned into 4hr.

We want to prevent this from happening again, so the more signatures and complaints we get, the faster we get them out of our lovely city!

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